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Career @ Bank of Baroda

The Bank recruits employees at the substaff, clerk, and officer cadres. Promotion exercises are carried out annually, providing opportunities for growth within the bank.

  • Sub Staff
  • Clerk
  • Officer
  • Top Management Scale VI - Scale VII - Scale VIII
  • Senior Management Scale IV - Scale V
  • Middle Management Scale II - Scale III
  • Junior Management Scale I
  • Junior Management

    Branch Head of a Small branch, Officer in charge of a department in a branch/ specialized unit, Officer in an administrative office.

  • Middle Management

    Branch Head of a Medium sized branch, Manager in charge of a department in a branch/specialized unit or administrative office.

  • Senior Management

    Regional Head/ Deputy Regional Head of a Region, Branch Head of a large branch, Specialised unit, Head of a large department in an administrative office.

  • Top Management

    Corporate Functional Head/ Zonal Head/ Deputy Zonal Head of a Zone, Regional Head of a Region/ Branch head of an exceptionally large branch.

The officer cadre is divided into 7 distinct scales, which represent the junior, middle, senior, and top management of the organization. If you are among the top performing officers in the bank, you may be bestowed with tremendous responsibility (like charge of a branch) even at the junior level. The extent of responsibility is ramped up with seniority and the ability of an Officer to shoulder higher responsibilities. Above are the indicative roles at various levels of seniority

At Bank of Baroda, rapid growth is the order of the day. The bank has produced many illustrious leaders. There are several Public Sector Banks (including Bank of Baroda) which are headed by employees who grew in Bank of Baroda. The government is also making necessary changes to the promotion policy guidelines to encourage fast growth

Minimum Number of Years to reach the Scales

An aspiring Scale I officer can be promoted to Scale VIII in as less as 20 years

  • 3 Year

    Scale II

  • 6 Year

    Scale III

  • 9 Year

    Scale IV

  • 12 Year

    Scale V

  • 15 Year

    Scale VI

  • 18 Year

    Scale VII

  • 20 Year

    Scale VIII

Well Rounded Development

Your professional development at Bank of Baroda is supported by a best-in-class training system, keeping your knowledge updated

Baroda Academy's inputs start on the very first day you join the bank, with an on-boarding program to functionally and culturally integrate you at the earliest. New recruits are provided with a standardized joining experience, equipping them with the basic knowledge and skills required in banking and to help in their cultural assimilation within the bank.

Numerous initiatives have been put in place to enhance the effectiveness of the training and development setup in the bank. These include a self nomination system to ensure the right training for the right person. Tests are held after every training to re-inforce learning, and the methodology of training delivery is bolstered by the use of internally designed case studies. A system of credit accrual against training has been put in place to ensure proper monitoring at an individual level – this credit accrual is monitored to ensure that every employee receives their fair share of training.

Baroda Academy

Baroda Academy is a
state of the art training system

  • 1 Apex
    Academy at Gandhinagar
  • 18 Baroda
    Academy (Training Centres) at all Zones
  • 4Satellite
The internal training setup in the Bank is aided by tie-ups with various reputed external institutes to ensure best in class training is provided to all Employees in the Bank.


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