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  • Fees & Charges
  • Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)

bob World Wave - A Wearable Contactless Payment Smart Watch : Benefits

Bank of Baroda has partnered with GOQii, one of the renowned smart health watch brands in India and a proud Make in India product, for its bob World Wave smart health watch.

  • Bank of Baroda’s on the go wearable payment solution, bob World Wave is designed to ensure expedient and seamless digital payments with just a tap of the device to meet the demands of our evolving customers
  • bob World Wave smart watch lets you monitor your SpO2, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Menstrual/Pregnancy, Sleep and multiple activities and also helps you in making contactless payments
  • bob World Wave smart watch can be linked with the GOQii Mobile App which offers 3 months personal coaching subscription with certified health coaches and doctors
  • Virtual engagement program which rewards on completion of weekly steps targets and other health goals in the GOQii mobile app

bob World Wave - A Wearable Contactless Payment Smart Watch : Features

  • Contactless payments up to INR 5,000/- is eligible per transaction (with a maximum of 5 transactions per day) - without PIN (Tap and Pay)
  • Any contactless payment enabled transaction above INR 5000/- will require PIN authentication with a transaction limit of INR 1,00,000 at any POS terminal
  • Transact on e-commerce platforms for up to INR 1,00,000/- per day by referring to the Non-Payment Dummy card provided along with the device through CVV and OTP authentication
  • bob World Wave smart health watch - Smart Vital Plus is a CDSCO registered medical device & its services on the GOQii app (personal coaching, health locker, health store and more) are certified under 3 grades by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Monitor health vitals like SpO2, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure and Sleep. Track all day activities like steps, distance, calories burned & active time
  • This smart watch also has a special in-built feature for women to track their Menstrual cycle and Pregnancy
  • bob World Wave smart health watch: A 1.57" full touch colour display with additional features like Smart Notifications, Music Control, Multiple Wallpapers, Alarms and more
  • This Smart Watch is also a graded IP68 Dust & Water Resistant device with a battery life of up to 7 days, under normal usage
  • The box includes a 2-pin magnetic charger. To charge the device, remove the strap and place the core correctly on the charger

bob World Wave - A Wearable Contactless Payment Smart Watch : Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Mode of Operation :

  • Saving Bank Account: Either or Survivor, Self, Anyone or Survivor

  • Current Account: Self and Sole Proprietorship

  • Overdraft Account: Self

Eligible Account Schemes :

  • Baroda Bachat Mitra

  • Baroda Jeevan Suraksha SA

  • GOVT Scholarship /DBT Account

  • Baroda Advantage SB _GEN

  • Baroda Advantage SB _SAL

  • Baroda Advantage SB _PEN

  • Baroda Advantage SB _O_BAL

  • Baroda Centenary Savings Account

  • Baroda Pensioners Savings Account

  • Baroda First SB Dep account

  • Baroda Home Loan Linked SB account

  • SB Haryana State SS Pension

  • Baroda Shubh Savings

  • Baroda Salary Classic

  • Savings Bank Staff

  • Baroda Government Employee Salary Account

  • Baroda Super Savings

  • Baroda Platinum Savings Account

  • Baroda Salary Super

  • Baroda Salary Premium

  • Baroda Salary Privilege

  • Baroda Senior Citizen Privilege Savings Account

  • Baroda Mahila Shakti Savings Account

  • Baroda Salary Account for Defence & Police Personal

  • Baroda Expat Saving account

  • Baroda Advantage Current account

  • Baroda Premium Privilege

  • Baroda Premium Current account

  • Baroda Startup Current account

  • Baroda Scale up Current account

  • Staff Overdraft

bob World Wave - A Wearable Contactless Payment Smart Watch : Fees & Charges

  • The MRP of Smart Vital Plus Health Watch is INR 6,499*/- (Inclusive of taxes) . However, as a special Launch offer the same is priced at a discounted price of INR 3,499*/- (Inclusive of taxes)
*The price of watch is further subjected to change as per the prevailing market conditions.

bob World Wave - A Wearable Contactless Payment Smart Watch : Most Important Terms and Conditions (MITC)


Please make sure you have read SMART VITAL PLUS terms and conditions carefully before using SMART VITAL PLUS. By using or applying for SMART VITAL PLUS you are unconditionally accepting the terms and conditions listed here under and will be bound by them. You will also remain bound by the applicable terms and conditions regarding the operations of your savings or current bank account with BANK OF BARODA.

