Different loans for different needs.

Presenting a wide range of loans to power your dreams.

  • Upto 90% financing
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Quick processing

Explore our range of loans designed for your unique needs.

  • Home Loans

    A wide range of home loans to provide the best-suited plan for you

  • Baroda Yoddha Loans for Defence Personnel

    For Your Bravery and Honour

  • Gold Loan

    Avail the best interest rates for your gold, with ease

  • Mortgage Loan

    A plan that ensure your property fuels your journey to prosperity

  • Personal Loans

    Loans for medical emergency, your sibling’s wedding or funds to tackle COVID-19

  • Vehicle Loan

    Plan for a smooth and easy journey without any speedbumps

  • Mudra Loan

    Affordable business loans, assured by the Government

  • Education Loan

    The stepping stone to your dreams, backed by a convenient financial plan

  • Fintech

    Expand comfortably with business loans for micro, small and medium enterprises

  • Other Loans

    No matter what the need, there’s a secure loan plan for you

  • Loan Against Shares, Mutual Funds, Bonds and Debentures

    Meet your urgent need for cash without selling off your securities

  • JanSamarth Portal

    National Portal Platform with a single window for all credit linked subsidy schemes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is a loan in simple words?

    Simply put, a loan is financial assistance obtained by borrowers for personal, medical, or other purposes from a financial institution like a bank.

  • How can I get a loan immediately?

    You can obtain an instant loan after providing the necessary information or after electronically filling out the form. Loan approval is subject to the terms and conditions established by the bank.

  • How to take a loan from a bank?

    Simply go to the branch with required documents and avail a loan.

    Here are some easy ways to apply for a loan:

    • Get a call back from our executives.
    • Or fill the form online via internet banking or bob World.
  • Can a fresh Debit card issued in lieu of a lost/damaged card and what is the amount to be charged?

    Yes, Rs. 200 + tax is charged for replacement of damaged card/lost card.

  • How many accounts maximum can be linked to my Debit card and what is the procedure?

    A maximum of 9 accounts held in the same name and same capacity can be linked to a debit card. Please submit a request for linking multiple accounts on your debit card to your base branch.

  • My debit card doesn’t work on ATMs?

    Debit card does not work on ATMs due to some of the following reasons

    • The debit card may be blocked.
    • The debit card may not have swiped the card properly.
    • The Debit card might have got damaged/deteriorated due to which it is not accepted by the ATM where the card reader may be weak. In such case you may try at another ATM and if still does not work, request for a new card to your branch. You may also apply for debit card through bob World (Mobile Banking) / bob World Internet (Internet Banking) /Contact Centre.
    • Account may be inoperative or frozen at the branch level due to some reason. Please contact your branch to know the account status.
    • Customer may be using the wrong PIN.
    • Connectivity from the ATM has failed. In such case, please try after some time or use another ATM.
  • How many transactions for current account holders at other bank’s ATM machine are free?

    No transactions are free.

  • How many attempts of using wrong ATM PIN will lead to blocking of a debit card?
    • Soft blocking:After 3 attempts of wrong PIN in a Day (within 24 hrs.), debit card will be blocked for the next 24 hrs.
    • Hard Blocking:After 12 attempts of wrong PIN in a MONTH, debit card will be blocked permanently.
  • Which of the following modes can be used for hot listing of Debit Card by the customer?
    • Contact centre/IVR (toll free numbers Baroda Connect ).
    • bob World (Mobile Banking).
    • WhatsApp banking.
    • bob World Internet (Net banking)
    • Nearest Bank of Baroda branch.
  • Channel wise details for hot listing of Debit Card by the customer through corresponding channels?
    • Contact centre/toll free numbers 1800 5700 .

      Steps to be followed:

      1. Press 2 to Continue.
      2. Press 1 Lost Card Option.
      3. Press 1 to Continue for Blocking the Debit Card.
      4. Press 1 to Block the Debit Card.
      5. Enter 14-digit Account number.
      6. Enter last 4-digit of the Debit card.
      7. Press 1 to confirm the Blocking of Debit Card.

      SMS of blocked Debit card will be sent at your registered mobile number.

    Mobile banking (bob World).

    1. Login to Baroda bob World.
    2. Click on “Cards” given on the bottom of the home page.
    3. Select “Debit Card Hot listing”.
    4. All the Debit Cards (debit card in OPEN status) linked with customer ID will be displayed with BLOCK CARDbutton provided below each card.
    5. Click Block Card for the debit card to be blocked.
    6. Enter transaction PIN and click Okay.
    7. Card will be blocked instantly, and the customer will get success confirmation POP up on the screen and Text message on the customers registered mobile number.
    8. To unblock the debit card customer will have to request at his branch.
    • WhatsApp banking.
    1. Say “Hi” to Bank of Baroda’s WhatsApp Banking Number 8433 888 777.
    2. Select Block Debit Card option.
    3. Now, select card number for blocking.
    4. Click confirm to block card.
    5. Card blocked successfully.
    6. SMS triggered to customer registered mobile number.
    • Net banking (Baroda Connect)
    1. Login to bob World Internet.
    2. Click on “Services” tab.
    3. Select “Service Requests”.
    4. Select “New Requests”.
    5. Click on “Operative Accounts”.
    6. Select “Block Debit Card”.
    7. Select the debit card to be blocked and click continue.
    8. Select reason of Blocking, enter remarks and transaction password.
    9. Click “Submit”.
    10. Card will be blocked instantly, and the customer will get confirmation on the screen.
    11. To unblock the debit card customer will have to request at his branch.
      • Nearest Bank of Baroda branch.

    Request for blocking of debit card can be submitted by visiting any nearest Bank of Baroda Branch.

  • What are the debit card variants, wherein international usage is allowed?
    • VISA Platinum DI.
    • VISA Classic Intl Contactless
    • Baroda VISA Vyapaar.
    • MasterCard Platinum DI.
    • Master Card World (Baroda Radiance).
    • RuPay Platinum DI.
    • RuPay BPCL (Platinum).
    • RuPay Select DI.
    • RuPay Classic Intl Contactless.
  • My debit card doesn’t work for online or international transactions?
    • Contact centre/IVR (toll free numbers 1800 5700 ).
    • bob World (Mobile Banking).
    • WhatsApp banking.
    • bob World Internet (Net banking)
    • Nearest Bank of Baroda branch.
  • Types of Debit Card eligible for Accidental Death and Total Disability Insurance?

    The Accidental Death and Total Disability cover is provided by NPCI. Below are the variants that are eligible for the same:

    • RuPay PMJDY
    • RuPay Premium Cards (Platinum and Select)
    • Sum Insured for Insurance - RuPay PMJDY

      The Sum insured is Rs.1 lacs for RuPay cardholders of Old * PMJDY Cards and Rs.2 lac for RuPay Cardholders of New ** PMJDY Cards

      • PMJDY OLD *-RuPay Card issued on PMJDY A/c opened till 28th 2018
      • PMJDY NEW**- RuPay Card issued on PMJDY A/c opened after 28th August
    • Sum Insured for Insurance - RuPay Platinum - 2 lacs
    • Sum Insured for Insurance - RuPay Platinum - 10 lacs

    For more details on RuPay Insurance Program, please contact your nearest Bank of Baroda branch.

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