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  • Arogya Sanjeevani Policy - National

    Arogya Sanjeevani Policy - National is a standard indemnity health insurance product, having Sum Insured up to 5 Lakhs available in both individual as well as floater type.

  • National Mediclaim Plus Policy

    This is a high sum insured policy which indemnifies for In-patient treatment expenses (minimum 24 hour hospitalization) and 140+ Day Care Procedures on Cashless/ Reimbursement basis during the policy period with many additional benefits as per plan opted. The expenses incurred should be reasonable, customary and medically necessary.

  • Burglary Insurance

    Movable property like stock, stock –in –trade, plant & machinery can be covered. These are covered so long as they are reasonably protected.

  • House Holders Insurance Policy - National Insurance

    The House Holder policy is a comprehensive bundled policy specially designed for contingencies encountered by House holders comprising of ten sections. It can be issued to home owners, tenants of flats, housing societies, apartments, bungalow, row houses in rural/semi-urban and urban (including Metro) cities. Sum insured should be 100% of VAR.

  • Personal Accident - National Insurance

    The policy is a benefit policy which pays for the Death, disablement and weekly benefits.PA is a worldwide cover available 24X7. The benefits under the policy can be assigned.

  • National Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy (Floater Policy)

    This premium product covers all family members under a single Sum Insured, for In-patient treatment expenses (minimum 24 hour hospitalization) and 140+ Day Care Procedures on Cashless/ Reimbursement basis during the policy period. This policy provides unique features which address all health related concerns of our valued customers. The expenses incurred should be reasonable, customary and medically necessary.

  • Shopkeepers Insurance - National Insurance

    Shopkeepers’ Insurance policy is an omnibus policy and specially designed to caster to the requirements of small shopkeepers.

  • Two Wheeler - National Insurance

    Motor Insurance Contracts are subject to the basic principles applicable to property and liability insurance in general. The owner of the vehicle must be a registered owner to the vehicle whereby he or she stands to benefit by the safety of the vehicle, right, interest or freedom from liability and stands to lose by any loss, damage, injury or creation of liability.

  • Chola MS Group Health Insurance

    CholaMS Group Health Insurance

    An affordable choice for a group health plan.

    • Covers up to 7 family members at an affordable premium.
    • In-patient hospitalizsation covered up to Rs. 3,00,000.
  • Tata AIG Medicare

    Tata AIG Medicare

    No compromise when it comes to your health.

    • 50% of cumulative bonus to restoration benefits on sum insured.
    • No medicals required.
  • National Mediclaim Policy

    National Mediclaim Policy

    This policy indemnifies for in-patient treatment expenses.

    • Minimum 24 hour hospitalization and 140+ day care procedures.
    • Expense should be reasonable and customary.
  • National Super Top-Up Policy

    National Super Top Up Policy

    The policy covers commonly excluded diseases like HIV/AIDS, Obesity bariatric surgery etc.

    • Medical expenses are reimbursed without any sub limits.
    • Waiting period of only one year in all pre-existing diseases.
  • Auto Secure Private Car Package Policy - TATA AIG

    Insure your car against any kind of unanticipated situations such as accidents or theft, natural calamities, etc.

    • Loss of or damage to the vehicle insured.
    • Coverage is available for maximum capital sum insured of Rs. 15,00,000.
  • Auto Secure Two Wheeler Package Policy

    Auto Secure Two-Wheeler Package Policy - TATA AIG

    Two types:- Liability only insurance policy & comprehensive package policy.

    • Covers the insured two-wheeler against accidental damage, theft, natural disasters, explosion, riots, etc.
    • Covers the damages against third party property.
  • Apply for Chola MS car insurance online | Bank of Baroda

    CholaMS Motor Insurance

    Motor Insurance covers the unforeseen risks.

    • The CPA cover offers compensation up to Rs. 15 lakhs for accidental death.
    • Covers the damages against third party property.
  • Travel Guard by TATA AIG

    From lost belongings to emergency medical care, leave all your concerns to us and enjoy your vacation.

    • We help you with trip curtailment, hijacking, flight delay etc.
    • Covers loss of checked-in baggage
  • Travel Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday

    Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday - National Insurance

    We provide safety while you take your world tour.

    • One of the many benefits is that is covers medical expenses and personal accident.
    • Pre-existing diseases not included.
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies

    Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies - National Insurance

    Dont allow your finances to hold back your plans. Travel without any worries!

    • First USD 100 of all claims is to be borne by the traveller.
    • Pre-existing diseases not included.
  • Bharat Sookshma Udyam Suraksha Policy

    We Cover Physical loss or damage, or destruction caused to the insured property.

    • Fire, including due to its own fermentation, or natural heating or spontaneous combustion.
    • Explosion or Implosion
    • Lightning

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