The ‘SMART VITAL PLUS’ is a program in which BANK OF BARODA is partnering with GOQii Technologies Private Limited. It consists of 3 important legs: Payments, Fitness and Health Vitals. This program would provide BANK OF BARODA customers a GOQii Fitness Band which would be enabled with Contactless Payment, powered by BANK OF BARODA. The major components of the product are as follows:

  • Smart Vital Plus Tracker (To measure SpO2, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Steps, Time and more)
  • Strap (To hold the watch and NFC Chip)
  • Contactless Chip / Secure Element / NFC (to make contactless payment)

All the terms & conditions and warranty pertaining to the Fitness Band would be covered by the GOQii Technologies Private Limited (The customer can access GOQii Terms and Conditions at https://goqii.com/in-en/terms) and terms and conditions pertaining to the Contactless chip would be covered by BANK OF BARODA as present and updated over bank website. The GOQii Fitness Band would be integrated with the NFC Chip which would enable the customer to make contactless payment at the merchant location. The Fitness band which includes a pedometer and its accessories would be entirely a product of GOQii and the NFC Chip inserted in the Fitness band is a product of BANK OF BARODA.

  • “The Bank’’, “BANK OF BARODA’’, means BANK OF BARODA, a body corporate, carrying on the business of banking and related services under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and its successors and assignees.
  • "SMART VITAL PLUS”, Contactless Chip, NFC Chip, SMART VITAL PLUS Program, refers to the BANK OF BARODA Mastercard/Visa/RuPay Wearable contactless Chip issued by BANK OF BARODA to its customers.
  • Contactless Payment: It’s a faster way to pay with your account for purchases under INR 5000/ at participating stores. Instead of dipping (or swiping) your card at the billing counter, simply wave or tap your Band on the contactless terminal and pay without entering a PIN (for amount under INR 5000/-).
  • “SMART VITAL PLUS Holder’’, “Contactless Chip Holder’’, "NFC Holder‘’, “you’’, “your’’, “him’’ or similar pronouns shall where the context so admit, refer to a customer of BANK OF BARODA to whom a BANK OF BARODA contactless chip has been issued by BANK OF BARODA to operate on a nominated account). All references to the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder in the masculine gender will also include the feminine gender.
  • "Account(s)", refers to the SMART VITAL PLUS holder's Savings Accounts that have been designated by ‘BANK OF BARODA to the eligible accounts) for the valid operations. The SMART VITAL PLUS holder should be either the account holder or sole signatory or authorized to act alone when there is more than one account holder / signatory.
  • “Transaction”, means instruction given, by SMART VITAL PLUS Holder by using his SMART VITAL contactless chip directly or indirectly, to BANK OF BARODA to effect action on the account. (Examples of transactions can be retail purchases).
  • "Statement’’, means a periodic statement of account sent by BANK OF BARODA to SMART VITAL PLUS Holder to their registered email ID setting out the transactions carried out by the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder during the given period and the balance on that account. It may also include any other information that BANK OF BARODA may deem fit to include.
  • "Merchant" or “Merchant Establishments’’, shall mean establishments wherever located which accept/honour the payment using contactless chip and shall include amongst others: stores, shops, restaurants, airline organizations etc. advertised by BANK OF BARODA or Mastercard/Visa/RuPay.
  • “EDC’ or “Electronic Data Capture’, refers to electronic Point of Sale swipe terminals in India, whether of BANK OF BARODA or any other bank on the shared network, that permit the debiting of the account(s) for purchase transactions from merchant establishments.
  • “Mastercard/Visa/RuPay’, means a trademark owned by a normally associated with Mastercard/Visa/RuPay International. SMART VITAL PLUS ("Contactless Payment chip embedded in a Wearable Band / Contactless chip / NFC Chip / NFC Device’) is issued by BANK OF BARODA, (“BANK OF BARODA) having its registered office at Baroda Bhavan, 7th Floor, R.C. Dutt Road, Vadodara-390 007, (Gujarat) India on the following terms and conditions:

