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Baroda Reloadable Card


What is Baroda Reloadable Card?

Baroda Reloadable Card is a prepaid Card that facilitates various transaction/payment related needs. A card usage is restricted to the amount loaded on the card. If required, customer can reload amount on the card.


When the card is ready for use?

After receiving the funds along with the application bank will activate the card within 24 hours. Customer will be notified by SMS on registered mobile number and thereafter it can be used for online shopping, POS transactions and ATM transactions.


Whether account with Bank of Baroda is needed to purchase Baroda Reloadable Card?

Yes. Currently, Baroda Reloadable Card can be purchased by bank’s account holders only. Person desirous of purchasing a card can visit identified branch of Bank of Baroda and purchase a Baroda Reloadable Card over the counter.


Which accounts are eligible for purchasing Baroda Reloadable Card?

All KYC compliant operational accounts are eligible for purchasing Baroda Reloadable Card. The table below shows the types of accounts eligible:

Sr. No Account Type Eligibility
1 Savings All scheme codes
2 Current All scheme codes
3 Overdrafts All scheme codes
4 Cash Credit All scheme codes

Please Note: Only one card per account can be issued for retail customers. In case of accounts where more than one account holders are present, multiple cards cannot be issued, only one card can be issued. For corporate customers there is no limit on number of cards per account.


In what currencies Baroda Reloadable Card is available?

Baroda Reloadable Card is available in INR only and can be used in India only.


Where can I use the card?

Baroda Reloadable Card can be used at ATM, POS (any VISA certified merchant establishment in India) and E-Commerce.


Whether the card can be reloaded / top-up available?

Baroda Reloadable Card can be reload/ top up subject to (a) Total balance in card at any given point must not exceed Rs. 50,000/-, (b) One reload per day per card is allowed.


How can I check the balance available on my Reloadable Card?

You can enquire balance available on your Reloadable card by using bank’s website and/or calling our 24-hour Customer Care toll free number 1800 102 5627 by giving card number and identification.


Whether transfer of funds is allowed from one Reloadable Card to another?

No, transfer of funds from one Reloadable Card to another is not allowed.


What will be the contents of the Reloadable Card Welcome Kit?

Baroda Reloadable Card is offered in a sealed welcome kit which contains EMV Chip Reloadable Card, PIN mailer and User guide. We recommend the purchaser to ensure that a sealed cover is delivered to them.


How do I secure my card against unauthorized payments at merchant outlets?

You are required to sign on the charge slip (produced by the Electronic Data Capture machine at the time of purchase) to complete a transaction at merchant outlet. The merchant has to match this signature with the signature available on the reverse of the card. Transactions at merchant outlets are thus protected by the user's signature. We recommend that on receipt of Reloadable Card please ensure to sign on the signature panel immediately. Also, ensure the merchant is dipping the card in POS machine instead of swiping it at locations where EMV reading capability is present with merchant. Doing this will require you to enter your secret PIN to complete the transaction.


How to prevent unauthorized usage in case the card is misplaced or lost?

As soon as you know that the card is misplaced or lost, you must immediately report the loss of the card to our Customer Care toll free number 1800 102 5627. Service provider team would immediately hotlist the card after ascertaining your identity and prevent any further usage.


How many number of cards are permitted for retail/corporate customers?

For retail customers, one card per account is allowed. For, corporate customers there is no such limit.


What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be loaded on that card?

Minimum load amount is Rs. 100/-. Maximum amount permitted in a card at any given point of time is Rs. 50,000/-


What is the schedule of charges?

Sr. No. Currency Amount (Rs.)
1 Issuance Fee 100/-
2 Annual maintenance Fee (Re-load) Nil
3 Replacement Card Fee in case of lost/ stolen/ damaged/ expired card(post age extra) 100/-
4 ATM Withdrawal Fee 22/-
5 ATM Balance enquiry Fee 12/-

Above charges are applicable for our Bank’s ATM also.

NOTE: Charges are excluding of GST. Charges may change anytime solely at the discretion of Bank. For latest schedule of charges, please visit www.bankofbaroda.com Prepaid Card Section—Reloadable Card.


