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Beware of Phishing & Vishing Attacks

Beware When

  • You receive an automated call telling you that a major transaction has taken place in your account and instructing you to either provide confidential bank account information or call back on a particular number.
  • You receive a promotional message or call informing you about incentives such as a 2% downgrade on home loan rate or a free upgrade to a platinum debit card with a gift and asking you to provide confidential information.
  • You receive a call with the caller identifying himself as a Bank of Baroda Bank representative, when you are not expecting such a call and asking for confidential information.
  • The caller identifying as a Bank of Baroda Bank representative does not know details like your first name and last name.

How to remain safe

  • Never call back a phone number sent to you in an email or provided through a phone call and provide confidential bank account information.
  • Never reveal or key-in your confidential details to anyone who calls or e-mails, unless the communication is a response to your query or complaint made previously.
  • Bank of Baroda does not make calls, asking for your Mobile banking passwords. If any caller pretends to be from our Bank / Contact Centre, please do not entertain such requests as they are fraudulent entities.
  • In case your mobile banking / mobile number is de-registered / deactivated without your request or you get a call in this regard, somebody may be trying to get a duplicate SIM/ steal your credentials like mPIN / OTP (One time password), etc.
  • In case any unauthorized access to your information, accounts or disputed transactions, using mobile Banking service, please check immediately with telecom service provider and contact the Bank on 1800 102 44 55.
  • Change Passwords as frequently as possible.
  • In case of unauthorized access of your UPI application, please de-register immediately for Mobile Banking services through ATM / internet banking / base branch (or please contact our contact center

How it’s Done

Phishing & Vishing Attacks Flow

Trouble Shooting - BHIM Baroda PAY (UPI)

Key factor/troubleshooting of BHIM Baroda PAY (Unified Payment Interface)

  • Application is available for Android OS and iOS based users(Version not lower than 4.1 for Android and Version not lower than 8 for iOS)
  • UPI Facility is based on mobile number updated in banks from which registration is done.
  • UPI Facility is based on mobile number updated in banks from which registration is done.
  • For debit of different Bank account MPIN/UPI PIN will be require of their own selected respective banks.
  • If customer is getting error unable/failed to fetch mobile number while registration then please ask them to check Mobile Balance(Standard charges are applied) only at the time of registration(Silent Message is send to bind your Mobile number, IMEI and SIM number to UPI database) for 1st Factor authentication.
  • Allow all the access permission which is popup while registration as it is downloaded from unknown sources it's asking to accept.
  • If application is not able to read mobile number from your mobile, kindly change the registered number to default slot manually(for Dual SIM phones)
  • Make sure Mobile Data or Internet connection is enabled before using application.

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