  • The issue and use of the Contactless Chip shall be subject to the laws, rules and regulations in force from time to time as issued by the Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, etc.
  • The Contactless Chip shall be valid only for transaction options, as permitted by the Bank from time to time in India at BANK OF BARODA Point of Sale swipe terminals at merchant establishments.
  • The Contactless Chip is and will be at all times the property of BANK OF BARODA and shall be returned to BANK OF BARODA unconditionally and immediately upon BANK OF BARODA's request.
  • The Contactless Chip is not transferable or assignable by the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder under any circumstance.
  • You must not permit any other person to use it and should safeguard the Contactless Chip from misuse by retaining the Contactless Chip under your personal control at all times.
  • The BARCODE issued to the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder to activate the Contactless Chip or any number chosen by the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder as a BARCODE, should be known only to the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder and are for the personal use of the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder and are non – transferable and strictly confidential. A written record of the BARCODE number should not be kept in any form, place or manner that may facilitate its use by a third party. The BARCODE should not be disclosed to any third party, either to staff of the Bank or to merchant establishments, under any circumstance or by any means whether voluntary or otherwise. The Bank shall exercise care while issuing the BARCODES and shall be under obligation not to disclose the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder’s BARCODE, except to the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder.
  • The SMART VITAL PLUS Holder's account will be debited immediately with the amount of any transfer and other transactions effected by the use of the Contactless Chip. The SMART VITAL PLUS Holder should maintain sufficient funds in the account to meet any such transactions. Otherwise the transaction may be declined due to insufficient funds in the account.
  • The SMART VITAL PLUS Holder shall not be entitled to transact at any merchant Point of Sale for a value above INR 5000/- in a single contactless transaction and shall be eligible for a maximum up to 5 contactless transactions in a day thus amounting to a value not more than Rs. 25,000/- per day.
  • The SMART VITAL PLUS Holder will be responsible for transactions effected by use of the Contactless Chip, whether authorized by the SMART VITAL PLUS Holder or not, and shall indemnify BANK OF BARODA against any loss or damage caused by any unauthorized use of the Contactless Chip, including any penal action arising therefrom on account of any violation of RBI guidelines or rules framed under the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 or any other law being in force in India and/or any other country/state/continent/territory wherever located in the world at the time, notwithstanding the termination of this agreement. SMART VITAL PLUS Contactless Chip usage is also prohibited for overseas forex trading through electronic/internet trading portals.
  • You are requested to note that the SMART VITAL PLUS Contactless Chip is valid for up to 5 years. The chip will get expired after 5 years. You hereby undertake to destroy the Contactless Chip when it expires by cutting it into several pieces. You will have to re-apply to SMART VITAL Program to avail the Contactless Chip after this period.
  • The SMART VITAL PLUS Holder will inform BANK OF BARODA in writing within 15 days from the statement date of any irregularities or discrepancies that exist in the transaction details at merchant establishment on the statement of account sent by BANK OF BARODA. If no such notice is received during this time, BANK OF BARODA will assume the correctness of both the transaction and the statement of account.
  • You agree to an ongoing confirmation for use of your name, address, e-mail and mobile number as provided to bank for marketing / merchandising offers between BANK OF BARODA and other companies.
  • You do understand that GST and other prevailing taxes (if any), are applicable on all fees, interest and other charges as per the Government of India regulations, and agree to pay the same.
  • One SMART VITAL PLUS Program would be made available to one customer and by that it would be available for one customer ID. Even if you have multiple accounts linked to a single customer ID, you would be entitled for a single Contactless Chip under SMART VITAL PLUS Program.
  • In case of loss/theft of activated Contactless Chip, it would be your responsibility to immediately report loss of “Contactless Chip to the Bank as per below mentioned terms & specifically request for deactivation of the Contactless Chip.
  • The onus of initiating complaint to appropriate authorities would be on the customer and Bank would not accept any liability to make good the loss suffered by you on account of using the Contactless Chip.

