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With Bank of Baroda you can open a bank account that suits your needs. In a cashless world bank accounts have become a necessity! Bank of Baroda Accounts facilitates hassle-free payments, helps you earn interest on your saving and manages your expenses online. Do banking better with different types of bank accounts for different categories of individuals.

अनिवासी भारतीयों के लिए रुपया संबद्ध विदेशी मुद्रा जमा (आरएलएफ़सीडी) योजना

विदेशी मुद्रा संबद्ध रुपया जमा योजना (एफ़सीएलआरडी) योजना

विदेशी मुद्रा अनिवासी (बी) सावधि जमा

बड़ौदा एडवांटेज सावधि जमा खाता नॉन कॉलेबल (अप्रतिदेय)

बड़ौदा प्रीमियम अनिवासी बचत बैंक खाता

अनिवासी (एनआरई) (रुपया) - चालू खाता (एनआरई - सीए)

अनिवासी (एनआरई) (रुपया) - सावधि जमा (एनआरई - एफडी)

अनिवासी (एनआरई) (रुपया) - बचत खाता (एनआरई - एसबी)

एनआरओ (रुपी) - चालू खाता (एनआरओ – सीए)

अनिवासी (एनआरओ) (रुपया) - सावधि जमा (एनआरओ – एफडी)

अनिवासी (एनआरओ) (रुपया) - बचत खाता (एनआरओ-एसबी)

निवासी विदेशी मुद्रा खाता - भारत में बसने हेतु भारत लौटने वाले अनिवासी भारतीयों के लिए

निवासी विदेशी मुद्रा (घरेलू) खाता – भारतीय निवासियों के लिए


Our wide network of foreign brances has made the requirement for funds extremely easy. Bank of Baroda Loans helps you get financial assistance to fulfil your needs. Whether you want to purchase your dream home or car, expand your business or buy new equipment for your factory. Bank of Baroda is here to make money, the least of your worries!.

एनआरआई पीआईओ के लिए बड़ौदा कार ऋण

Baroda CRE Home Loan for NRI/PIOs

If an individual owns two or more houses, singly or jointly, then the exposure for the third house onwards/purchase of plot is to be considered under this scheme.

Baroda Home Improvement Loan for NRI/PIOs

A loan for home improvement such as repairs, renovation, purchase of furniture, fixtures, other gadgets such as fans, geysers, air conditioners, water filters, air purifiers, heaters, desert coolers, etc.

Baroda Home Loan

Home loan rates of Bank of Baroda is the best in the market without any differentiation in loan amount or tenure, salaried or self-employed, NRI.

Baroda Home Loan Advantage for NRI/PIOs

The borrower shall deposit all his savings to the linked SB account to avail maximum benefit of interest in the Home Loan account.

Loan Against FCNR (B) Deposits in Foreign Currency in India

This plan is ideal for Non-Resident Indians seeking loans in Foreign Currency in India against their own FCNR (B) deposits.

रुपयों में एफसीएनआर बी जमाराशियों के एवज में ऋण

Baroda Top Up Loan for NRI/PIOs

Baroda Top-Up Loan is an additional loan facility extended to home loan borrowers for any purpose except speculative/illegal purpose.

ऋण / ओवरड्राफ्ट अनिवासी (रुपया) सावधि जमा की प्रतिभूति के एवज में

Value Added Services

For better NRI service experience, we provide Value Added Services.

Depository Services

Open NRI Account

Any Non Resident Indians (NRI) / Person of Indian Origin(PIO) can open NRE/FCNR account with us.

ब्याज की दर

विभिन्न प्रकार के ऋणों के लिए हमारी प्रतिस्पर्धी दरें और सेवा शुल्क देखें

  • 7.45% प्रति वर्ष*

    बड़ौदा गृह ऋण

  • 7.70% प्रति वर्ष*

    बड़ौदा कार ऋण

  • 7.45% प्रति वर्ष*

    बड़ौदा शिक्षा ऋण

  • 9.20% प्रति वर्ष*

    बड़ौदा वैयक्तिक ऋण

* निम्नतम एपीआर

विशेष ऑफर

विभिन्न बॉब कार्डों पर कई रोमांचक ऑफ़र और ट्रेंडिंग सौदों तक पहुंच प्राप्त करें

सभी ऑफ़र देखें
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