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NRI Help Desk

Contact Centre (India)

To give a further boost to NRI Services and in order to cater the growing needs of NRI Customers, Bank has set up an NRI Desk at below mentioned address. The desk is functioning in total synergy with Indian as well as Overseas branches of the Bank. It is a focal point for addressing issues, clarifications etc. relating to NRI Customers.

NRI Help Desk and Contact Us

Bank of Baroda,
NRI Business Department

4th Floor, Baroda Corporate Centre,
BKC, Mumbai-400051

Queries related to Baroda Connect (Internet Banking)/OTP/FCNR
Deposit/Foreign Remittances

Contact No: +91-22-66985416

Queries related to opening of NRE, NRO A/Cs, ATM/Debit Card &
Operational Guidelines

Contact No: +91-22-66985424

Queries Related to FCNR(B) Deposits

Email :

Landline Number RLBO, Gift City, Gandhinagar

Postal Address:

Account Manager Service(RLBo)
Baroda Global Shared Service
21st Floor, Gift-1 Tower
Gift City,

For Opening of NRE/NRO SB account:

Email :

Landline Number of NRI RLBO
079 6673 4703
079 6698 4704

The banking had been built on relationship of mutual trust and confidence. While routine services of Bank can be made available through machines using technology, customers tend to feel comfortable in interacting with bankers for their banking needs. The aim of Baroda Contact Centre is to provide most of the banking services through telephone channel, with the help of technology, thereby improving convenience to the customers.

NRIs (From overseas locations)

24x7 availability


+91 79 49044100 or +91 79 23604000

NRIs (From India only)

Toll free

1800 258 44 55 or 1800 102 4455

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