  • The Contactless Chip is accepted at all NFC electronic Point of Sale terminals at merchant establishments in India and Overseas which display the Mastercard/Visa/RuPay logo.
  • The Contactless Chip is Electronic Use only and will be accepted only at merchant establishments that have an NFC/Contactless electronic Point of Sale swipe terminal. Any usage of the Contactless Chip other than electronic use will be deemed unauthorized and the Contactless Chip holder will be solely responsible for such transactions.
  • Always tap your SMART VITAL PLUS Contactless Chip on the NFC Terminal yourself at the merchant establishment. Never share your Contactless Chip with anyone, including the merchant. While using your Contactless Chip on Point-of-Sale machine, if you suspect something unusual, do not use the machine and report it to BANK OF BARODA immediately.
  • Bank prohibits withdrawal of cash using Contactless Chip at the Point of Sale, unless specifically permitted by us for specific accounts and amounts.
  • The Contactless Chip is accepted at all Mastercard/Visa/RuPay merchant outlets having NFC enabled electronic point of sale terminals worldwide. BANK OF BARODA will not accept any responsibility for any dealing the merchant may have with you, including but not limited to the supply of goods and services so availed or offered, should you have any complaint relating to any Mastercard/Visa/RuPay merchant establishment, you should resolve the matter with the merchant establishment and failure to do so will not relieve you from any obligations to BANK OF BARODA.
  • BANK OF BARODA shall not be responsible for system outages, delays, equipment malfunctions, errors or data loss of any kind, lost or unavailable connections, or failed, incomplete, garbled or deleted transmissions or other technological or technical difficulties or impediments or any “Force majeure event” that may prevent you from making contactless payment at merchant outlet. ”Force majeure event” means any event due to any cause beyond the reasonable control of BANK OF BARODA, including without limitation, unavailability of any communication system, sabotage ,fire, flood, explosion, act of God, civil commotion, strikes or industrial action of any kind, riots, insurrection, war or act of government.
  • If you decide to cancel your purchase and not accept the goods after the Contactless Chip is swiped, ensure that the merchant cancels the transaction immediately and the slip is handed over to you. Any cancellation thereafter will be routed as a “chargeback” on the merchant through the acquiring bank and will take the time required to complete the process. There can be no guarantee of full/partial return of the amount.
  • BANK OF BARODA accepts no responsibility for any charge levied by any merchant establishment over and above the value/cost of transactions and debited to your account along with the transaction amount.
  • A purchase and a subsequent credit for cancellation of goods/services are two separate transactions. The refund will only be credited to your account (less cancellation charges if any, as applicable at the merchant location) after it is received from the merchant. If the credit is not posted to your Contactless Chip account within 30 days from the day of refund, you must notify ‘BANK OF BARODA, along with a copy of the credit note from the merchant.
  • In case, there are insufficient funds in the said account, BANK OF BARODA will not honour the transactions.
  • The Contactless Chip holder would be solely liable for all unauthorized acts and transactions.

  • Transaction fees wherever applicable, will be debited to the account at the time of posting wherever applicable.
  • Contactless chip Price, Annual Program/Maintenance Fees and Charges for the GOQii Life services would be charged while customer is purchasing SMART VITAL PLUS Program. The charges for the GOQii Life services would be passed on to GOQii Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Annual Maintenance/Program Fees would be levied by BANK OF BARODA, which would be directly debited from the customer's account annually on an anniversary basis.
  • The Fees charged would be non - refundable.


The Bank may, from time to time, at its discretion, tie-up with various agencies to offer various features on your SMART VITAL PLUS Contactless Chip. The Bank does not guarantee or warrant the efficacy, efficiency, usefulness of any of the products or services offered by any service providers/merchants/outlets/agencies. Disputes (if any) would have to be taken up with the merchant/agency, etc. directly, without involving the Bank.

  • When requested by BANK OF BARODA, you shall provide any information, records or certificates relating to any matter that BANK OF BARODA deems necessary. You will also authorize BANK OF BARODA to verify the veracity of the information furnished by whatever means or from whichever source deemed necessary. If the data is not provided or if the same is found incorrect, BANK OF BARODA may, at its discretion, refuse renewal of the Contactless Chip or cancel the Contactless Chip forthwith and may initiate appropriate legal action against you.
  • BANK OF BARODA reserves the right to disclose customer information in any court of competent jurisdiction, quasi - judicial authorities, law enforcement agencies and any other wing of Central Government or State Government.
  • BANK OF BARODA reserves the right to report to the RBI expenditure undertaken by its Contactless Chip holder in foreign currencies to ensure that the Basic Travel Quota/other permissible entitlements are not exceeded by the Cardholder(s) and that the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 is not contravened.

