Baroda Alok Chandra Bravery Award

Baroda Alok Chandra Bravery Award

Bravery is the virtue by which we stand resolute in the face of imminent danger while carrying out our responsibilities. It is the most essential core value which requires exceptional strength of character. The bravest sons and daughters of nation are awarded for their act of courage, selfless deeds, serving fellow countrymen and society at large on the eve of Independence Day, every year.

Bank of Baroda salutes one such legend whose dedication & commitment will be remembered forever. Shri Alok Chandra, Branch Manager of Arwal Branch, Bank of Baroda was helping the police nab an individual alleged in embezzling funds, was shot dead by unidentified men. His efforts to serve the society with honesty & courage led him to sacrifice his life. To commemorate the exceptional act of bravery, the Baroda Alok Chandra Bravery Award is conferred upon Barodians who has shown unimaginable courage while serving the Bank. The details of the winners of the Award are given below



Brief Description


Shri Ved Prakash Chawla

Shri. Chawla displayed exemplary courage by averting a robbery attempt at knife-point. During the incident, Shri. Chawla, instantly sprang into action, pushing the miscreant off balance and locked the channel gate, trapping the thief inside, until the police arrived.


Late Shri Karan Singh Negi

On 18.06.2019, Shri. Karan Singh Negi, by displaying exemplary act of bravery foiled the robbery attempt at our Nimbol Branch. During the incident, one of the robbers fired at Shri Karan Singh Negi, causing him a fatal injury and he laid down his life in the line of duty.


Mr. Rawal Pragneshkumar Kanubhai

On 20.02.2020, -06- Heavily armed robbers carrying firearms entered Mahendranagar Branch. -02- of them took the cash by pointing guns at cashier, -01- robber pointed his fully loaded gun towards Mr. Rawal, sought Branch CCTV DVR with an intention of removing the evidence. Mr. Rawal displayed courage in the face of apparent danger to his life and saved the CCTV DVR which played a pivotal role in arrest of the robbers and recovery of Rs. 6.09 lac that was looted from the Branch


Mr. Setti Pavan Kumar

On 03.02.2021, during his posting in Nani Bedwan Branch, Mr. Setti was ambushed & attacked by -02- perpetrators, who tried to snatch away the branch keys from him. Mr. Setti, disregarding his personal safety, did not part with the Branch Keys.  This act of courage and bravery of Mr. Setti not only saved the Bank from probable loss but also safeguarded the interest of our customers.


Mr. Kipgen Thanglenlal

On 06.09.2021, around 10:50 AM Mr. Kipgen Thanglenlal and Mr. Mate Anthony T. foiled the bid of robbery at the Bank’s FCS Godown Branch, Imphal, Manipur, when an armed perpetrator locked the branch from inside, thereby holding the staff and customers hostage at gun-point for around 30 minutes and took Rs. 5.00 Lakhs from the cashier. Both of them displayed extreme courage in pinning him down on the floor neutralizing the robber till the arrival of CRPF personnel. Mr. Thanglenlal and Mr. Anthony disregarded their personal safety and threat to their life and displayed absolute bravery & presence of mind.  Their act of courage and bravery not only saved the Bank from probable loss but also safeguarded the lives of our customers and other employees.

Mr. Mate Anthony T


Mr. Shyam Kumar Singh

On 08.10.2021, around 6:30 PM, there was a fire incident at Kalamb Branch, wherein most of the Branch’s records and furniture were destroyed. Mr. Shyam Kumar Singh, immediately responded to the situation and handled the situation in a disciplined manner and contributed his best towards controlling the situation and salvaging precious assets, properties & documents. He recovered the entire cash of Rs. 48 lakhs, Gold Loan Packets totaling Rs. 50 lakhs and 22 housing loan files, even when the ceiling of the Branch had collapsed. Mr. Singh burnt his hands during the incident and had spent nearly 20 hours continuously to bring the situation under total control. This act of courage and bravery of Mr. Singh has saved the Bank from probable loss of precious assets and documents.


Mr. Krishan Yadav

On 01.07.2021, around 03:00 PM, an armed robber with a loaded gun entered the Bank’s Masalpur Branch and demanded all the cash available from Mr. Krishan Yadav, who  refused to hand over the cash. Provoked by Mr. Yadav’s deterrence, the robber fired a bullet at Mr. Yadav which fortunately missed him. Looking at the gravity of the situation and endangered lives he cleverly handed over a cash of Rs. 3 lakhs only from the available cash of Rs. 18 lakhs, thereby Mr. Yadav managed to save Rs. 15 lakhs lying in the Branch. Possessing the robbed cash, the robber fled the scene and Mr. Yadav immediately hit the alarm which alerted the police. This resulted in the arrest of the robber within one and half hour and recovery of the robbed amount. Mr. Yadav saved the life of the employees and customers of our Bank and also prevent the loss of Rs. 18 lakhs to Bank.


Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar Roy

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar Roy (Manager), while doing a diligent background check, found out that miscreant already had accounts in different Branches of the Bank, which were frozen as per the instruction of the Cyber Crime Cell. Further, Mr. Roy also noticed that that the photo in the Aadhar Card and the data available in the UIDAI site are different.Mr. Roy immediately informed the Higher Authorities and as per instructions of Higher Authorities, the matter was informed to the police. The miscreant became suspicious and tried to nab Mr. Roy by putting a knife on his throat in order escape from the Branch. Mr. Roy pushed him in the ground and snatched the knife, thereby neutralizing the miscreant. He was later handed over to the police. This act of courage and bravery of Mr. Roy has saved the Bank from the potential treat of the Cyber fraud


Mr. Tridev Bhunia

Shri. Bhunia displayed exemplary courage and presence of mind when seven armed dacoits entered the Branch and held him at gun point threatening him to kill. He was also manhandled and injured with Gorkha Knife. Disregarding his injuries, he saved precious lives of employees and customers, safe-guarded public money and protected the Bank’s interests.

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