Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • I am getting the error: ‘Generic failure’

    Generic failure message is shown because, your application is trying to send an SMS for the server for security reasons, but SMS is not going out from the registered mobile number.

    Please ensure the following two things to avoid the generic failure.

    • Please keep your registered mobile number in SIM slot 1 or if you have kept your registered mobile number in SIM slot 2, then please set the default SIM for outgoing SMS as SIM 2.
    • Please check if you have sufficient top-up balance (up to Rs. 1.5) in your registered mobile number.

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  • How do I select a DP? Whether all DPs are same?

    You can select your DP to open a demat account just like you select a bank for opening a savings account. Some of the important factors for the selection of a DP can be:

    Convenience: Proximity to the office/residence, business hours.

    Comfort:Reputation of the DP, past association with the organisation, whether the DP is in a position to give the specific service you may need.

    Cost: The service charges levied by DP and the service standards-

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  • Where can an NRI open a demat account?

    NRI can open a demat account with any of our identified branches for opening a demat account. The NRI needs to mention the type ('NRI' as compared to 'Resident') and the sub-type ('Repatriable' or 'Non-Repatriable') in the account opening form collected from the depository participant

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  • Can such property be sold without the permission of Reserve Bank?

    Yes. Reserve Bank has granted general permission for the sale of such property. However, where the property is purchased by another foreign citizen of Indian origin, funds towards the purchase consideration should either be remitted to India or paid out of balances in NRE/FCNR accounts.

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  • How can I check the balance available on my Baroda Reloadable Card?

    You can enquire balance available on your Reloadable CBard by using the ank’s website and/or calling our 24-hour customer care toll-free number 1800 102 5627 by giving card number and identification.

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  • Can NRIs bring gold into India?

    Yes. NRIs can bring into India gold up to 10,000 grams as part of their baggage once in six months provided they have stayed abroad for a continuous period of six months.

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  • In what form can the gold be brought into India?

    The gold may be brought into India in any form, including ornaments (other than ornaments studded with stones and pearls).

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  • Can sale proceeds of such property, if and when sold, be remitted out of India?

    In respect of residential properties purchased on or after 26/05/1993, Reserve Bank considers applications for repatriation of sale proceeds up to the consideration amount remitted in foreign exchange for the acquisition of the property for two such properties. The balance amount of sale proceeds, if any or sale proceeds in respect of properties purchased prior to 26/05/1993, will have to be credited to the ordinary non-resident rupee account of the owner of the property.

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  • Can I close my demat account with one DP and transfer all securities to my account with another DP?

    Yes. You can submit an account closure request to your DP in a prescribed form. Your DP will transfer all your securities, as per your instruction, and close your demat account.

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  • Dial BOB and Connect BOB

    You can avail these services from anywhere in India and abroad, all the 24 hours through a telephone/mobile phone (for DialBOB) or PC/laptop (for ConnectBOB).

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  • Is the new app available for all types of mobile phones?

    No, it is currently available only for android and iPhones. It will be available shortly on Windows platforms.

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  • What is the procedure to claim the amount?

    Visit the branch with KYC documents and fill the required form.

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  • What should I do if my address is changed? Do I need to write to each company separately?

    In case your address is changed, you only need to inform the new address to your DP(s). When DP enters the new address in the depository computer system, it will be automatically conveyed to all companies in which you hold shares.

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  • What are the criteria for micro & small Enterprises?

    The micro, small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing and service sector are defined as under in MSMED act, 2006.

    Particulars Investment in plant & machineries in case of manufacturing enterprises Investment in equipment in case of service sector enterprises
    Micro enterprises Up to Rs. 25 lakhs Up to Rs. 10 lakhs
    Small enterprises Above Rs. 25 lakhs and up to Rs. 500 lakhs Above Rs. 10 lakhs and up to Rs. 200 lakhs
    Medium enterprises Above Rs. 500 lakhs and up to Rs. 10 crores Above Rs. 200 lakhs and up to Rs. 500 lakhs

    The micro and small (service) enterprises shall include small road & water transport operators, small business, professional & self-employed persons, retail trade i.e. advances granted to retail traders dealing in essential commodities (fair price shops), consumer co-operative stores and advances granted to private retail traders with credit limits not exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs and all other service enterprises, as per the definition under MSMED Act.

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  • If one or more of the 7 indicators for identifying U.S. persons match with my existing account details, but I am not a U.S. person, will the bank still give my information to U.S.?

    No, before ascertaining your tax residency status, bank will not provide any information to the U.S./any other country. This is why the bank obtains Self-Certification/Documents. If it is verified that you are not a tax resident of the U.S. or any other country, the bank will not depart with any information to anyone.

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  • How does the customer benefit from the BOB Billpay service?
    • The customer can receive all the bills electronically and also schedule payment of these bills electronically, eliminating the need to issue cheques and stand in queues.
    • The payments can be made from any existing bank account. No new accounts need to be opened. The choice of the bank account for payment of each bill can be made at the last minute depending on the balance funds in each account.
    • An 'Autopay' option can be used to schedule payment of a particular bill on a fixed day of every month from a pre-decided bank account.
    • The customer can analyse their total expenses in the form of bill payments through charts and easy to use tools.

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  • Whether a foreign currency loan is also available from the Bank, if yes, whether can it be availed overseas?

    Bank of Baroda is among the most prominent purveyors of Foreign Currency Loans to Corporates in India. Moreover, due to the fact that Bank of Baroda has the largest network of overseas branches among all Indian Banks, the Bank can make available the foreign currency loan anywhere in the Globe and that too in the currency of your choice.

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  • What is an Automated Teller Machine (ATM)?

    Automated Teller Machine is a computerised machine that provides the Bank’s customers the facility of accessing their accounts for dispensing cash and to carry out other financial transactions without the need of actually visiting a bank branch.

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  • What is the procedure to change the PIN, if lost/forgotten?

    Cardholder may call at our IVR number 040 30913707 from their registered mobile number to reset the PIN. Caller will be guided to reset the PIN during the call. Alternately, they can write to  bobsupport@cardbranch.comto reset the PIN. Charge of Rs. 100 (inclusive of applicable GST) is applicable.

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