Gift your loved ones the gift of choice. With Baroda Gift Card.

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  • High Cash Withdrawal
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  • Benefits
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Gift Card (Physical Variant) : Features

  • India acceptance at over 2.6 million merchant outlets accepting RePay Cards.
  • A perfect substitute for cash, can be used at merchant outlet or online/e-commerce platforms through a secure one time password.
  • 24/7 customer service for any support.
  • Instant SMS alerts for all transactions.
  • ATM cash withdrawal is NOT permitted.
  • Instant card activation and intimation to purchaser as well as beneficiary.

Gift Card (Physical Variant) : Do's and Don'ts

  • Ensure that you sign on the signature panel, on the back side of the card, as soon as you get the card.
  • Change your PIN or Memorise your PIN and ensure destroy your PIN Mailer.
  • Make a separate note of your card number and customer Card KIT Number (10 digit Numeric number on the face of the card at left hand bottom side) for emergency use.

  • Don'ts
  • Do not write your PIN Number on the card.
  • Do not swipe the card on unauthorised places or suspicious places. Always look for RuPay logo at Point Of Sale machine at Merchant Establishment.
  • Do not swipe your card if merchant does not have an electronic point of sale card swiping terminal. Any usage of the card other than electronic use will be deemed unauthorized and you will be solely responsible for such transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is Baroda Gift Card?
    Baroda Gift Card is a magnetic stripe pre-loaded card accredited by RUPAY. It is an elegant way of gifting to your near or dear ones who in-turn can use the same at merchant outlets/E-commerce platform to purchase items of their choice. Thus, it allows freedom and choice of purchase to the person receiving gift. It can be used for any occasion including Diwali, Holi, Eid, Christmas, New Year, Raksha Bandhan, Birthday, Marriage etc.
  • What do I do to secure my card against unauthorized payments at merchant outlets?
    If the purchaser uses the card, he needs to sign on the reverse of the card on receipt of the card to avoid its unauthorised use. If the purchaser is gifting the card to someone else, then the beneficiary of the card needs to sign on the reverse of the card on receipt of the card to avoid its unauthorised use.
    Purchaser/Beneficiary are required to sign on the charge slip (produced by the Electronic Data Capture machine at the time of purchase) to complete a transaction at merchant outlet. The merchant has to match this signature with the signature available on the reverse of the card. Transactions at merchant outlets are thus protected by the user's signature. We recommend that on receipt of Gift Card please ensure to sign on the signature panel immediately.
  • Who do I prevent unauthorized usage of card in case the card is misplaced or lost?
    As soon as you know that the card is misplaced or lost, you must immediately report the loss of the card to our Customer Care toll free number 1800 1039 586 or to any nearest Bank Branch. Our team would immediately hotlist the card after ascertaining your identity and prevent any further usage.
  • Whether the card can be reloaded / top-up available?
    Baroda Gift Card is a single load card. Top-up is not permitted as per current Reserve Bank of India Guidelines.
  • Whether transfer of funds is allowed from one Gift Card to another?
    No, transfer of funds from one Gift Card to another is not allowed.
  • What do I do when the balance of my Baroda Gift card becomes NIL?
    In such cases please cut the card into four pieces and hand them over to the nearest Bank of Baroda branch.
  • What is the procedure for getting a replacement card if my card was physically damaged?
    Either the Purchaser or the cardholder can visit nearest Bank of Baroda branch and submit physically damaged card along with KYC documents. The damaged Card will be hot listed and the available amount less charges would be transferred to the new card and will be handed over to the customer.
  • What is the procedure for getting a replacement card if my card was lost/stolen?
    In case of lost/stolen card, card can be replaced by Purchaser of the card only at Base Branch i.e. from where the card was issued. Purchaser has to submit card lost report along with KYC documents. The lost Card will be hot listed and the available amount less charges would be transferred to the new card and will be handed over to the customer.
  • What about the available balance on the card after the card has expired?
    Visit nearest Bank of Baroda Branch for revalidation of card and submit the original expired card along with Valid KYC documents. The new card will be issued and the available balance will be transferred to the new card, only if the available balance is more than card revalidation charges along with applicable taxes. If the available balance in the card is less than minimum card activation amount i.e. Rs.500/- along with revalidation charges and applicable taxes then customer has to pay the difference amount and card can be revalidated.
  • What is the procedure for getting a duplicate PIN No?
    Visit and use option Forget PIN No, once you enter all the relevant details an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number through which new PIN number can be generated.
  • What is the validity of the Gift card?
    The validity of the card is 1 year from the data of issue or “Valid Upto” as printed on the card whichever is earlier.
  • What will be the contents of the Gift Card Welcome Kit?
    Bank of Baroda Gift Card is offered in a sealed welcome kit which contains Gift Card, Welcome Letter, PIN mailer and Terms & Conditions. We recommend the purchaser to ensure that a sealed cover is delivered to them.
  • Why am I being asked for the details of the person whom I wish to gift the card?
    Internal processes like Card balance enquiry, etc. require verification to prevent misuse of the Gift card, hence we ask for the receiver details. Also, according to the RBI guidelines, Bank of Baroda is required to keep records of the person who shall be using the card, this is for AML (Anti Money Laundering) purposes.
  • How do I buy the Baroda Gift Card?
    The Baroda Gift Card is available off-the-shelf at all Bank of Baroda Branches. You can walk into any Bank of Baroda Branch and purchase a Baroda Gift Card over the counter. You don’t need to compulsorily have a Bank of Baroda account to purchase a Baroda Gift Card.
  • When the card is ready for use?
    After receiving funds from purchaser, the card will be activated within 24 hours. Thereafter, the card can be used at any merchant location or E-commerce platform.
  • Where can I use the card?
    Baroda Gift Card is welcome everywhere at RUPAY certified merchant establishment in India. However, it cannot be used to withdraw cash from ATM Machines as per current guidelines of Reserve Bank of India.
  • What are the charges for Baroda Gift Card?

    Below are the applicable charges on Baroda Gift Card

    SL No Amount of Load (In Rs.) Issuance Fee excluding GST (In Rs.)
    1 500/- to 2,000/-; 50/-
    2 2001/- to 10,000/- 100/-

    Card Replacement (Lost/Physically Damaged) Charges – Rs.100/- plus GST

    Revalidation Charges – Rs.100/- plus GST

    ** Subject to change at Bank’s discretion. Refer Bank’s website for prevailing charges.

  • What is the amount of fee payable for use of the card?
    Usage of card at merchant location (Point Of Sale) is free of charge, however merchant can levies a surcharge on certain card transaction.
  • Can I withdraw cash from my Baroda Gift Card?
    No, ATM cash withdrawal facility is not available on Baroda Gift Card.
  • How can I check the balance available on my Gift Card?
    You can enquire balance available on your gift card by using bank’s internet portal and/or calling our 24-hour Customer Care toll free number 1800 1039 586 or by sending email to by giving card Kit Number and identification.

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