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Opt for Digital Signage System.

  • Latest and relevant product updates
  • Breaking news in real-time
  • Environment-friendly
  • Purpose
  • Scope of information Broadcast Contents
  • Benefits of DSS to Bank

Digital Signage System DSS : Purpose

These systems are designed to display high quality content to visitors in a banking hall, lobby, or office premises, etc., having high public footfall. These are industrial grade LED screens with attached media player also called as thin client to store content locally.
The content is pushed from a central server for an immediate or scheduled time display.
Monitoring of DSS and content distribution would be carried out centrally. Digital Banking Department in co-ordination with marketing department would update the latest product information on these screens. We also propose to display information in regional languages catering to local requirements.

Digital Signage System DSS : Scope of information Broadcast Contents

DSS can be used to broadcast latest information about bank’s new products or features in form of audio visuals/2D animation as it is centrally controlled so, these contents can be pushed in few minutes to all or upon selected DSS installed pan India.
DSS can also be used to display latest interest rates of fixed deposits, recurring deposits, loans, foreign currency exchange rate, Bank’s share prices on NSE/BSE index and other products in real-time.

File formats supported by DSS of Bank of Baroda e.g., shockwave file(.swf), Jpeg image, Bitmap image (.btm)
It can also be used to display contents not only in visual form but in text form in the form on ticker which keep on moving at bottom of screen.

Digital Signage System DSS : Benefits of DSS to Bank

To communicate with people, you must get their attention. Watching TV and using computers has trained us to look at screens for information, so digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It is also better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because:

  • We can deliver breaking news in real-time
    Like updated real-time bullion markets, stock markets rates, forex rates, etc.
  • Screens are bright and show motion
    This feature can be used to provide video tutorial to the customers for learning the process to operate m-connect, Baroda connect, m-passbook, m-clip, etc.
  • We can display multiple things on a screen at once
    At a time, multiple information can be displayed on screen like ticker showing information in text, images showing product information and guidelines.
  • We can change what is on the screen throughout the day
    Full control is in our hands by using centrally connected server we can display stock prices in real-time and can be updated on real-time basis.
  • It is cheaper than print for big audiences
    It can be used as digital poster hence can be used to display content to promote latest products or information.
  • It is better than print for green reasons - By using DSS in Bank of Baroda we are saving paper which is used for printing these ads hence it is a green initiative by using
    Environment friendly methods and cost saving initiative by using DSS in bank we are saving lakhs of funds by not using traditional paper and printer format of commercials to display new feature and schemes over an extended period.

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