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रिसेट करें

  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Protection Plus Plan

    • Get financial protection for yourself and your family with life cover at an affordable cost with IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Protection Plus Plan
    • With multiple options, tailor this policy to suit your safety needs as you get a choice of 7 different coverage options to choose from
    • Get covered for whole of life (till age 99) by paying premiums for only a short duration
  • Indiafirst Life Guaranteed Radiance Smart Invest Plan

    • Build a corpus of wealth by investing in market-linked fund options. Get the flexibility to choose from seven different fund options as per your requirement.
    • Choose from 10 fund options and avail unlimited free switches as per your needs.
    • Choose from 3 plan options to meet your
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Pension Plan

    Choose from 5 different annuity options as you create the assurance of a lifetime of income

    • Protect your family even in case of an unfortunate event! Avail the Return of Purchase Price facility and protect your nominee(s)as they get back the premium amount
    • Pay for a limited period while enjoying the annuity benefits of your policy for a lifetime
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Benefit Plan

    Accomplish your future goals! Choose from Income Benefit or Lumpsum Benefit option as per your need.

    • Tailor the plan to suit your requirements, as you get to choose from 4 varied options under the Income Benefit option.
    • Get three-way boost in the Income Benefit option. Receive Monthly Income, Annual Income as well as Maturity at the end of the policy term.
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Single Premium Plan

    A Non-Linked, Non-Participating, Individual, Single Premium Savings, Life Insurance Plan

    • Get assured returns of up to 7* Times on your One Time Payment.
    • Enhanced Maturity Benefit of upto 2%** for higher premium bands
  • IndiaFirst Life Long Guaranteed Income Plan

    Pay for shorter period and enjoy long-term benefits with this savings plan

    • Guaranteed income to support you in fulfilling your financial goals
    • Give a boost to your lifestyle needs with Definite Income Option. Get guaranteed income for a fixed period of 20 years
  • IndiaFirst Life Money Balance Plan

    You can optimize your savings with the help of our ‘automatic trigger based’ investment strategy. We help you build your savings systematically while securing the earnings through an automatic transfer in relatively safe funds that give consistent returns.

    • You may pay your premium(s) either regularly or for a limited period of time or through a single payment.
    • IndiaFirst Money Balance Endowment Policyoffers a life cover in case of the life assured’s untimely demise.
  • IndiaFirst Life Saral Bachat Bima Plan

    Create a long-term protection for your loved ones through life insurance cover of up to 12 or 15 years

    • Pay for a period of 5 or 7 years while benefitting from your policy for an entire policy term
    • Boost your savings with annual guaranteed additions
    • Provide your loved ones with the benefit of lumpsum amount or income over a period of 5 years in case of death of life assured with this savings plan
  • IndiaFirst Life Smart Pay Plan

    Pay for a shorter period with options suiting your time horizon and fulfil your long-term goals.

    • Continue to enjoy life cover benefit even if you miss to pay one premium (applicable after you have paid two full years’ premiums).
    • Enjoy the upside of earnings with an annual bonus (if any).
    • Get 103% of your one annual premium back as survival benefit.
  • IndiaFirst Life Wealth Maximizer Plan

    Grow your money while you participate in market linked fund option. Get the flexibility to choose from seven different fund options as per your requirement. Choose any one of the below investment strategies in your policy to accomplish your financial goals:

    • Automatic Trigger Based Investment Strategy: Build a safety net around your hard-earned money by choosing to transfer your positive returns into relatively safer fund options for steady growth.
    • Fund Transfer Strategy: Park your premiums in the equity and debt market in a systematic manner and make sure you build an organized portfolio.
    • Age Based Investment Strategy: Create a portfolio that not only protects your money but also ensures a well-balanced and stronger portfolio as you grow older.
  • IndiaFirst Smart Save Plan

    You can build your savings systematically, through various fund options

    • This ULIP Plan offers a life cover in case of the life assured's untimely death
    • You have the option of 4 funds across different asset classes, where you choose the proportion of your premiums based on your risk appetite
  • IndiaFirst Group Term Plan

    Life cover benefit available for your group at affordable rates.

    • Voluntary or automatic schemes.
    • Amplify your cover with tax benefits.
  • IndiaFirst Guaranteed Retirement Plan

    Maximize your retirement pool, up to a term of 40 years.

    • Multiple options to invest at your own pace.
    • Minimum Rs. 15.01 lakhs and maximum below Rs. 2 crores.
  • IndiaFirst Life Cash Back Plan

    Pay for a limited period under the policy and enjoy periodical pay back through the policy term.

    • You can pay during your earning years but stay invested for longer (9/ 12/ 15 years) based on your requirements.
    • Enjoy every joyous moments of your life through guaranteed pay-outs at regular interval during the policy term.
  • IndiaFirst Life Guaranteed Monthly Income Plan

    This plan assures you guaranteed income coming your way every month.

    • Get more than what you pay with timely assured payouts.
    • Get tax benefits.
  • IndiaFirst Life Little Champ Plan

    IndiaFirst Life Little Champ Plan provides financial protection of loved ones with safety of life insurance cover

    • Flexibility to choose the type of coverage required - Death with Accidental Death or Accidental Total Permanent Disability (ATPD) or a combination of these benefits for different premium amounts
    • In case of death of life insured or on life insured suffering from Accidental Total Permanent Disability (ATPD), if chosen; no more future premiums will be required to be paid.
  • IndiaFirst Maha Jeevan Plan

    Higher of (Guaranteed Sum Assured on maturity or 10 times Annualized Premium) + Accrued Bonus till death, if declared + Term Rider Sum Assured, if opted

    • Enhance your life cover through IndiaFirst Term Rider offered under the plan.
    • Regular premium contributions.

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