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Remittances (Baroda Money Express)

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Baroda Wholesale Banking

Remittances (Baroda Money Express)

Details required by your banker for swift remittance from any country

Swift Field Swift Field Particulars Details to be furnished
56 Intermediary Institution Credit to Bank of Baroda A/c ___________ Swift Code_________(Select A/c No. and Swift code of our correspondent depending upon the currency you want to remit as per the list provided hereunder)
57 Account with Institution Swift code of AD branch ___________ (can be availed from our branch where you are maintaining the a/c)
59 Beneficiary Customer A/c Beneficiary (14 digit A/c No., Name & Address) A/c with Bank of Baroda, --------------------Branch
70 Remittance Information Purpose of remittance
72 Sender to Receiver Information  

Our Correspondent/Intermediary bank details with swift codes for various currencies of specialized integrated treasury branch, swift code (BARBINBBTSY): (Other than remittance of FCNR B deposits)

S.No Currencies Intermediary Bank Correspondent Bank Remarks
1 USD Bank of Baroda, New York (Swift Code-BARBUS33XXX) Bank of Baroda, New York (Swift Code-BARBUS33XXX) For the swift code of the AD category/Beneficiary Branch, Please Contact the nearest BOB Branch.
2 GBP National West Minister Bank PLC, London
(Swift Code- NWBKGB2L)
Bank of Baroda, London (Swift Code-BARBGB2LXXX)
3 EUR KBC Bank NV, Brussels
Bank of Baroda, Brussels (Swift Code-BARBBEBBXXX)
4 AUD -- ANZ Bank ING Group, Melbourne (Swift Code-ANZBAU3MXXX)
5 CAD -- Bank of Montreal, Toronto (Swift Code-BOFMCAT2XXX)
6 JPY -- Wachovia Bank, Tokyo (Swift Code-PNBPJPJXXXX)
7 NZD Bank of New Zealand, Wellington
(Swift Code- BKNZNZ22XXX)
Bank of Baroda, New Zealand (Swift Code-BARBNZ2AXXX)
8 SGD --- Chase Manhattan Bank, Singapore (Swift Code-CHASSGSGXXX)
10 SAR --- Saudi British Bank, Riyadh (Swift Code-SABBSARIXXX)
11 AED --- Bank of Baroda, Dubai (Swift Code- BARBAEADXXX)

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