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Trade Credit Through Standby Letter Of Credit(SBLC)

Facilitates importers in India to raise Foreign Currency funding upto operating cycle from our overseas branches. Following are the highlights of our product-

  • It helps the importer to obtain foreign currency funds from abroad by facilitating the issuance of a SBLC from our domestic branches in India who guarantees payment to the funding bank if the client fails to make the payment on the due date
  • The product envisages to provide finance to those import transactions wherein documents are received by any Indian bank from any overseas Bank on sight / usance basis under collection / under LC basis
  • Helps importers import capital / non-capital goods by raising funds under this product route for up to 3 / 1 year or less respectively based on varying requirements of individual business.
  • Facilitates importer by providing them the competitive rate of interest on foreign currency funds raised through our wide network of foreign branches spread across the globe.

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