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Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Benefits

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Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Features

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Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Eligibility


To meet working capital requirement of Commission Agents/Arthias, engaged in retail trade, who undertake responsibility of realization of debtors.

Nature of facility


  • 40% on realizable market value of immovable property.
  • 10% on bank's own fixed deposits.
  • 15% on face value of NSCs, Govt. bonds, surrender value of LIC policies.

  • Tangible collateral securities in the form of mortgage of land (not agricultural land) and building is acceptable as security.
  • National savings certificates, government bonds, our bank's term deposits, assignment of life insurance policies, standing in the name of the borrower/proprietor/partner/director are acceptable as security.

Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Interest rates & charges

Rate of Interest:

One year MCLR + Strategy Premium + 2.00%

Service Charges (Excluding GST) w.e.f. 20/06/2019:
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Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Documentation

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Commission Agents Loan Arthias : Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

  • Commission agents/Arthias (functioning in markets/mandies) who are engaged in trade activities on commission basis and enjoying good reputation in the market with 2 years of experience in the line of their business activity (i.e. extending credit to farmers, for supplying of inputs as also for buying the output from the individual farmers/SHGs/JLFs).
  • They should be registered with the market committee and possess a valid license issued by the authorised government agencies.

Loan limits


  • Rs. 25,000


  • Rs. 100 lakhs for rural/semi-urban/urban branches
  • Rs. 200 lakhs for metro branches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the commission of a loan agent?

    There is no appointed Agent or DSA for Personal Loans. Therefore, there is absolutely no commission paid for finding the personal loan.

  • How to apply for a Commission Agents Loan with Arthias at Bank of Baroda?

    Insurance Agents and Self-Employed Businesspersons are eligible for Personal Loans under the condition that they have a consistent source of income and a Bank of Baroda account.

  • What are the advantages of a Commission Agents Loan Arthias?


  • How does the Commission Agents Loan Arthias work?


  • Who are Commission Agents/Arthias?


  • Why Commission Agents/Arthias are important?


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