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Internet Banking (Baroda Connect)

Baroda Connect is the Bank of Baroda’s internet banking facility that caters to your banking needs 24/7 from the comfort of your home or office. Bank of Baroda has created few easy steps to access your bank account. You can view your bank balance, FD status, manage multiple accounts while also being able to transfer funds virtually, request for issuance of cheque books, liquidate FDs created online, pay your utility bills, among many other services. Hassle-free internet banking facilities makes banking with Bank of Baroda the perfect experience. 

  • How to Register?
  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Download appropriate internet banking form from the Home Page - Click the Link under "Download Application Form" to download form for retail users/corporate users. You can also get it from the branch.
  • Retail: All Individual account holders should use the retail form.
  • Corporate: All non-individuals i.e., companies, partnership firms, HUFs, sole proprietors should use corporate form.
  • The form should be duly filled in, signed by all signatories i.e., all joint account holders in case of a joint account, all partners in case of a partnership firm etc.
  • The form should be submitted through the base branch where the customer is maintaining the account for processing.
  • Customer will get the User ID on their registered Email ID, or they can retrieve their user ID by using the option “Forgot User ID” which is available at the login page of the Baroda Connect.
  • Upon receipt of the User ID over registered email, the user has to set their password by using the option “Set Password/Forgot Password” which is available at the login page of the Baroda Connect.
  • Retail customers having our bank’s active debit card, can register themselves for Baroda Connect from his office/home without visiting branches. A link ‘Online Registration using Debit Card’ is available on the login page of Baroda Connect.
  • Login to the website using the User ID and password.
Manage multiple accounts

  • Once you have logged in with the help of your user id and password, you can access all your accounts-operative, fixed deposit, loan account from one place. If you have multiple accounts with Bank of Baroda, you can access all of them from one log in if you have a common customer id for them.

View account summaries

  • Now it is easier than ever as you can simply view the summaries of all your Bank of Baroda accounts from a single log in.

Generate account statements

  • Net banking is also where you will find all your accounts statements to view and download from.

Transaction history

  • Log in to generate your transaction history which is more detailed than your account summaries.

Cost Efficient

  • Most of the services are available free of cost.

Form 26AS

  • Free online viewing of Tax Credit Statement (Form 26 AS).

Online request

  • Switch mailing address/generation of ESBTR receipt - GRN/Generation of TDS Certificate/generation of Interest certificate of SB/TD/OD and Loan accounts/tracking of Loan status/get access to SPGRS/direct access to e-trade/download pensioner life certificate/navigate to NPS site and contribute to NPS/direct access to Baroda E-Trade, where customer can login using his/her credentials and can perform DEMAT transactions/Can check CIBIL score/Hot listing of Debit card.


  • Free bill presentment/bill payment/online shopping/receive and view bills online/alert on pending bills/payment to IndiaFirst Life Insurance/payment to Baroda pioneer.


  • Free online temple/other donation/donation to Prime Minister Relief fund.

Mobile Alerts

  • Free mobile alerts of debit and credit transactions.

Mobile OTP (One Time Password)

  • To avoid non delivery or delayed delivery of OTP our IT team has developed CA MOBILE OTP application on mobile handset supporting Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry.

Services Support

  • Centralized dedicated Internet Banking Operations Team. 5000+ support centers all over India (branches).


  • Modeling of loan/deposits.

Online FD (Fixed Deposit) Request

  • Customers including NRI/PIO with full transaction rights are provided facility to create online Term deposits by themselves with facility of its pre-mature closure.

Online RD (Recurring Deposit) Request

  • Domestic retail customers with full transaction rights are provided facility to create online Recurring deposits account by themselves with facility of its pre-mature Plosure.

Online self-registration

  • To reduce TAT (Turn Around Time) and to ease customer convenience, the online self-registration for Baroda Connect by using the active Debit card is available for the retail customers.

User ID Retrieval & Resetting of Passwords

  • Online User ID retrieval & resetting of Passwords facility is available for both Retail as well as corporate customers in Baroda Connect.

Linking of PPF (Public Provident Fund) & SSA accounts

  • Our retail customers can link, View, Deposit and delink their PPF & Sukanya Samriddhi accounts through Baroda Connect.

View KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra) certificates in Baroda Connect

  • The KVP customers can view their KVP certificate opened in BOB Branches by logging to their Baroda Connect account.

Facility to Purchase SGB

  • Bank has launched the facility for purchasing of Sovereigns Gold Bond online through Baroda Connect.

Online updation/addition/deletion of Nominee

  • Updation/addition/deletion of nominee can be possible through Baroda Connect.

Digital Signature Authentication

  • Corporate user who wants to secure their net banking portal with personalized authentication can subscribe to this facility.
  • The transaction limits for various financial services for retail and corporate customers are provided in below table. The limits would be refreshed on daily basis.

