An account that goes beyond saving. It empowers.

Open bob Salary Classic Account and get attractive benefits.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Eligibility
  • Documents Required
  • Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)
  • Insurance related information

bob Salary Classic Account : Features

  • Inbuilt- Overdraft facility available immediately after three salary Credit Upto ₹ 50,000*
  • 20% Discounts on locker rentals (subject to availability)
  • Lifetime Free Rupay Platinum Debit Card
  • 50 % Discount on Issuance/Renewal of Prepaid card /Gift cards
  • Free unlimited RTGS/NEFT
  • 50% Waiver in processing charges on retail loans
  • Free and unlimited DD/BC
  • Life time Free Select variant of Credit card
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance Upto ₹ 20.00 lacs*

bob Salary Classic Account : Eligibility

Eligibility Baroda Salary Classic
Salary band Gross monthly salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000
Suitable for Entry level/trainees

bob Salary Classic Account : Documents Required

List Of Valid KYC Documents For Account Opening
Permanent Account Number (PAN)/ FORM60 is mandatorily to be obtained while opening of the accounts as per extant Reserve Bank of India Guidelines.
Officially Valid Documents (OVDs) for Accounts of Individuals
  • Passport
  • Driving license with photo
  • Proof of possession of Aadhaar Number
  • Voter’s Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India,
  • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government.
  • Letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of Name and Address.
Deemed Officially Valid Documents, In case OVD does not contains current/ updated address. (At least one document from the list is Required.)
  • Utility bill of any service provider i.e. electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, water bill (not more than two months old)
  • Property or Municipal Tax receipt;
  • Pension or family pension payment orders (PPOs) issued to retired employees by Government Departments or Public Sector Undertakings, If they contain the address;
  • Letter of allotment of accommodation from employer issued by State or Central Government departments, statutory or regulatory bodies, and public sector undertakings, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions and listed companies. Similarly, leave and license agreements with such employers allotting official accommodation;
  • Applicable documents for opening Savings account as per extant guidelines.
  • Salary related documents such as Latest Salary Slip, Appointment Letter etc.
  • Declaration stating the Terms and Conditions of the benefits under the Baroda Corporate Salary Package Account Scheme

bob Salary Classic Account : Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

Salary Band
  • Gross monthly salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000

  • Age: - 18 to 60 Years (Salaried Customer having Account in the Scheme before retirement can continue the Account till attending the age of 70 years subject to crediting of Pension in the Account)

Suitable for
  • Entry level staff/trainees.

Minimum Deposit Amount
  • Allowed to open with Zero Balance subject to immediate salary credit in the following month.

Minimum Quarterly Average Balance QAB
  • Zero Balance Account

Charges for Non-maintenance of QAB
  • Not applicable as account type is Zero Balance account.

Cheque Books
  • Free Unlimited Chequebook

  • Free unlimited RTGS/NEFT/UPI/IMPS

Inbuilt Overdraft Facility
  • Available immediately after 3 salary credits.
  • Amount of overdraft equivalent to the net credit of average of last three salary credit rounded off in multiples of the nearest figure in thousand.
  • Maximum: Rs. 50,000.
  • Clean overdraft.
  • Overdraft is to be adjusted in full once in 60 days of availing the same.

Demand Draft/Banker's Cheque
  • free unlimited DD/BC

Debit Card
  • Lifetime Free Rupay Platinum Debit Card
  • Unlimited free ATM Cash Withdrawal & Non Financial Transactions from Bank of baroda ATM

Waiver in Processing Charges on Retail Loans
  • 50 % Waiver in processing charges on HOME Loans. (Subject to recovery of minimum charges per property to be mortgaged as out of pocket expenses (for legal, valuation etc).
  • 50 % Waiver in Processing Charges on Auto, Education & Personal Loans

* Applicable on mortgage based Retail Loans.

Lockers Charges
  • 20 % discount on locker rentals.(Subject to availibility)"

Other Benefits
  • Free SMS/ Email alerts.
  • Sweep Facility Available
  • 50% waiver on issuance / Renewal Charge for Prepaid /Gift card.
  • Bob World Mobile Banking Application with 225+ Services

Relationship Manager
  • Relationship managers available on phone.