  • In the event that the Card is lost or stolen, the occurrence must be reported to any office of BANK OF BARODA in India on the emergency Help line Number 1800 5700 or to the Mastercard/Visa/RuPay Global Service Centres Helplines whilst abroad. You shall be required to disclose information regarding your Customer ID, your Account Number, Address, Date of Birth and Mother's maiden name. Under no circumstance should you disclose the PIN number.
  • The loss or theft of the Contactless Chip should be reported to BANK OF BARODA immediately. Although loss or theft may be reported by means of the 24 - Hour Emergency Helpline Number, you must confirm the same in writing to BANK OF BARODA as soon as possible. A copy of that acknowledged police complaint must accompany the said written confirmation.
  • Should transactions be received by BANK OF BARODA after the band has been lost or stolen but before receipt of your written confirmation, you shall be liable for all amounts debited to your account(s).
  • You hereby indemnify BANK OF BARODA fully against any liability (civil or criminal), loss, cost, expenses, or damages that may arise due to loss or misuse of the Contactless Chip in the event that it is lost and not reported to BANK OF BARODA, or lost and misused before BANK OF BARODA is informed.
  • Provided you have in all respects complied with the terms and conditions, a replacement Card may be issued at the sole discretion of BANK OF BARODA at the applicable fee.
  • Should you subsequently recover the Contactless Chip, it cannot be used. Please destroy the Contactless Chip by cutting it into several pieces.

  • BANK OF BARODA has the right to modify/alter all or any of the terms applicable to the program or discontinue this program at its sole discretion any time as BANK OF BARODA deems fit without assigning any reason or with prior intimation given to the customer.
  • This program is subject to applicable law and regulations and would be modified/discontinued based on the prevailing law/regulation at any point of time and neither party shall be under any liability or obligation or continue implementation of the said program till such time the terms are modified by the Parties as per the prevailing/amended law at that point of time. In the event, that the program cannot be continued without total compliance of the prevailing law at any point of time, this program shall be deemed to be terminated forthwith from the date when the amended law restricting/prohibiting the program comes into force.
  • Any dispute relating to the program or the terms and conditions shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only.
  • BANK OF BARODA is not and shall not be held responsible for any deficiency in the GOQii Fitness Band and any such issues related to the deficiency in the GOQii Fitness Band shall be settled by the customer independently with GOQii without any reference to BANK OF BARODA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the price of the bob World Wave? What are the different variants of bob World Wave?

    The MRP of bob World Wave Health Watch under bob World Wave is INR 6,499/-

    Current market price is INR 3,499/- . However the price may change depending upon the market trends.

    Currently the variant available is bob World Wave Health Watch. However the bank is planning to come up with other wearable form factors as well like key chain and rings.

  • Where to purchase them from? How to order them?

    In the initial phase, bank is planning for issuance through branch. In the upcoming phases, the same would be available through various digital channels.

    Initially, customer can order it by approaching any nearby branch.

  • What is the minimum and maximum purchase limit per day?

    For contactless transactions over any POS terminal enabled for contactless payments, the maximum limit without PIN is INR 5,000/- per transaction with a maximum of 5 transactions per day

    However the customer can do transaction up to a maximum limit of INR 1,00,000/- per day with PIN authentication.

    Customer can also perform e-commerce transactions up to INR 1,00,000 per day by with the help of reference card provided along with the device through CVV and OTP authentication.

  • What Is bob World Wave ?

    bob World Wave is an all-in-one smart fitness device to measure your vital body parameters. It has an inbuilt SpO2, Body Temperature, and Heart Rate & Blood Pressure Monitor. It is also enabled for making contactless payments, a faster way to pay for purchases at all participating stores. Instead of swiping your card at the billing counter, simply tap your watch band on the contactless terminal & pay without entering PIN for transaction up to INR 5000 and with PIN for transactions above INR 5000.

  • What Are The Various Parts Of bob World Wave ?

