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    Published Date : November 08, 2019

    Languages are a way of communicating and expressing our thoughts, feelings and ideas with our fellow human beings. More than 7000 languages are spoken over the world. That number is constantly evolving, because we're learning more about the world's languages every day. Beyond that, the languages themselves are in flux.

    With the world now a global village, people are moving all over the continent in search of work, education, travel and other varied activities. Needless to say under such a situation language may act as a barrier. But start-ups are solving this real world problem.

    Fintalk - Bank of Baroda

    Imagine being able to speak to anyone, anywhere in the world, without having to worry about language borders. Dutch start up Travis is an AI-powered pocket translator that automatically translates speech in over 80 different languages at the touch of a button. They have introduced pocket AI translators for travel and business after understanding the requirements of their business and travel users.

    Mondly is one of the most recognized language apps in the world. Using state-of-the-art AI programming, Mondly listens to your words and phrases and gives you positive feedback if you have done it right. Features available are: mondlyWORKS, a language learning software for businesses, mondlyVR, allowing people to experience lifelike conversations with virtual characters, mondlyAR, AR app with chatbot and speech recognition and mondlyKIDS, a free educational game.

    Berlin based Beelinguapp has a rather innovative approach to language learning. It functions by showing texts in two different languages side by side, with the option to read it, view them in sentences and repeat it or use it as an audiobook with a karaoke audio reading style along with a pronunciation practice tool.

    Lingokids, is a start-up refreshing early childhood education through an online language learning service for kids. Their subscription based platform teaches English to children of ages 2 to 8 through a series of activities, games, songs, books, videos and interactive episodes adjusted to each child’s level of understanding. They also recently added a tutoring service where children can interact with a native English speaker in a small group setting in 25 minute sessions.

    Language is all pervasive and omnipresent. Learning languages can be a daunting and time consuming effort. With the dawn of new age start-ups, language skills are becoming easier to grasp and an enjoyable endeavour.

    Credits : Akhil Handa,Prithwijit Ghosh

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