Statewise Bank Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN)

Index State GSTIN Registration Certificate
1 Andaman & Nicobar 35AAACB1534F2Z8 click here
2 Andhra Pradesh 37AAACB1534F2Z4 click here
3 Arunachal Pradesh 12AAACB1534F1ZH click here
4 Assam 18AAACB1534F3Z3 click here
5 Bihar 10AAACB1534F1ZL click here
6 Chhattisgarh 22AAACB1534F2ZF click here
7 Chandigarh 04AAACB1534F1ZE click here
8 Dadra & Nagar Haveli 26AAACB1534F1Z8 click here
9 Delhi 07AAACB1534F4Z5 click here
10 Goa 30AAACB1534F4ZG click here
11 Gujarat 24AAACB1534F2ZB click here
12 Haryana 06AAACB1534F1ZA click here
13 Himachal Pradesh 02AAACB1534F3ZG click here
14 Jammu & Kashmir 01AAACB1534F5ZG click here
15 Jharkhand 20AAACB1534F2ZJ click here
16 Karnataka 29AAACB1534F3Z0 click here
17 Kerala 32AAACB1534F3ZD click here
18 Ladakh 38AAACB1534F1Z3 click here
19 Madhya Pradesh 23AAACB1534F2ZD click here
20 Maharashtra 27AAACB1534F2Z5 click here
21 Meghalaya 17AAACB1534F1Z7 click here
22 Manipur 14AAACB1534F1ZD click here
23 Mizoram 15AAACB1534F1ZB click here
24 Nagaland 13AAACB1534F3ZD click here
25 Odisha 21AAACB1534F2ZH click here
26 Puducherry 34AAACB1534F2ZA click here
27 Punjab 03AAACB1534F3ZE click here
28 Rajasthan 08AAACB1534F1Z6 click here
29 Sikkim 11AAACB1534F1ZJ click here
30 Tamil Nadu 33AAACB1534F3ZB click here
31 Telangana 36AAACB1534F3Z5 click here
32 Tripura 16AAACB1534F1Z9 click here
33 Uttarakhand 05AAACB1534F3ZA click here
34 Uttar Pradesh 09AAACB1534F1Z4 click here
35 West Bengal 19AAACB1534F1Z3 click here

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