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Financing Farmer Producer Companies (FPC)

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
Purpose Loan facilities is considered for any / few / all the activities depending on the requirement of FPC:
  • Purchase of Input material for supplying to the farmers
  • Warehouse receipt finance
  • Marketing activities
  • Setting up of Common Service centers
  • Setting up of Processing Centre
  • Common Irrigation Facility
  • Custom Purchase/Hiring of Farm Equipment
  • Purchase of High-Tech Farming Equipment
  • Other productive purposes – based on submitted investment plan

All registered Farmer Producer Companies with at least six months of operations since registration.

FPCs applying for collateral free loan based on Credit guarantee from SFAC under EGCGF shall comply with the eligibility criteria as specified in the EGCGF scheme document.

Quantum of Loan

Minimum – above Rs 3.00 Lakhs

Maximum loan Limit –Rs.1.00 Crs.

Nature of facility

Cash Credit/ Term Loan

Rate of Interest Click Here

* Additional concession of 0.5% is allowed.


15% of the loan amount

Repayment Period

For cash credit: 12 months

For Term Loan: Repayable in 3 to 9 years period depending upon the purpose of investment, economic life of asset and cash flow of the activity.

Repayment of the term loan can be fixed monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly based on the purpose of loan /cash flow of the FPC.


Hypothecation of structure/ equipments/ machinery purchased or created out of bank finance

For credit facilities up to Rs 100.00 lakhs and CG from SFAC sought- No collateral security required

For credit facilities without CG from SFAC and credit facilities of more than Rs 100.00 lakhs – As per Bank’s policy.

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