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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much time does it take for the Bank to sanction an advance?

    It depends upon the amount of the advance applied for since applications for the higher amount requires approval at higher levels of the bank and therefore, in such case, little more time is taken. Nevertheless, the bank endeavours to dispose of the advance-applications within 30 days at all levels.

  • How can I approach the bank for an advance?

    Bank of Baroda has one of the largest network of domestic branches spread over all nooks & corners of India. All these branches are manned by highly experienced & skilled personnel ever ready to be of service to the customers. All you have to do to simply approach our branch manager, apprise him/her of your need, and, he/she shall be too glad to guide you how to proceed further according to your specific needs.

  • What types of credit facilities can the Bank provide to assist my business needs?

    Bank of Baroda has a very wide bouquet of types of credit facilities that can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. In a nutshell, the Bank offers:

    A) Working capital finance by way of:

    Cash credit To provide cash/funds to procure stock, raw material, consumables, stores & spares.
    Bills purchase/discounting To provide cash/funds to meet business expenses.
    W./C. demand loan for short term (up to 1 year) requirements To replace high-cost existing borrowings from other banks/lenders for the above said purposes.
    Bills purchase/discounting
    W./C. term loans for long term (for over 1 year) requirements To replace high-cost existing borrowings from other banks /lenders for the above said purposes.

    B) Long term finance by way of:

    Short & long term loans To provide cash/funds to facilitate the purchase of fixed assets such as building, plant & machinery, equipment, furniture & fixtures, business vehicles, and other related assets and the supplier is ready to supply the assets on credit.
    Deferred payment guarantee To provide the Bank's credit for any of the above said purpose, if the supplier of the asset is agreeable to receive payment in instalments instead of receiving the payment immediately on or before the supply of the asset.
  • How the advance is required to be repaid?
    • For working capital advances, the advance is expected to be liquidated within the period for which it is sanctioned, along with the timely servicing of interest as per the agreed terms.
    • For advances to acquire fixed assets, the repayment is agreed as per the repayment capacity reckoned with the expected cash flow from the business operations, and, therefore, it can be either equal or ballooning monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/yearly instalments or a bullet payment along with the timely servicing of interest as per the agreed terms or under Equated Monthly Instalments.
  • What should I do if the branch I approached has not responded satisfactorily?

    Bank of Baroda has a highly dedicated customer-friendly team of personnel. Therefore, such a situation of not responding satisfactorily may not arise in the normal course. In such cases, you may immediately contact any of the following for expeditious redress of the grievance:

    • The Regional Manager in whose jurisdiction, the concerned branch is situated;
    • The customer help centre whose address is given on our website;
    • Our e-mail address
  • If I have a plan to implement greenfield project/infrastructure project/information technology venture, whether the bank has any specialised team to look into my requirements?

    The Bank has a project finance division; infrastructure financing cell; technology financing cell: all manned by a battery of highly experienced specialised teams to cater to the varying needs of financing in such projects.

  • Whether a foreign currency loan is also available from the Bank, if yes, whether can it be availed overseas?

    Bank of Baroda is among the most prominent purveyors of Foreign Currency Loans to Corporates in India. Moreover, due to the fact that Bank of Baroda has the largest network of overseas branches among all Indian Banks, the Bank can make available the foreign currency loan anywhere in the Globe and that too in the currency of your choice.

  • If my company is enjoying credit facilities from other banks, and because of a temporary mismatch of cash flows or some unforeseen exigency, my company desires short-term advance, whether my company can approach your bank?

    Yes, Bank of Baroda believes in building new relationships and maintaining them for mutual growth & prosperity. Therefore, we welcome a customer even if it has not been banking with our bank.

  • Whether the bank finances for the development of real estate such as housing complex, shopping complex etc.

    Yes, Bank of Baroda has set an ambitious target to provide finance for the real estate sector, which is a vital segment for a growing economy in a developing country like India, subject to strictly adhering to RBI guidelines on real estate advances.

  • What is the minimum & maximum period for which I can avail advance from the Bank?

    The minimum period for which an advance may be sanctioned starts is one day. The maximum period for which an advance can be sanctioned depends upon:

    • The debt service capacity of the borrower reckoned from the cash flow from the business operations and;
    • The purpose of the advance. Usually, the advances for working capital requirements are sanctioned for a period of up to one year subject to renewal on satisfactory conduct of the relationship. The advances for the acquisition of fixed assets are sanctioned for a period longer than 1 year, stretchable up to 7 years.

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