Things to Keep in Mind While Using a Credit Cards

31 Oct 2022

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Credit cards are a boon for instant money, especially in case of emergencies. However, always use them responsibly. Pay your credit card bill timely, ensure you purchase according to your credit limit, avoid overspending, and more. Be fully aware of credit card usage and be careful while using a credit card.

While applying for a credit card:

Banks and other financial institutions in India offer several categories of credit cards. There are various types of Bank of Baroda Credit Cards, including Everyday Shopping Cards, Co-brand cards for specific needs like Travel, Shopping, etc., Card for Privileged Professionals, Specially designed cards for Defence personnel, Business cards and more. You can either apply for a BoB credit card online at or by visiting any BoB nearest branch. Here are the points to be kept in mind while applying for a credit card.

1. Purpose -

You must always settle your mind and decide on your purpose before applying for a credit card so you can use it wisely and also enjoy all of its benefits properly. For instance, you may choose BoB Easy & Select Credit Card for everyday shopping benefits, BoB Premier Card for travel benefits, and if you are looking to experience endless luxury, you may apply for BoB Eterna Credit Card!

2. Take advantage of an interest-free period -

Generally, banks and other credit card companies offer an interest-free period. With BoB Credit Cards, you get upto 50-days of interest-free credit period on all purchases. This means, no interest on card purchases for this period, however, just ensure you pay your bill on time to get a refill on your credit limit.

3. Eligibility -

Before applying for a credit card, make sure you fulfill the credit card eligibility such as your age & income fixed by the card issuance company. Discover the BoB Credit Card of your choice and know all the guidelines at BoB Financial site.

4. Track your spends for Reward points –

Depending on your card type, you earn reward points on every purchase. On all BoB Credit Cards, you get reward points on your purchases which are redeemable as cashback. You should apply for a credit card that comes with lucrative rewards and discounts, however, never overspend just to earn these reward points.

5. Monitor Associated Charges -

You may have to pay various associated charges such as Annual fees, late payment fees, balance transfers fees, charges for a cash advance, fees for increasing credit limit, etc. Make sure you have enquired about these charges in advance. Always check your monthly credit card statement to monitor the interest rate and charges levied on you.

6. Never withdraw cash through your credit card -

Cash withdrawals from your credit card will incur both one-time fees plus high-interest charges. Therefore, take out cash via credit card only when you are in dire need.

7. Lost/misplaced/stolen credit card -

If your credit card is stolen, misplaced, or lost, you must immediately report it to your bank and inform them. After verifying your credit card number and other details, they will instantly block your credit card, securing it against any misuse by fraudsters.

8. Card details privacy -

You must keep your credit card details like credit card number and PIN confidential and never share these details with anyone to ensure safe and secure purchases.

9. Always pay Total Due and not just Minimum Due -

If you can comfortably pay the total outstanding dues on your credit cards, always prefer to do it. If you pay only the minimum due, there will be extra charges to pay as well, including late payment fee, and interest on outstanding dues. You can pay your BoB credit card bills using multiple options, like InstaPay, Net banking, Auto debit, etc. Learn more on our website:

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It’s compulsory now
Well, there’s no way you can wriggle out of this one now. Under the FASTag toll plaza rules, the government has decreed that all lanes will be FASTag only. So it’s now compulsory for all vehicles to have it from 15 January 2020.
How to buy FASTag
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What are the documents you need to get FASTag?
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How to activate FASTag?
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How to pay tolls using FASTag ID?
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What are the charges that I have to pay for FASTag?
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So now that you know all FASTag rules don’t hesitate any more get a FASTag account today at Bank of Baroda!

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