Home Loan EMI Calculator
Home Loan EMI Calculator
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  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Eligibility
  • Interest rates & charges
  • Documents Required
  • Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

Baroda Home Loan to Corporates / Non Individuals : Features

  • For purchase of ready built house / flat and/or construction of house / flat by Public Limited Company / Pvt. Ltd. Company / Partnership Firms / LLP for their employees/directors/ promoters/partners of applicant.
  • Takeover of existing loan from other Banks / FIs.
  • The product is available for acquiring residential property within municipal area at Metro and Urban Centres only.
  • The Property to be acquired will be in the name of company / firm.
  • Company / Firm / LLP engaged in Real Estate Business/NBFC will not be eligible.

Baroda Home Loan to Corporates / Non Individuals : Eligibility

Type of Applicant:
  • Public Limited Company
  • Ltd. Company
  • Partnership Firms
  • LLPs

Company Profile:
  • The company / firm should be incorporated for at least 5 years and registered in India.
  • The Company / firm should be actively engaged in business activities for last 2 years.
  • Company / Firm should be our existing borrower for min. 06 months OR a debit fee company / Firm
  • The CIBIL of the Company / firm should be satisfactory.

Baroda Home Loan to Corporates / Non Individuals : Interest rates & charges

Unified Processing Charges
  • 1 % of Limit Sanctioned.
  • Minimum – Rs. 8,500/-
  • Maximum – Rs. 1.50 Lacs.

Prepayment Charges:
  • If Prepaid (partially or fully) within a period of -3- years - 2% Penalty on Amount Prepaid.
  • If Prepaid/Foreclosed after -3- years:NIL

Based on the Rating:

From BRLLR + SP + 0.50% i.e. 9.90% to BRLLR + SP + 2.00% i.e. 11.40%

Disclaimer :

For more details, contact our nearest Branch.

Baroda Home Loan to Corporates / Non Individuals : Documents Required

To check out the documents required for Baroda Home Loan, click here.

In addition to above, following documents are also required:

  • Documents related to Public Limited Company / Pvt. Ltd. Company / Partnership Firms / LLPs.
  • Declaration to be submitted every year related to total borrowings.
  • Undertaking that the property will not be let out. If property is let out penal interest @ 2% to be levied from the date of letting out the property.

Baroda Home Loan to Corporates / Non Individuals : Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

Target Group
  • Public Limited Company
  • Pvt. Ltd. Companies
  • Partnership Firms
  • LLPs

Loan Limit

Type of facility
  • Term Loan / Demand Loan

  • If Externally Rated – Minimum ‘BBB’
  • If CMR Rating Available – CMR 5 or better.
  • If Neither external rating nor CMR is available – CIBIL score of promoter director/s should be 771 or above

  • Maximum LTV Ratio should be 75%.

Repayment Period
  • For Takeover of Loan – Maximum repayment period will be same as with existing lender.
  • For Fresh Loans – 15 years (Including Moratorium Period)

  • Residential Property for which loan is requested.

  • Personal Guarantee of all the partners of firm / LLP / Promoters / Directors of Pvt. Ltd. Co. / Unlisted Public Limited Co

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How Much Interest On Home Loan?

    To find out how much interest on home loan is applicable please visit Interest Rate page

  • What Documents Required For Home Loan?

    Various documents pertaining to KYC, personal identification, property related documents, income proofs etc. are required for availing home loan. Please see the details here.

  • How much does Bank of Baroda lend?
    • Loan amount is determined on the basis of the repaying capacity of the applicant/s. Repaying capacity takes into consideration factors such as age, income, dependents, assets, liabilities, stability of occupation and continuity of income, savings, etc.
    • The maximum loan would be Rs.10 crores per unit to any individual applicant based on the area where the property is proposed to be constructed/purchased. We will extend a loan of up to 90% (for newly constructed houses/flat) of the cost of property under our Housing Loan Scheme.
  • For how long a period can I get the loan?

    We grant a term up to a maximum of 30 years. The term for the loan will under no circumstances exceed the age of retirement or completion of 65 years of age, whichever is earlier.

  • How To Repay Home Loan Faster?
    • Home Loan is to be repaid in EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment).
    • In case of farmers / agriculturists, repayment can be allowed in Half Yearly installments coinciding with harvesting/marketing of major crops produced.
    • Recovery of interest for the moratorium period: ‒ Interest charged during the moratorium period is to be recovered as and when debited.
  • How To Calculate Cibil Score For Home Loan?

    CIBIL score is not to be calculated by Bank or Individual. Scoring is provided by the CIBIL. You can check your CIBIL Score with CIBIL / bob World.

  • How To Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate?

    You can switch your Home Loan to Bank of Baroda to get benefit of lower interest rate if interest rate with existing lender is higher. Rate of interest in Home Loan depends on the CIBIL score. Therefore, please adhere to the financial discipline and improve your CIBIL score.

  • When Does Home Loan Emi Starts?

    Maximum moratorium shall be -36- months as under:
    -18- months moratorium period for Houses and Building under construction, up to 7th floor, thereafter -6- months additional moratorium per floor subject to maximum of -36- months.
    One month after completion of House / taking possession of House / Flat, whichever is earlier.

  • How To Save Tax With Home Loan?

    Home loan helps the borrower in saving tax. The EMI of housing loan has two components-   

    • Interest Payment - Interest portion paid for the year can be claimed as deduction upto maximum of Rs.2 lacs under section 24, and 
    • Principal Payment - Principal portion of EMI paid for the year is allowed as deduction under section 80C. The maximum amount that can be claimed is Rs.1.50 lacs.
  • What Is Home Loan Interest Rate?

    It is a rate of interest at which the bank lends funds to the borrower for buying / constructing a house / buying flat.


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