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Agricultural Finance

Silos/Godowns For Storage Of Agriculture Produce On Design, Build, Finance, Operate And Transfer (Dbfot) Basis In Ppp Model Under Tie Up Arrangement With Food Corporation Of India / Other Government Agency
Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
  • Financing new project i.e. acquisition/construction of Silos, storage facilities, Plant & Machinery etc. based on project cost including takeover of existing units
  • Working Capital requirements for operational requirement of the project


  • All Advances to new/existing borrower (Including take over from other Banks) for acquisition/construction of storage facilities/Silos for food grains on DBFOT basis in PPP model under tie up with Food Corporation of India/ other Government (Central & State) Agency
  • Individuals, Proprietorship concerns, Partnership concerns, Limited Liability Partnership concerns, Private Limited Companies and Public Limited Companies
Quantum of Loan Minimum Limit : Rs.10.00 Crores
Maximum Limit : Rs.100.00 Crores
Nature of facility Term Loan / Demand Loan / Cash Credit / Bank Guarantee / Letter of Credit etc.
Rate of Interest As per RBI/Bank’s guidelines revised from time to time.
  • 20% for Term Loan;
    25% on Stock & Receivables
Repayment Period
  • In EMI/ ballooning installments, after initial moratorium period.
    Maximum period: Not to exceed–15- years
Subsidy -
Security -
Construction Of Storage Structure Projects Namely Godowns, Dry Warehouses, Cold Storages, Cold Chains, Silos And Market Yards Designed And Used To Store Agriculture Produce/Products
Particulars Guidelines under the scheme

Term Loan / Working capital facilities may be considered for any / all the activities as following:

  • For creation of scientific storage capacity viz. godowns, dry warehouses, cold storages, cold chains, silos and market yards.
  • The above facilities may be considered for financing towards construction of new projects.


  • Individuals, Group of farmers/growers, Registered Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs)
  • State agencies including State Government Departments and autonomous organization / State owned corporations such as Agricultural Produce Market Committees & Marketing Boards, State Warehousing Corporations, State Civil Supplies Corporations etc.
Quantum of Loan Minimum – Rs 25.00 Lakhs
Maximum loan Limit –Rs.100.00 crores
Nature of facility Term Loan
Cash Credit
Rate of Interest
  • As per RBI/Bank’s guidelines revised from time to time
  • 25% of the project cost
Repayment Period
  • For Term Loan - 3 to 15 years
  • For working capital: 12 months subject to annual review.
Subsidy -
    • Hypothecation of structure/ equipment/ machinery purchased or created out of bank finance
    • Mortgage of Fixed assets like project land and building /shed.
    • Personal guarantee of Proprietor/Partners / Promoters / Directors/ owner of the property offered as security etc.
Loan / Overdraft Against Bank’s Own Deposit (Labod/Odbod) For Farmers And Others Engaged In Agriculture & Allied Activities
Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
Purpose For agriculture and allied activities.


  • Any individual with self-declaration/Proof that he is engaged in Agriculture Activities / the proceeds of LABOD/ODBOD will be used for agriculture purpose.
Quantum of Loan 90% of the Face Value or Book value whichever is higher.
Nature of facility Demand / Term Loan
Rate of Interest
  • As per RBI/Bank’s guidelines revised from time to time.
  • 10% against duly discharged fixed/short deposit Receipts of all tenors.
Repayment Period
  • Bullet Payment .No repayment schedule is be stipulated.
Subsidy -
  • LDOC-16A- Letter of Depositing Fixed / Short Deposit
  • Pledge of duly discharged Deposit Receipt
Baroda Sanitation Scheme: Financing for construction of toilets including refurbishment of household toilets and improvement of water facilities (drinking water)
Parameter Prescribed Norms
Type of facility Term Loan
  • Construction of toilets including refurbishment of household toilets
  • Improvement of drinking water facilities, financing construction of water tank, bore well water connection etc.
Eligibility/ Beneficiary

Individuals, JLGs and SHGs and person belonging to weaker section with a banking relationship with our Bank for a minimum period of 6 months.

Borrower must possess/ own a household property, water facilities and toilet must be built within that property only.

Age Minimum 18 years - Maximum up to 70 years as on the date of availing facility (if the age of land holder exceeds 70 years, in such case the legal heir to be made co borrowers).
Quantum of loan
  • Minimum - Rs.20,000/-
  • Maximum – Rs. 100,000/- ( subject to project cost)
Margin 10%
Rate of interest One Year MCLR + Strategic Premium+0.50%
Security/ Documentation
  • Security:
    • Primary : Hypothecation of assets created out of loan amount.
    • Collateral in the form of Third party guarantee.
  • Documents:
    • DP Note
    • Composite Hypothecation Agreement
    • Letter of Installment with Acceleration Clause (LDOC-57)
    • General Form of Guarantee (LDOC-33)
    • Other Undertakings, as applicable
Mode of Disbursement Disbursement in 2 installments. End use of the previous installment to be verified before the release of next installment.
Repayment Period Repayable in 60 Months (Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly installment) including moratorium period of maximum 3 months.
Processing Charges Nil

Terms & Conditions


Short Term Loans Margin
Upto Credit Limit Rs 100000/- Nil
Above Credit Limit Rs 100000/- 15%
Term Loans Margin
Upto Credit Limit Rs 100000/- Nil
Above Credit Limit Rs 100000/- Margin
Tractors & Heavy Agriculture Machinery 25%
Other Loans 15%
Clinic Agri Business Margin
Upto Rs 5 Lacs Nil
Above Rs 5 Lacs 15%

For small/marginal farmers, agriculture labourer and other specified catagories no margin money required by borrowers where subsidy is available under special development programme. Where subsidy is not available, 5% margin by borrower is required.


Crop Loan/short Term Loans

  • D.P. Note & Hypothecation of crop for credit limit up to Rs 160000/-
  • D.P. Note & Hypothecation of crop and mortgage of land or third party guarantee for limit above Rs.160,000/-

Investment Loans wherever moveable assets are created

  • D.P. Note & Hypothecation of moveable assets to be purchased out of loan up to cost of economic unit or Rs 1.6 lac whichever is lower
  • D.P. Note, Hypothecation. of moveable assets & charge/mortgage of land or third party guarantee for credit limit above Rs 1.6 lac.

For Agri. Clinic- agri business

  • D.P. Note & Hypothecations of assets for credit limit upto Rs 5 lacs.
  • D.P. Note , Hypothecations osf assets & Mortgage of land/3rd party guarantee for credit limit above Rs 5 lacs

Investment Loans wherever moveable assets are not created

  • Where moveable assets are not created, mortgage of land is required for limit above Rs.10,000/-.

Loan Agreements

Where To Approach

At the nearest rural and semi-urban branch. In case you desire, you may also contact us at Head Office, Vadodara.

Contact Us

Chief Manager (Agriculture),
Bank of Baroda, Rural & Agri. Banking Dept,
3rd Floor, Baroda Bhawan, R C Dutta Road,
Alkapuri, Vadodara
Phone : (O) ) 0265-2316330
E-mail : ps.bcc@bankofbaroda.com

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