A/c Opening
  • Fully digitised

A/c Activation
  • Instant

Interest Calculation and Frequency
  • Interest for the period February to April will be credited in May, Interest for May to July will be credited in August, interest for August to October will be credited in November and interest for November to January will be credited in February every year.

Dormant/Inoperative Account
  • Account becomes inoperative/dormant, if there are no customer-induced transactions in savings account for over a period of two years. Interest is continued to be applied in all such savings bank accounts. No charges are levied for the in-operation of accounts.
  • Activation/closure of dormant/inoperative accounts will be done after submission of necessary KYC documents, photo, fresh specimen signature, subject to satisfaction of the Bank.
  • All accounts which have remained inoperative/dormant for a period of 10 years and above will be treated as unclaimed deposits and will be transferred to RBI. Upon receipt of the request from the customer, such deposits will be returned subject to conditions.

Disclosure of Information
  • The Bank may disclose information about customer’s account, if required and permitted by law, rule or regulations, or at the request of any public or regulatory authority or if such disclosure is required for the purpose of preventing frauds, or in public interest, without specific consent of the account holder(s).
  • All relevant policies including code of commitments to customers and grievance redressal policy are available at the branches.
  • MITCs OF ATM/Debit Card, Mobile Banking, Net-Banking in application forms are available separately.
  • The Bank will notify, 30 days in advance, about any change in terms and conditions/fees and charges on its Website.
  • Deposits along with interest kept in different branches of our Bank is insured by Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) maximum up to Rs. 5 lakhs.

bob Salary Classic Account : Insurance related information

  • Claim process

    Scope of Cover/Definitions:

    Personal Accident Insurance Death - The Insurance Company will pay the nominee 100% of the sum assured if during the Policy Period the Insured Person (s) meets with Accidental Bodily Injury that causes death within policy period.

    Permanent Total Disability - In event of injury occurring to the insured Salary Package Account holder, solely and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means within 12 calendar months of its occurrence resulting in total and irrecoverable loss as total permanent disablement, the claim will be settled as per IRDA guidelines.

    Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) - In event of injury occurring to the insured Salary Package Account holder, solely and directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means within 12 calendar months of its occurrence resulting in partial irrecoverable loss of use or the actual loss by physical separation where a part of the body becomes permanently disabled (i.e. partial loss as defined by IRDA)

    Air Accident Insurance - In the event of sustain death resulting solely directly from accident caused by external, violent and visible means in Air Accident occurring while undertaking journey by Airlines Covered for INR 1 Crore subject to booking of tickets through any type of mode of payment (UPI/Debit Card/Credit Card/Internet Banking etc.) linked with account.

    Girl Child Marriage Cover (18 - 25 years) - If a claim is accepted as a valid claim, then this benefit is extended to a One Girl Child of the insured person, whose age is between 18-25 years. An amount of up to 10% additional limit of base PAI sum insured is payable to the Girl child, in case the insured person died due to accident.

    Higher Education Cover- If a claim is accepted as a valid claim, then this benefit is extended to One Children of the insured person, pursuing full time course in Graduation and above studies in a recognised college in India. An amount of up to 10% additional limit of base PAI sum Insured, in case the insured person has died due to accident.



    • Payment of compensation in respect of Death, injury of Disablement of the Insured person (a) from intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide, (b) whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (c) directly or indirectly caused by venereal diseases, aids or insanity, (d) arising or resulting from the insured person committing any breach of law with criminal intent,(e) whilst engaging in Aviation or Ballooning whilst mounting into, dismounting from or traveling in any balloon or aircraft other than as a passenger (fare paying or otherwise) in any duly licensed standard type of aircraft anywhere in the world
    • Payment of compensation in respect of Death, Injury or Disablement of the Insured person due to or arising out of or directly of indirectly connected with or traceable to: War, Invasion, Act or foreign enemy, Hostilities (whether war be declared or not), Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection, Mutiny, Military or Usurped Power Seizure, Capture, Arrests, Restraints and Detainments of all kings, princes and people of whatsoever nation condition or quality.
    • Payment of Compensation in respect of death of, or bodily injury or any disease or illness to the Insured person -
    • Directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. For the purpose of this exception, combustion shall include any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission.
    • Directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from nuclear weapons material.
    1. The Insurance under this Policy shall not extend to cover death disablement resulting directly or indirectly caused, contributed to or aggravated or prolonged by childbirth or pregnancy or in consequence thereof.