    There are three major components of bob World Wave constituting of:

    • bob World Wave Tracker (To measure SpO2, Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Steps, Time and more)
    • Strap (To hold the watch and NFC Chip)
    • Contactless Chip / Secure Element / NFC (to make contactless payment)
  • How can I enable or activate bob World Wave for contactless payments ?

    Follow below path to enable or activate bob World Wave for contactless payments :

    bob World:

    Login to bob World Mobile App.

    Go to Cards > Manage Debit Card > Manage Channel > Enable/Disable contactless payments toggle button > enter Transaction PIN

    bob World Internet:

    Login to bob World Internet

    Go to Internet Banking Login> Services >Card Services > Set Daily Debit Card ATM & POS/ ECOM Limits > Select Customer ID and Card Number > select Contact Less Mode (Yes) >Continue > Enter transaction password > Submit.

  • How Does Payment Via bob World Wave Work?

    The bob World Wave contains a payment enabled chip & an antenna (based on radio frequency). When you tap the band against a contactless-enabled terminal, the details get transferred wirelessly from the band to the terminal & the payments get processed in a secure manner.

  • Is bob World Wave Safe & Secure?

    Yes, contactless technology uses secure encryption (same as CHIP & PIN) so you can use it without a worry. With the maximum contactless transaction amount without PIN value capped at INR 5000, there is limited possibility of any loss. Just ensure you report the loss to Bank of Baroda immediately.

  • How Do I Usebob World Wave For Contactless Payments?

    Just tap the band on the machine or keep it close to the terminal. You will hear a beep/see a light & get the receipt for the contactless payment you made.

  • What if the amount is more than INR 5,000/-? Will I be able to use my bob World Wave for contactless payments?

    Yes, you will be able to use your bob World Wave Plus for contactless payments above INR 5,000/- with PIN. To SET PIN login to bob World mobile App or bob World Internet Banking and follow the below path:

    bob World

    Cards > Set Debit Card PIN > enter OTP > enter new PIN > confirm new PIN > Proceed > enter Transaction PIN.

    bob World Internet

    Services > Card Services > Set/Reset Debit Card PIN > Select Card Number, Date of Birth and expiry Date > Enter OTP > enter new PIN > Retype new PIN > Submit.

  • What If I Want To Buy Something Online?

    Contactless features work only at a shop/merchant location where there is an NFC-enabled POS machine. It wouldn’t work for an online transaction.

  • What are the key payment features?
    • Contactless transactions up to INR 5,000/- per transaction without PIN. ( Tap and Pay)
    • 5 contactless transactions per day
    • Transaction limit on POS up to INR 1,00,000/- per day with PIN authentication
    • Transaction limit on e-Commerce up to INR 1,00,000/- per day with CVV and OTP authentication
    • e-Commerce transactions supported with the help of reference card provided along with device.
  • Is This INR 5000 Limit For Transaction Without Pin Worldwide Or Only In India?

    The INR 5000 limit per transaction (without PIN) is only in India. Each country that has contactless bands has different rules & it also depends on the terminal that would be used at that time, in that country.

  • Is there a daily limit on the amount of purchase I can make Using bob World Wave?

    The overall daily purchase limit is INR 1,00,000/-.

  • Can I Swipe Or Dip bob World Wave On Pos Machine?

    No, bob World Wave can only be used for contactless payments. Just tap your device on the terminal for quick contactless payments.

  • Can I Disable Contactless Option?

    Yes, follow below path to disable limits for Smart Vital Plus as per your needs:

    BOB World:

    Go to Wearables > Manage Wearable > Manage Channel > Disable contactless payments toggle button > enter mPIN

    bob World Internet:

    Go to Internet Banking Login> Services > Wearable Services > Set Daily Wearable POS/ Ecom Limits >De select Contact Less Mode > Continue > Enter transaction password > Submit

  • Will I Get A Receipt For All My Contactless Transactions?

    Please let the shopkeeper know that you need a receipt. However, the receipt is not directly available in some circumstances, like while paying for travel or at a vending machine. All contactless purchases are recorded on your bank statement and you will get to see them on your Bank of Baroda internet banking account & Bank of Baroda Mobile app as well.

