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internate payment gateway

Internet Payment Gateway

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Bank of Baroda provides a facility, to receive payment online from any debit/credit card, UPI (VPA & QR code), Wallet, net banking (through aggregator) of more than 34+ banks, called ‘Baroda e-Gateway’ (Internet Payment Gateway), which is a safe, secure and trusted payment solution for e-Commerce/online business.

Baroda e-Gateway, is ideal for Schools and Colleges for Fee Collection, Travel agents, Merchants who wish to sell online products / services, Associations to receive subscriptions from their members, Govt. & Semi-Government offices, Municipal Corporations, Electricity Boards and other Utility Payment Services companies to collect dues/payments from consumers etc. (Many of these businesses have already enrolled with us and are using Baroda e-Gateway platform successfully.)

Baroda Paypoint is a web / mobile-based online/offline payment collection portal, providing an easy interface between Merchant and Consumer for secured payments using online and offline mode by shielding them from underlying complexity of payment transactions and integration with electronic fund transfer switches. Even if the Merchant does not have their website or technological support, Paypoint provides them data management, payments, settlement, accounting & reconciliation facilities. Paypoint provides dedicated customisable solutions for Educational Institutes, Housing Societies, Retailers and other Business owners with minimal technical expertise at Merchant’s part.

Key Features

  • Security and close integration with banking system banking system
  • Verified by Visa, Master Card Secure Code
  • Quick and easy Integration process
  • Low transaction fee and initial investments
  • Allows -10- Foreign currency transaction
  • Affiliated to VISA / Master Card / NPCI
  • Payments through Debit / Credit Cards, Net Banking, Wallet, UPI & QR Code
  • Detailed Merchant’s Reports (MIS) through Self-Service Portal

Technical Support

  • Bank will provide software for secured transmission of card information and payment confirmation between Merchant’s website and Payment Gateway
  • Banks Team will co-ordinate with the merchant’s technical team for host to host configuration, end to end testing etc.
  • Merchant’s team can view transactions made through the website and generate relevant reports at their end without any support from branch/bank’s teams.


  • Merchant will be required to sign an agreement which includes agreed fee structure, settlement methodology, data non-disclosure/confidentiality terms etc. towards enrolment
  • Appropriate KYC and company details/documentation required.
  • Bank reserve the right to reject any merchant for Payment Gateway

Dispute Management and other information about IPG

Chargeback is the written complaint of customer via issuing bank about product/services purchased online from merchant and issuer raises dispute (forced refund) through interchange agency (VISA/Master/NPCI) & interchange agency immediately debit Acquirer Bank (i.e. Payment Gateway) for the disputed amount.

In return acquiring bank (here Internet Payment Gateway of Bank of Baroda) debit the merchant’s account and ask for supporting documents from merchant. After getting the desired documents within time frame, successful re-presentment at interchange portal by acquiring Bank will enable to get back the disputed amount. Each step of chargeback/representment is time bound process as set by interchange agency (VISA/Master/NPCI).

Chargeback may be Financial/Non-Financial and can be raised for many reasons like duplicate payments, processing errors, authorization issues, fraud and non-fulfilment of copy requests.

If cardholder is still disputing after debiting his account and receiving documentary proof from merchant then he can go for arbitration/2nd chargeback through his issuing Bank. The case will then forwarded to VISA/ MasterCard/NPCI appellate authority (Arbitrator) who will check all the documentary proof submitted by both i.e. issuer & acquirer and will be the final deciding authority.  

For responding and raising chargeback a definite timeline is there and is subject to change by Visa/MasterCard/NPCI.

For any chargeback cases raised against merchant transactions of Internet Payment Gateway of Bank of Baroda, you have to contact your issuing Bank and for any further query or issue you may contact the BOB nodal officer after the stipulated time given by Visa/Master/Rupay NPCI for redressal of dispute.

Nodal officer details as below:

Name: Chief Manager IPG Operations
Email: IPG.MON@bankofbaroda.com
Phone No. 0265-2316234


Bank of Baroda will charge per transaction fee, AMC, onetime integration setup fee and security amount. These depends on the various parameters like merchant category code, mode of payment, type of card, amount of transaction, interchange agency, risk rating, origin of the card (domestic or international) etc. which can be given after receiving the complete details of the merchant.

Merchant best practices:

Merchant should have clear refund, reversal, shipping, billing, privacy and service policy with contact details in their website and mobile application.

For Internet Payment Gateway Inquire


Internet Payment Gateway (Digital Banking Dept.)
Bank of Baroda

3nd Floor, Baroda Bhavan, Alkapuri,
R. C. Dutta Road, Vadodara - 390007
e-mail: sales.digital@bankofbaroda.co.in

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