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Purchase of Agriculture Implements

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
  • Purchase of agricultural implements such as indigenous wooden implements, improved iron implements, agricultural equipments such as sprayers, dusters etc., hand tools such as khurpi, sickles, secateurs etc. for farm use, threshers, winnowers, seed-cum-fertilizer drills, etc.
  • Purchase of bullocks or camel (draught animals) and/or animal drawn cart.


  • Persons engaged in cultivation of crops as owners of land or as permanent tenants or as leaseholders (for reasonably long period)
Quantum of Loan Cost of vehicle minus margin
Nature of facility Demand loan/Term Loan
Rate of Interest As per RBI/Bank’s guidelines revised from time to time.
  • As per the general guidelines for agriculture finance
Repayment Period
  • maximum- 7 years

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