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Financing Construction of Farm Buildings & Structures

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
  • For construction of “farm structures viz; bullock shed,  implement  shed,  tractor  and  truck  shed, farm store, godowns and farm silos, dutch barn, water  trough  for  farm  animals,  threshing  yard, “gur” making shed and fencing.
  • For construction of  Farm house cum dwelling unit
  • For reimbursement of expenses incurred for Farm house cum dwelling unit
Eligibility All individuals engaged in cultivation of crop as owners of land or as permanent tenants or as lease holders (for reasonably long period) and have adequate productive utility of proposed construction. For construction of Farm house cum dwelling unit: all farmers having own land having sufficient income to repay the installments.
Quantum of Loan Depending up on the cost of project and subject to assessment as per BKCC
Nature of facility Term loan
Rate of Interest Click Here
Margin 15% (25% for reimbursement)
Repayment Period
  • For Farmhouse cum dwelling unit Maximum 15 years.
  • For others maximum 7-10 years depending upon the project undertaken.
  • Loan repayment will be synchronized with the income generation from the farm activities. The installments may be fixed on half yearly/ yearly basis based on cropping pattern.
Security Mortgage of land/house

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