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Baroda CoviCare Personal Loan

Baroda CoviCare Personal Loan

The basic features of Baroda CoviCare Personal Loan is:

COVID related treatment/expenses of self & family members. Disbursement can be made in borrower’s personal Saving account after satisfying the purpose under this product by obtaining proof that satisfies the purpose as mentioned above.

  • Existing Individuals Customers (ETB) - Resident Indians only having 6 months relationship with our Bank.
  • NRIs & Existing Staff members are not eligible

Minimum: Rs.25,000/-

Unsecured Loan – Max: Rs.2.00 Lacs
Secured Loan – Max: Rs.25 Lacs (Security may be Residential/ Commercial Property, Fix Deposit and LIC/ NSC/ KVP)

  • Low interest rate ranging from 2.00% over BRLLR +SP to 2.50% over BRLLR+SP linked with CIBIL Score.
  • Low Processing fee i.e. for loan limit up to Rs.2.00 lacs, NIL Processing fee & above Rs.2.00 lacs, it is 1.00% of loan amount.
  • Longer Repayment period up to 60 months including 3 months moratorium.
  • NIL Prepayment Charges

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