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Account Opening Kiosk (AOK)

Experience The Comfort Of
Instant Account Opening Along With
Personalised Debit Card

With Baroda Account Opening Kiosk

Account Opening Kiosk (AOK)

Account Opening Kiosk

To provide hassle free and convenient banking services through alternate delivery channels to customer by leveraging Technology, Bank of Baroda has launched an innovative Self Service Kiosk called Account opening kiosk with debit card dispensing kiosk (AOK & DCDK) on Bank’s foundation day 20th July, 2016.

Account Opening Kiosk facilitates instant account opening and issuance of Non personalized debit card to customers. The Kiosk enables digitization of the account opening process as the per the Bank’s standard application format with a self service option to the customer to open the account instantly & can avail the non- personalized debit card instantly with Green PIN facility –a complete digital process

Key Features

  • The customer can open the account through this Kiosk by providing his Aadhaar number and Biometric or by providing the PAN number.
  • The photograph of the customer is captured through the Kiosk.
  • The signature of the customer is captured through signature pad.
  • After capturing the complete information, the customer information is sent to Bank’s CBS system and the account is opened instantly.
  • The customer then proceeds to obtain the debit card which is non personalized card from Debit card issuing kiosk.
  • The Debit card issuing Kiosk is attached with the AOK and not a separate unit and can issue upto 3 variants of debit card – VISA, Mastercard and Rupay.

After the debit card is dispensed, customer can set his own choice of PIN for this debit by Green PIN option available on any Bank of Baroda ATMs

  • The kiosk is integrated to Bank’s Core Banking System through middleware to open an account and to Bank’s Card Management system for issuance of non personalized debit card instantly after opening of account
  • The kiosk is integrated with NSDL (PAN Verification) and UIDAI (e-KYC).
  • The Kiosk uses a standard industrial grade PC with touch display (18.5 inch LED) for 24 X 7 operations. Picture of AOK with description of parts is enclosed
  • The kiosk has
    • Card reader / PIN Pad for all Debit card based transactions through bank’s ATM Switch
    • Web camera and Signature pad to digitally capture the photo and signature of customer for processing and storing in Bank’s systems
    • Flat bed Scanner to scan the KYC documents to process and store them
    • Card dispenser to dispense 3 variants of Non personalized debit cards
    • Industrial grade metal keyboard for filling up the forms
    • Color laser printer to print the Account opening form
    • Receipt roll printer (Thermal paper based) to print/issue the receipt of various transactions

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