  • How Far From The Contactless Machine Should I Hold The Band?

    Contactless bands & machines do not work beyond a distance of 4 cms. It is preferable to tap your band on the POS terminal to make a transaction.

  • What If The Contactless Functionality Does Not Work?

    It needs to be activated before the contactless functionality will work. You will have to follow the activation procedure for it to start functioning. There may be a slim chance that the contactless functionality does not work after that.

  • What If I Lose bob World Wave Contactless Band? How Do I Report It To Bank Of Baroda & Block My Band?

    You can block your band & ask for a replacement by calling the Bank of Baroda Customer Support on 1800 5700 or through your BOB World mobile app. We request you to please do this immediately if you lose your band.

  • Whom Should I Contact If There Is Any Issue With bob World Wave Tracker Like Its Display Or Any Issue With Measurement Of Vitals Or Steps?

    bob World Wave comes with a 1-year warranty. In case if you are facing any issues with the smart device, please contact the GOQii Customer Support via GOQii App- Home- Support or reach us on 84199 40404

  • I'M Facing Issues With bob World Wave , How Do I Replace It?

    Please check if the issue is with the Contactless Payment Strap or the bob World Wave . If you are facing any issue with the smart device, then kindly connect with the GOQii Customer Support via GOQii App- Home- Support or reach us on 84199 40404 for replacement. If you have any issue pertaining to contactless payment strap, then please connect with Bank of Baroda Customer Support on 1800 5700

  • Who are its target audience?

    Youths, HNIs, Corporate employees and all customer segments who are very health conscious and keep a track of their health status regularly.

  • How Do I Activate bob World Wave?

    To Activate your bob World Wave, follow the below steps:

    • Log in to BOB World Mobile App after successful authentication of 4 digit login PIN.
    • Select option Wearables > Manage Wearable>Manage Channel
    • Select Contactless Payments toggle button for enabling/activating contactless payments.
    • Click Proceed button. Enter Transaction PIN (mPIN).
    • Click Okay button.
  • What Are The Charges Of bob World Wave ?

    The current charges for bob World Wave is INR 3499/- inclusive of taxes.
    However the price of watch may change based on the market trend, demand and supply

  • What Are Offers On bob World Wave ?

    There are welcome benefits and ongoing payment offers on your bob World Wave . These offers are updated on bob World Wave Mobile page.

  • What Should I Do If bob World Wave Is Lost? 

    Please modify your contactless payment limits to ‘0’ or disable contactless limits via Wearables-> Manage Wearables option on BOB World mobile app. If you are sure, it is not traceable, please block your Smart Vital Contactless Payment Strap permanently via option Wearables > Wearable Hot Listing > Block Wearable present in BOB World mobile app or call Bank of Baroda Helpline on 1800 5700 to permanently block the bob World Wave to prevent misuse.

  • Goqii Customer Care Escalation Matrix:


    Customer Contact Contact Info
    Level 1 Help Desk +91 8419940404 (Monday to Saturday - 10am to 7pm)
    Level 2 (after 24 hrs.) Supervisor vaishali@goqii.com
    Level 3 (after 48 hrs.) Assistant Manager dipti@goqii.com
    Level 4 (after 72 hrs.) Head swapna@goqii.com
  • What is the technology platform of World Wave? How it is secure than its competitors?

    It’s a debit card Variant for wearable form factor available on Rupay platform.

  • Any cash back or customer centric offers given on purchases?

    With bob World wave bank is providing an exclusive 3 month free wellness package along with personal health coach, doctor tele-consultation and interactive video coaching.

    5000 cashback points via vendor app on health program enrolment

    1000 cashback points on completion of 70000 steps via vendor app

  • Does it have a fraud cover feature for customer safety?

    It complies with RBI guidelines of customer protection- Limiting Liability of customers in unauthorised electronic banking transactions.

  • Annual fees of maintenance, if any?

    Not to be answered at this point.

  • Can customers link their existing bob cards to bob World Wave? If they can link multiple BoB cards to bob Wave?

    There is no linkage of cards with bob World wave. It is a wearable form factor of watch enabled for contactless payments.

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  • 27 Feb 2021
    Bank of Baroda launches bob World Wave | Now just Wave and pay

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