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FX Retail


  • RBI vide circular dated 20th June 2019, advised banks about CCIL’s online FX-Retail platform.
  • RBI highlighted the advantage of transparency and direct access of currency rates for customers.
  • Banks need to submit quarterly return for FX-Retail platform.
  • The platform was rolled out on 05th August 2019.
  • Bank of Baroda is offering this facility from day one through all Category (B) Branches.
  • No additional charges are levied by Bank of Baroda for this facility other than already applicable charges.
  • CCIL notifies its charges at https://www.ccilindia.com/AboutUs/Documents/Schedule of Fees and Charges.pdf


  • Anonymous multiuser matching system with view rights of CCIL’s USDINR interbank rate.
  • Anywhere authorized access to web based system.
  • Customers can buy or sell USD against INR for tday, tomorrow and day after tomorrow delivery.
  • Total amount of transactions are subject to limit (amount, type and tenure) assigned by the banks.
  • Net rate with breakup would be provided to customer after factoring exchange margin and swap cost from near interbank rates.
  • Transaction wise audit trail is available to the customer


  • Customers need to apply with its required details at https://www.fxretail.co.in by selectingBank of Baroda as relationship bank, SITB as trading branch and customers’ Category (B) Branch as Home branch.
  • Customer to submit signed printout of above application together with Application (to be collected from Branch)
  • After successful activation customer can login at FX-Retail website through email/mobile number and obtained password (forgot password link).


  • Before anything, we advise customer to go through FX-Retail manual available throughquestion mark icon in top right main window of platform after login.
  • Customer after receiving go ahead (compliant documentation of a given transaction) from category (B) branch can book rate as per steps indicated in above manual. Customer to forward Deal ticket (available in trades window) of FX-Retail to category (B) branch.


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