    Personal Accident Benefit through the Non-Defence/Civilian account holders in BOB as mentioned below:

    Sr. no

    Table of Benefits

    Percentage of Capital Sum Insured


    Accidental Death



    Permanent Total Disability:

    a) Loss of sight (both eyes)


    b) Loss of two limbs


    c) Loss of one limb and one eye


    d) Permanent Total and absolute disablement as certified by Medical Practitioner



    Permanent Partial Disability:


    Loss of sight of one eye



    Loss of one limb



    Loss of toes-all



    Great-both phalanges



    Great-one phalanx



    Other than great, if more than one toe lost each



    Loss of hearing - both ears



    Loss of hearing - one ear



    Loss of Speech



    Loss of four fingers and thumb of one hand



    Loss of four fingers



    Loss of thumb-both phalanges



    Loss of thumb-one phalanx



    Loss of index finger

    i) Three phalanges


    i)Two phalanges


    i)One phalanges



    Loss of middle finger

    i) Three phalanges


    i)Two phalanges


    i)One phalanges



    Loss of ring finger

    i) Three phalanges


    i)Two phalanges


    i)One phalanges



    Loss of little finger

    i) Three phalanges


    i)Two phalanges


    i)One phalanges



    Loss of Metacarpals


    (i)First or second (additional)


    (ii)Third, fourth or fifth (additional)



    Any other permanent partial disablement

    % as assessed by Medical Practitioner appointed by us

    Annexure I: CLAIMS PROCESS


    All the claims of the Insured will be intimated through Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers Ltd., who will co-ordinate with Insurer.

    Nodal officer for ARIBL will be Mr. Akshay Zade & for Insurance Co will be Ms. Shubhangi Koli

    On receipt of the intimation, the Claim will be registered, and the Insurance Company will be provided with a Letter of Requirements.

    The notification of claim shall include:

    • Name of the deceased Civilian Account Holder
    • Account No
    • Date of Accident
    • Date of Death
    • Place of accident
    • Details of accident
    • Name of the Claimant, their Mobile No. and Email ID
    • Name of Branch/es where salary account and claimant’s account maintained.

    Claim intimation should be within Ninety (90) days from the date of accident. Delay in Intimation will be considered under genuine and circumstances of the particular claim.

    Dept. - Personal Accident for Bank of Baroda A/c holders through Civilian Salary and Pensioners Account Holders.

    It is agreed and understood that documentation forms an important component of any insurance claim. 

    Branch Manager of the Bank where the account exists will send duly filled, signed & stamped claim form along with all the relevant claim documents required to the address mentioned below:

    Ms. Arati Dhamapurkar / Mr. Akshay Zade

    Anand Rathi Insurance Brokers

    Regent Chambers, 10th Floor,

    Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, Nariman Point,

    Mumbai -400021, India.

    Tel. No. 8452861094, 022 4909 3048

    Claim Documents once received will be scrutinized by Anand Rathi insurance Brokers team and the same will be submitted to Insurer. ARIBIL WILL SEND AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF CLIAM RECIPT TO THE BRANCH OVER MAIL UNDER COPY TO RETAIL LIABILITY.

