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15 Aug 2022

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At Bank of Baroda, we believe that a debit card should do more than just help you withdraw money. Hence, we aim to provide many offers on Bank of Baroda Debit Cards. The Bank of Baroda debit card can help you enjoy discounts on your favourite brands from various industries such as entertainment, health, food, lifestyle, and travel.

Why Bank of Baroda debit cards the right choice for you?

There are many benefits of using a Bank of Baroda debit card such as:

• Amazing discounts

The Bank of Baroda debit cards are designed to help you upgrade your lifestyle. As a result, our debit cardholders can avail many offers and discounts from various renowned brands. The Bank of Baroda debit card can help you to get discounts with our partner brands when you shop and dine. Go ahead and shop to your heart’s content for your favourite apparel, footwear, electronics items and more. Get great discounts that make shopping a truly rewarding experience like never before. Now, you can earn more rewards for shopping at your favourite department stores or even when you buy movie tickets.

• Easy withdrawal

Bank of Baroda has worked with dedication to ensure that you get easy and quick withdrawals, even in some of the remotest areas of the country. We have more than 9,000+ ATMs across the country, and our customers can also withdraw money from other member banks that function under the RBI.

• High withdrawal limit

Bank of Baroda debit card offers high withdrawal limits. This can help you have a greater liquidity of your funds. Here, you must keep in mind that a platinum debit card will have a higher withdrawal limit of Rs 50,000 per day when compared to a classic debit card whose maximum withdrawal limit at an ATM is Rs 25,000 per day.

• Choice of debit card

We, at the Bank of Baroda offer you seven different types of debit cards to choose from. Each card comes with its own set of unique benefits and conditions. Furthermore, we offer debit cards from all three major payment networks, VISA and RuPay. Each of these debit cards also come with unique discounts and benefits when you shop and make other purchases.

What are the different Bank of Baroda card offers?

There are a plethora of offers available on Bank of Baroda debit cards. We want to make your experience of using a card easy, seamless and fun. Now, swipe away to live the lifestyle you want to, on your terms. Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can enjoy when you swipe your Bank of Baroda debit card.

• Shopping

Bank of Baroda debit card can help you save on your shopping spree. Depending on the payment network of your card, you can enjoy amazing offers on your purchase of electronics, entertainment services, grocery, and more from our partnered vendors. We have an extensive network of partnered vendors and hence, offer discounts and promotions on famous local and international brands.

• Dining

Dining out can be fun, and Bank of Baroda offers several discounts on various food delivery platforms, restaurants, and cafes. All you have to do is use your debit card to pay for your meal!

• Health and wellness

The pandemic made us more aware than ever of the need of caring for our mental and physical wellbeing. Bank of Baroda helps you tackle these costs with discounts on health and wellness products from numerous brands through our debit cards. Additionally, we also offer discounts on insurance products too, so you get the coverage you need with no compromise.

• Travel

With an increasing acceptance of the work from home culture, have you planned your workstations yet? If not, then get your suitcases ready because the Bank of Baroda debit card can help you enjoy massive discounts on your flight bookings, hotel reservations and car rentals.

Go ahead and shop with your Bank of Baroda debit card online or at your favourite stores. Using our debit cards online is a safe and hassle-free process. You can even set a spending limit on your card to keep track of your expenses. We send you an SMS alert for all transactions made – online and offline – so that you are always on track with your expenses. Plus, we have several attractive offers on e-commerce websites that make shopping online a fun and rewarding experience.


1) Are the offers on Bank of Baroda Debit cards available across the country?

Yes, Bank of Baroda can help you enjoy discounts on your purchases made across the country. However, not every vendor will be available at every location. Each promotion comes with its own set of terms and conditions that are important to read before using the offer.

2) How do I avail these offers?

While some offers are automatically applied when you pay with your Bank of Baroda debit card, a few others may require you to input a coupon code. You can find the coupon code on our website or in the offers and discounts section of the vendor. Do remember that a few offers may require you to make a minimum purchase in order to avail the benefits.

3) Are these offers available round the year?

Each offer has an offer validity period before which it must be utilised. However, we keep our platform updated and try to bring out a new offer as soon as an older one expires.

4) Are these offers standard for all cards?

The offers may vary between different types of debit cards. You can get in touch with us on our toll free numbers 1800 5700 or walk into any of our branches to know more.

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