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Financing Agencies Providing Custom Services To Farmers

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
Purpose Finance to organization/ institution providing services such as tractor, bulldozer, drill rig for boring wells, drilling tube wells, equipment for construction of wells, lift irrigation, purchase of combine harvester, thresher for hiring on custom basis, construction of cold storage units, godown, warehouse to provide storage facility on rental basis, purchase of truck & trailers for transporting agriculture produces to farmer on hiring basis, purchase of bullock cart, establishing curing barn for tobacco, providing canning and processing facilities to farmers on custom basis etc.
Eligibility All individuals, entrepreneurs, organizations, institutions corporations such as agro industries corporations, market yard or authorized licensee in market yard, warehouse panchayats and agro service centers who are capable of carrying out such activities and have viable schemes for providing custom services to farmers.
Nature of facility
  • Term Loan
  • Cash credit
Rate of Interest Click Here
Margin 15%
Repayment Period Term loan – Maximum 7 years For cash credit – 12 months and subject to annual review..
  • Hypothecation of Machinery purchased out of bank finance
  • Mortgage of Land/building/3rd party guarentee
  • Pledge of stock-in-charge

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