    The Claimant/Nominee shall arrange for submission of the following documents towards substantiation of the claim within 180 days from date of intimation of claim for onward submission to ARIBL:

    • All supporting documents relating to the claim must be submitted within one eighty (180) days from the date of intimation.
    • The eligible claims will be settled in thirty (30) working days from the date of receiving the complete documents set.
    • In case documents are not received within one eighty (180) days of claim intimation, 1st reminder, hard copy letter will be issued immediately to Member Bank, followed by an email communication.
    • 2nd reminder mail/ hard copy letter will be sent after (190) days from claim intimation followed by an email
    • Closure letter, hard copy letter will be sent to Bank after 30 days from the 2nd reminder mail/ hard copy letter in case of no communication received from Bank.
    • All other documents should be certified/ verified from original by the Bank;
    • If documents are in Regional Language, they should be submitted duly translated in Hind/ English;
    • Payment of claim will be done to the Bank in the respective Account


    • Based on the merit of the claim, Insurer’s investigation team shall be appointed. TAT: T +3 (T is the day on which the claim documents received from the Bank).
    • In 45 days, Investigation report will be finalized. If there is a delay because of the some more facts, an interim report will be requested.


    The reminders shall be sent by Anand Rathi to Bank at regular intervals for pending claim documents, a communication via letter in hard copy / email will be sent to client with defined timeline.

    Reminder process would be same for the document’s deficiency also.

    1st reminder T+180 days

    2nd reminder T+190 days

    Closure Letter T+220 days

    T is Date of Intimation


    Once the claim is approved the payment in the form of NEFT shall be done to the account holder beneficiary (in case of Disablement) / to Nominee or legal heir (in case of Death) along with a covering letter.

    • Click Here for Document Check List & Escalation Matrix.
  • Insurance details


    Policy Number : 1208004223P105957072

    Period of Insurance : From 00:00 Hrs of 12/08/2023 To Midnight of 11/08/2024

    Contact number for information and query : (22) 25402446

  • Claim form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the bob Salary Classic account?

    bob salary classic account is a salary variant that is offered in case the net monthly salary variant is Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 50,000.

  • Salary account is which type of account?

    A salary account is a type of savings account.

  • What are the benefits of bob Salary Classic Account?

    The benefits of bob Salary Classic account are many, have a quick glimpse below.

    • Overdraft facility, ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3 lakhs according to salary band.
    • Avail discounts on locker rentals, DEMAT AMC, debit card issuance, renewal fee, and issuance fee of prepaid cards.
    • Free remittance facility on RTGS/NEFT.
    • Waiver on processing charges on retail loans.
    • Free insurance facility linked to credit card
    • Relationship Managers available on the phone
  • How to convert a saving account to a salary account?

    The saving account can be converted into different salary variants according to the net salary credit of the customer. Also, permission/request from the customer as per extant guidelines is to be obtained.

  • How to open a bob Salary Classic account?

    The age eligibility to open bob Salary Classic account is a minimum of 18 years and above and the net monthly salary should be in the range of Rs. 50,000 to more than Rs. 2 lakhs. You can also open a salary account online through the website or Branch.

  • Do we get interest on bob Salary Classic account?

    The interest rate for the bob Salary Classic account is the same as applicable for a normal savings account. Please visit the Interest rates section of our website for the latest salary account interest rate offered.

  • Can I deposit cash in bob Salary Classic account?

    Yes. You certainly can deposit cash in bob Salary Classic account.

  • Can I use the bob Salary Classic account for personal use?

    Yes, you can open bob Salary Classic account for personal use.

  • Is bob Salary Classic Account a zero balance account?

    Yes, it can have zero balance.

  • Is the sweep facility available under bob Salary Classic Account?

    Yes, it is available.

  • Is the overdraft facility available in bob Salary Classic Account?

    Yes, it is available.

  • Can we open a bob Salary Classic account without a PAN card?

    No, we cannot open bob Salary Classic account without PAN Card.

  • Is the Aadhaar card mandatory for bob Salary Classic accounts?

    Yes, an Aadhaar card is mandatory for opening a bob Salary Classic account.

  • Who can open a bob Salary Classic account?

    The age eligibility to open bob Salary Classic account is a minimum of 18 years and above and the net monthly salary should be in the range of Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2 lakhs.

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