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Distribution of Agricultural Inputs such as seed fertilisers, Insecticides etc.

Particulars Guidelines under the scheme
  • Advances against high yielding/hybrid seeds produced under contract with the National Seeds Corporation Ltd. or State Government or which bear the certification of the said Corporation or as the case may be, the concerned State Government or any certification agencies authorized under the Seeds Act, 1966 and at present completely exempted from all provisions of the directives of the Selective Credit Control.


  • Any trader, firm or company or any institution or co-operative society engaged in distribution of agricultural inputs is eligible under this scheme to the extent of the credit needs related only to the distribution function
Nature of facility Cash Credit/BP/BD/LC/Guarantee, etc.
Rate of Interest As per RBI/Bank’s guidelines revised from time to time.
  • 15%
Repayment Period
  • 12 months.
  • Pledge/hypothecation of stock of agricultural inputs. Wherever feasible collateral security in the form of land and building.

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