How to confirm that the card has been activated/ reloaded?

To check card status or balance login to URL for customer care:

https://bobprepaid.enstage.com/prepaid/cms/customer/index.jsp or call the customer service number provided at the back of the card.


Whether the card can be re-loaded?

Yes, Customer can re-load the card anytime during the validity of card. Card will be reloaded within 24 hours. Customer must approach to issuing branch for reload request.


What is the minimum and maximum value that can be re-loaded on the card?

The minimum reload value of Baroda Reloadable Card is Rs.100 and maximum reload value is Rs. 50,000/- (subject to card available balance + reload amount < Rs. 50,000/-)


How many times Baroda Reloadable card can be re loaded?

Baroda Reloadable Card can be reloaded multiple times before the expiry date


What is PIN?

ATM PIN (PIN) is a unique 4 digit secure number assigned to card and known only to customer. It allows you to withdraw cash from VISA ATMs (charges are applicable).Customer is advised to change and memorize pin as soon as he receives a new card.


What options should be chosen to withdraw cash from the ATM?

At the time of cash withdrawal at Visa ATM, customer has to choose among 3 type of accounts to carry out the transactions:

  • Credit
  • Savings
  • Checking

Please choose the ‘Savings’ option for successful transaction.


Whom to be contacted in case of any dispute in the transaction?

For any assistance and information related to your Reloadable card, Call Customer Service Number 1800 102 5627 or Write mail to: bobsupport@cardbranch.com


What is the procedure to change the PIN if lost/forgotten?

Card holder may call at IVR number 040-30913707 form their registered mobile number to reset PIN. Caller will be guided to reset PIN during the call. Alternately, they can write to bobsupport@cardbranch.com to reset PIN. Charge of Rs. 100/-(inclusive of applicable GST) is applicable.


Can withdrawal of cash from Bank using Baroda Reloadable Card is permitted?

At present, Baroda Reloadable Card cannot be used for over the counter cash withdrawal.


What to do if ATM pin is lost or forgotten?

Please call our customer service number and request for reissue of ATM PIN. Service provider will send the ATM PIN at the email address provided at the time of activation of the card.


Whether temporary lock/block facility available on the card?

Yes, login to https://bobprepaid.enstage.com/prepaid/cms/customer/index.jsp and lock your Baroda Reloadable Card temporarily. Here user id will be card number and password is PIN.


How to view statement of transactions?

Please login to https://bobprepaid.enstage.com/prepaid/cms/customer/index.jsp to track all your transactions, anytime and from anywhere. Here user id will be card number and password is PIN.


What to do if the card is lost? Or if someone steals the card?

As soon as you sense that card or card related data (like PIN) is compromised/ stolen then immediately call the customer care center and request to block the card. Lodge the lost/ stolen card complaint with local law enforcement authority. Raise request for replacement card.


Whom to contact when a replacement card is needed?

Customer needs to contact the issuing branch fill out an application, submit the card (if not stolen/lost) and will receive a new card.


How reloading of replacement card take place?

Procedure and terms to reload replacement card will remain the same as original card. Upon revalidation old card will be replaced in the system with new one and this new card will be linked to the account. Balance available in old card will be transferred to new card within 24 hours.


What is validity duration for the Baroda Reloadable Card?

Baroda Reloadable Card is valid for maximum 36 months from the date of issuance or the date printed on card whichever is earlier. Upon card expiry, please visit the issuing Branch for new card only after giving back the old card.


How to apply for a refund of the card balance?

Customer may withdraw/utilize the funds available in card and bring the balance in the card to zero and submit the card to issuing branch along with a request to surrender the card.


What will happen to the balance (if any) in the card after expiry?

Alert SMS is sent one month before expiry of card to registered mobile number of card holder to utilize the funds available. Card holder also has an option of revalidating the card within three months from date of expiry. If the customer fails to utilize the funds before expiry of card and revalidate the card, remaining fund (if any) will be transferred to linked account of card holder.

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