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Financing Irrigation

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
Purpose Construction of surface well, deepening/renovation of existing wells, purchase of oil engine/electric motor and pump set, construction of shallow and deep tube wells, Layout of field channels(open as well as underground),construction of pump house, Lift irrigation from river basins, tank, bandharas and other catchments, installation expenses of oil engines/electric motor/pumpsets,  leveling of land for irrigation, construction of bandharas , sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and wind mills.
Eligibility Farmers engaged in cultivation of crop as owner of land, cultivators, permanent tenants or leaseholders (for reasonably long period) or share croppers.
Nature of facility Term Loan
Rate of Interest Click Here
Repayment Period Repayment period depend upon purpose of investment and economic life of the asset subject to maximum of 9 years.
  • Hypothecation of Machinery
  • Mortgage of Land/Third party Guarantee depending up on quantum of loan.

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