Our ATMs offer more than just cash withdrawals.

Visit any of our 11,000 + ATMs and Cash Recycler.

  • More than 11000 ATMs and Cash Recycler within India
  • User-friendly graphic screen
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Overview
  • Services Available
  • Services for Non-Bank of Baroda customers
  • Important Tips for using ATM

ATMs : Overview

There are more than 11000 ATMs and Cash Recycler set-up within India- With this we ensure that you are never too far from an ATM. User-friendly graphic screen and easy to follow instructions in a language of your choice makes our ATM Banking a smooth experience. Bank of Baroda has partnered with National Financial Switch (NFS), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and UnionPay, Therefore, Debit/ATM card issued by members of NFS, Visa and MasterCard, Discover, JCB and UnionPay cards are accepted at our all ATMs.

ATMs : Services Available

For ATMs:
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Balance Inquiry.
  • PIN change.
  • Mini statement.
  • Card to card fund transfer.
  • NEFT remittance.
  • Cheque book request.
  • Aadhaar Seeding.
  • Green PIN facility for ATM PIN regeneration.
  • Cash on mobile.
  • Cardless Cash withdrawal (UPI ATM)
  • Card limit Set
  • Card Channel enable/Disable

Services available at our CRMs (Cash Recycler Machines):
  • Cardless Cash Deposit
  • With card Cash deposit
  • Cash withdrawal.
  • Balance Inquiry.
  • PIN change.
  • Mini statement.
  • Fast cash

ATMs : Services for Non-Bank of Baroda customers

Services for Non-Bank of Baroda customers

Other bank (member of NFS) customers can also use our ATMs for 4 basic functionalities such as PIN change, cash withdrawal, etc. Applicable Charges as decided by other issuer bank shall apply.

Talking ATMs for visually challenged person

Talking ATMs provide financial access to blind persons in getting cash on their own anytime and provide greater banking usability for the low vision, illiterate and aged population.

How Talking ATM works?
  • To use a talking ATM you must first locate an audio jack on the ATM machine and must insert a standard 3.5 mm headset into the audio jack to enable talking mode. A welcome audio message will be heard.
  • The ATM keypad is identical to a standard telephone keypad with raised dot on keypad.
  • All audio instructions are in the form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which will guide you through the process of ATM transaction.
  • Towards the right side of the ATM keypad, you will find a column of important keys which are:
    Cancel: with the universal tactile shape ‘X’
    Enter: with the universal tactile shape ‘O’
    Clear: with the tactile shape ‘I’ or ‘<’>

All our ATMs are equipped with Dip Card reader so that you never part with your card.

ATMs : Important Tips for using ATM

Important Tips for using ATM
  • Keep changing your Pin at regular intervals.
  • Never share your Pin (Personal Identification Number) of ATM/ Debit Card detail to anyone even to your kith and kin or Bank staff.
  • Complete your ATM transaction yourself without getting help from any outsider.
  • Ensure that there is no shoulder surfing (looking over by someone shoulder to get information of your Pin) in while performing ATM transaction.
  • Always collect your Debit Card after completing your transaction before leaving the ATM site. In case of failed transaction cancel the transaction and exit.
  • Beware of any unusual thing on card slot. Watch out for any additional device overlaying the key pad or camera is placed to capture key pad. If you suspect anything, please inform any bank branch nearest to you.
  • Avoid using the ATM which is not properly lit during night.
  • Register your mobile number with Bank to get SMS alerts.
  • In case of loss or theft, immediately get the card blocked by calling at our Contact Centre 1800 5700.

We are committed to resolve customer complaints regarding failed ATM transactions by re-crediting the customer's account within 7 working days from the date of complaint. Customers can complaint regarding failed ATM transactions by:

  • Logging the complaint at our contact centre Click Here
  • Visiting any of our Branch. Click here to find nearest Branch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is an ATM?

    Automated Teller Machine, i.e., ATM is electronic banking outlet which allows customers to complete basic transactions (Cash withdrawl, Balance enquiry etc.,)without the aid of any representative from the bank. You can withdraw money from any bank's ATM machine irrespective of whether or not you are an account holder in the same bank.

  • What is the withdrawal limit at Bank of Baroda ATMs?

    In case of Bank of Baroda debit cards, Maximum withdrawal limit per transaction at BOB ATM is Rs 15,000/- . In case of other banks debit cards, Maximum withdrawal limit per transaction at BOB ATM is Rs 10,000. Per day cash withdrawal limit at the ATM will depend on the type of debit card.

  • How do I activate my new ATM card?

    Customer can activate the new ATM/Debit card at BOB ATMs, Bobworld application and Internet banking portal.

  • How many transactions can I make in a day using Bank of Baroda ATMs?

    Transactions limit per day per ATM will depend on type of debit card customer is using.

  • What are the fees and charges for using Bank of Baroda ATMs?

    Customer can do 5 free transactions per month at Bank of Baroda ATMs. Beyond the mentioned limit Rs 11.80 will be charged for finacial transactions and Rs 5.90 will be charged for non financial transactions.

  • How can I locate the nearest Bank of Baroda ATM?

    Customer can locate the nearest BOB ATM using locator option available at Bank of Baroda website.

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