How to Reduce Your Student Loan Debt

01 Sep 2023

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If individuals find themselves overwhelmed by the weight of their student loan debt and actively seek effective ways to reduce it, they need not look any further. This informative blog is dedicated to uncovering the secrets that can help them reduce student loan debt and regain financial freedom.

Whether they have recently graduated, are struggling to manage educational expenses, or are seasoned professionals still grappling with lingering education loan , this blog offers comprehensive coverage.

It's time to bid farewell to the burdensome shackles of loans for students and embrace a transformative experience. Let's dive in together and take the first step towards reducing student loan debt and achieving financial independence.

How to Reduce Student Loan Debt

  • Apply for Scholarships
  • Individuals should actively pursue scholarship opportunities to lessen the weight of student loan debt. There are abundant scholarships available to students, some of which cover the entire cost of education, while others provide partial funding.

    Applying for these scholarships can significantly reduce educational expenses and lessen student loan debt.

  • Repay More Than the Minimum EMI
  • One effective strategy to speed up the repayment process and reduce student loan debt is to make payments exceeding the minimum Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) amount. By doing so, borrowers can accelerate the timeline of paying off their loans, leading to a decrease in the total loan amount and duration.

  • Consider the Right Education Loan
  • Individuals should carefully evaluate and choose the most suitable education loan option when seeking ways to reduce student loan debt. It is crucial to understand the restrictions and terms associated with each loan type.

    Education loans generally offer lower student loan interest rates, making them a favourable choice for borrowers aiming to minimize their student debt burden.

  • Enhance Academic Performance
  • Many prestigious universities offer grants and scholarship awards to students who excel academically. Individuals are encouraged to strive for academic excellence and qualify for such financial assistance programs to reduce student loan debt.

  • Employ Part-Time Work
  • Working part-time is a different approach to diminish the loan amount and ensure timely repayment. Taking up a part-time job enables individuals to cover their living expenses without resorting to additional borrowing from the sanctioned loan amount.

  • Employ Part-Time Work
  • During the moratorium period, borrowers can pay off the accumulated interest. Opting to pay the interest during this period significantly reduces the overall student loan debt when the repayment begins.

  • Utilize Automatic Payment Scheduling
  • One of the easiest ways to get quick student loan debt relief is by utilizing the automatic payment feature provided by lenders. Enabling automatic monthly payments reduces the chances of missing payments and offers potential interest rate discounts from financial institutions.

  • Explore Employer Assistance Programs
  • Certain companies and employers provide benefits packages that include student loan repayment assistance. Borrowers should inquire with their employers regarding available incentives to support the reduction of their student loan debt.

  • Leverage Tax Deductions
  • Under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act of 1961, borrowers can benefit from tax deductions on the interest paid toward their education loan during the financial year. Taking advantage of this tax benefit helps reduce the overall student loan debt burden.

  • Government subsidies
  • Education Loan Subsidy schemes during moratorium period are modes of financial assistance which help students to repay their education loan with ease. Student loan applicants can avail these subsidies in the form of interest rate subsidies on education loan repayment.

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What is the Average Student Loan Debt?

According to the report, from September 2018 to March 2019, there was notable growth in India's average student loan debt, rising from ₹7,08,000 to ₹8,95,000. Moreover, within five years, from 2013 to 2018, the volume of loans in the category of ₹20+ lakh experienced a significant sixfold increase.

In India, the student loan segment has experienced an increase in bad debts after the pandemic. The average student loan debt has decreased by around 6% over two years, concluding in January 2022.

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In conclusion, the education loan for students’ landscape in India has experienced notable changes and challenges in recent years. Borrowers must know strategies to reduce student loan debt and make informed decisions regarding their education financing.

By exploring options such as scholarships, Moratorium during course period, Subsidy benefits and employer assistance programs, individuals can take steps towards managing their education loans and achieving financial independence.

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