PPF Interest Calculator

A well-known government savings scheme – Public Provident Fund – where interest earned is highly rewarding and the minimum deposit amount starts from Rs. 500. The scheme also provides tax benefits. So, use Bank of Baroda PPF calculator online with a fixed rate of interest.

Calculate Your PPF
  • Investment Frequency:

    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Half-Yearly
    • Annual
  • Investment Amount:

  • Rate of Interest:

Maturity Details on completion of 15 Years, if the investment is chosen today as per frequency and prevailing ROI.

Maturity Value

  • Total Deposit
    ₹ 90,000
  • Total Interest ₹ 67,784

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you calculate PPF?

    PPF account holders know that PPF is a tax saving investment option for long-term saving. PPF - the saving instrument - tells you to start saving by putting aside small amounts every month to create a corpus - that will fulfil the goals you have in your plan.
    If you want to calculate the expected interest and maturity value for your PPF account, you can use the formula given below:

    A = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]

    A is the amount
    P is principal amount
    I is the expected rate of return
    N is no. of years

    To ensure you get quick and accurate figures for your PPF investment, you can rely on an online PPF Calculator.

  • What is a PPF Calculator?

    An online tool which gives you an approximate estimate of the money you have to put aside. PPF calculator for monthly investment plans for you, once you have the values fed into the online calculator. It is programmed to be error-free.

  • How does the PPF Calculator work?

    A PPF Calculator is an online tool to help you perform complicated calculations. It has been programmed to compute details that you fill in regarding your PPF investment.

  • How to use a PPF Calculator?

    For instance, if you use Bank of Baroda’s PPF Calculator, you just have to enter details like, frequency and the amount of investment. After you provide this information, you will be shown the maturity value (the value you will receive after the tenure ends). The PPF calculator showcases a complete breakdown of the deposit and interest amount within a few seconds.

  • What are the advantages of using PPF Calculator online?

    As the PPF interest rates keep changing, the PPF calculator turns out to be of immense help. It’s free, easy to access and calculates without any mistakes.
    Bank of Baroda PPF calculator also helps you keep track of your PPF investment and how it is growing. In return, this helps you to switch your savings and diversify your portfolio.

  • Does PPF compound interest annually?

    Yes, the PPF calculator interest annually. As and when the interest sees an upward or downward trend, the interest credited to your account also changes keeping the current interest in mind.

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