An account that goes beyond saving. It empowers.

Open Baroda Salary Classic Account and get unlimited benefits.

Baroda Salary Classic Account

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  • Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Eligibility
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Inbuilt overdraft facility, limits ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 3 lakhs according to salary band (application form and guidelines for granting overdraft enclosed)
  • Discounts on locker rentals, demat AMC, debit card issuance and renewal fee and issuance fee of prepaid cards.
  • Free remittance facility on RTGS/NEFT/IMPS.
  • Waiver on processing charges on retail loans.
  • Discounts on the issuance of DD/BC.
  • Different variants of debit cards available specific to each scheme with issuance fee waived for the first year.
  • Lifetime free credit cards (Easy/Select/Premier) according to salary bands. (Branch to super scribe the salary scheme on Credit Card Application form for customer to avail benefit of fee waiver).
  • Free insurance facility linked to credit card.
  • RM on call for privilege and premium segment.


All customers belonging to the age group of 18-70 are eligible to avail the Life Insurance benefits. Any resident individual who has attained the age of 18 years and has not completed the age of 70 years can avail the facility of Life Insurance Cover from IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co. Ltd (IFLIC) up to an amount of Rs. 5 lakhs after payment of required premium and submission of simple Health Declaration Form (DOGH)

Sum Assured

The sum assured starts at a minimum of Rs.1 lakh and goes up to Rs. 5 lakhs (in multiples of Rs. 1 lakh).
Under the scheme, only one insurance cover per person shall be allowed.


Period of Insurance is one year from 01st January to 31st December every year and is annually renewable. In case of those accounts which are opened in due course in the middle of the year, premium shall be paid on a prorated basis only for the year in which the insurance is subscribed as per details mentioned below:

Premium Table
Insurance premium chart: Rs. 1 lakh
Age in Years
18-35 18-35 51-59 60-70
Month of joining the Scheme Premium (Inclusive of GST) with effect from 01/01/2020 Coverage in Months
Jan 138 276 768 1,975 12
Feb-20 127 253 704 1,811 11
Mar-20 115 230 640 1,646 10
Apr-20 104 207 576 1,482 9
May-20 92 184 512 1,317 8
Jun-20 81 161 448 1,153 7
Jul-20 69 138 384 988 6
Aug-20 58 115 320 823 5
Sep-20 46 92 256 659 4
Oct-20 35 69 192 494 3
Nov-20 23 46 128 330 2
Dec-20 12 23 64 165 1

From the second year onwards, the premium for the full year will be auto debited at the central level in January.
Insurance cover shall be available only till the savings account is active and the premium amount once collected shall not be refunded even if the account is closed.

Eligibility Baroda Salary Classic
Salary band Net monthly salary credit of less than Rs. 50,000
Suitable for Entry level/trainees
Baroda Salary Classic (SB174): Net monthly salary of Rs. 10,000 to Rs, 50,000
DICGC Insurance Cover

Deposits along with interest kept in different branches of our Bank is insured by the
Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) maximum up to Rs. 5 lakh

Salary Band

Net monthly salary credit of less than Rs. 50,000
Minimum salary credit Rs. 10,000


Age of the applicant should be 18 years and above.

Suitable for

Entry level staff/trainees

KYC Norms

Aadhaar is must as KYC to open account under the scheme. One Address Proof and Proof of Identity is required .

Minimum Deposit Amount

Allowed to open with zero balance subject to immediate salary credit in the following month.

Minimum Quarterly Average Balance QAB

Zero balance account.

Charges for Non-maintenance of QAB

Not applicable as account type is zero balance account.

Cheque Books

Free 50 cheque leaves per year, thereafter Rs. 5 per leaf.

Interest Payable in SB

3.25% for balances up to Rs. 50 lakhs and 3.75% for balances above Rs. 50 lakhs.


NEFT/RTGS free through online channel

Inbuilt Overdraft Facility
  • Available immediately after 3 salary credits.
  • Amount of overdraft equivalent to the net credit of average of last three salary credit rounded off in multiples of the nearest figure in thousand.
  • Maximum: Rs. 50,000
  • Clean overdraft.
  • Overdraft is to be adjusted in full once in 60 days of availing the same.

Demand Draft/Banker's Cheque

Three DD/BC free per quarter for personal use. Maximum amount Rs. 1 lakh per quarter.

Internet Banking/Mobile Banking


Debit Card

Free Baroda Rupay Classic Debit Card for the first year, thereafter chargeable Rs. 150+ taxes per year. Daily cash withdrawal limit is Rs. 25,000 and online purchase limit is Rs. 50,000.
Inbuilt Accidental Insurance of Rs. 1 lakh. Attractive offers linked to Debit card.

ATM Withdrawals
  • Free unlimited transactions at Bank of Baroda ATMs.
  • Other Bank’s ATM: 5 free transactions per calendar month.

Waiver in Processing Charges on Retail Loans
  • 25 % waiver on processing charges for housing loan, auto loan, education loan and mortgage loans. 100% waiver in processing charges for personal loan.
  • Subject to the recovery of minimum Rs. 7,500 per property* to be mortgaged as out-of-pocket expenses (for legal, valuation etc.).
  • * Applicable on mortgage based retail loans.

Concession in Rate of Interest for Auto Loans

For the employees who has availed home loan, a concession of 0.25% in applicable ROI of auto loan.

Discount on Depository Services/Demat AMC

Waiver of 50% in charges.

Waiver of 50% in charges.

Free lifetime easy variant of credit card subject to eligibility criterion of minimum income of Rs. 25,000 month and signing of auto-debit mandate for debit of minimum due amount on the card from the salary account.

*Insurance only for Primary Card Holder* (Insurance linked to credit card)

Complimentary Air Accidental Insurance of Rs. 15 lakhs and other accidental insurance cover of Rs 5 lakhs.


5% discount on locker rentals.

  • Free alerts.
  • Sweep facility available on specific request.
  • 25% waiver on issuance charges for gift/travel card.
  • Free M-Connect.
  • Baroda Rewardz Program.

Relationship Manager

Relationship managers available on phone.

A/c Opening

Fully digitised

A/c Activation


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