Retail Customers: Revised limits

Category Type of Transaction Per Transaction Daily TAX Payment/Self-Linked
Retail Default SHP/TPT/NEFT/RTGS (In Lakhs) 10 25 Unlimited
Retail Default IMPS (Lakhs) 2 2

Corporate Customers: Revised limits

Category Type of Transaction Per Transaction Daily TAX Payment/Self-Linked
Corporate Default SHP/TPT/NEFT/RTGS/BULK UPLOAD (In Lakhs) 30 75 Unlimited
Corporate Default IMPS 2 2

The default limits for addition of beneficiaries for Retail and Corporate customers in a day are as under:

No. of Beneficiary Retail Corporate
Total Number of Beneficiaries per day (any mode of payment) 25 50


  • To view the frequently asked questions related to Baroda Connect click here

Internet Banking (Baroda Connect) Videos

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is registration/KYC?

    KYC is an acronym for “Know Your Customer”, used for customer identification. Just as you need to submit documents to open a bank account or get a SIM card, you need to complete this process before you can begin investing.
    At Baroda m-invest, we have simplified the process of getting your KYC done – all you need to do is fill a few details on the app or website and upload a couple of photographs. It is completely done on the app itself and there is no paperwork, couriering, etc.

  • Can I start investing immediately?

    Yes, you can start investing with Baroda m-invest without submitting any documents and that too instantly! If you are already KYC compliant, you can invest immediately. All you have to do is log on to Baroda, enter your PAN and bank details, and that’s it!
    If you are not KYC compliant, the process takes 1-2 days. The moment you enter your PAN number on the app, the system tells you whether you are KYC compliant or not.

  • What documents do I need to register on Baroda m-invest?

    We do not need any physical documents or photocopies.
    All we need is photographs of the following from your cell-phone camera:

    • PAN card
    • Cancelled cheque leaf
    • Address proof – like Aadhaar card, driving license, voter card, passport or recent utility bill or bank statement
    • Selfie
    • IPV (In Person Verification) video
  • Why do you need a photograph of cancelled cheque leaf?

    This is a snap of your cheque leaf with ‘Cancelled’ written across it. Regulation necessitates that your bank account for routing investments is on your name. To do this, we require a cancelled cheque leaf with your name pre-printed on it. If your name does not appear on the cheque leaf, then you can photograph your latest account statement from the same bank. All investments will happen through this bank account.

  • Why do you need a photograph of address proof?

    As part of the KYC process, regulations require you to provide a snap of address proof: like passport, Aadhaar card, voters identity card, driving license, utility bills (telephone bills for landline only, electricity bill, gas bill not more than 6 months old), bank account statement (not more than 6 months old).

    However, if you are already a KYC verified customer, you don’t need to provide this document.

  • Why do you need a photograph of PAN card?

    As per regulatory requirements, Permanent Account Number (PAN) for all investments in mutual funds is mandatory.

  • Why do you a need a selfie?

    We use this as your photograph to make the KYC application.

  • How does payment happen?

    Once you have chosen your investment, you will be taken to a payment gateway. There, the net banking of your chosen bank will appear and allow you to make the transfer.
    In case you have started a systematic investment (SIP), all future investments will happen automatically through a bank mandate. We will be sending you a simple mandate for signature once you make the investment now.

  • Minimum amount required to start an investment?

    Minimum investment for one-time transaction is Rs. 5,000 & for SIP it is Rs. 500.

  • How to invest in your own choice of funds other than the suggested one?

    One can select Do It Yourself (DIY) option & click on the search option. Users can also select the filter option and choose funds AMC wise.

  • What is an SIP?

    An SIP is a systematic investment of a fixed sum of money every month into a mutual fund. It is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to save money regularly and grow it over time. Once initiated, the process happens every month automatically from the bank account.

  • Can I invest variable amounts every month in an SIP?

    SIP investment amount need to be fixed only. Variable in the amount is not possible.

  • How is an SIP initiated/executed?

    You can invest in an SIP through the Baroda m-invest app by clicking ‘build wealth’ or ‘save for a goal’ or ‘save tax’. In each case, you need to only specify the monthly amount you can invest. The system recommends the funds and once you accept, takes you to a payment gateway. Your net banking opens there and you make the first payment.
    Thereafter, we contact you for getting your signature on a bank mandate (called ECS mandate). This authorises your bank to transfer the same fixed amount of money every month to the fund automatically on a pre-defined day. Thereafter no intervention is required from your side.

  • Can I cancel an SIP/ECS mandate?

    Yes, you can. You just need to write a mail to

  • What is the minimum period for which I need to stay invested? Is there a lock in period? Is there any penalty (exit load) for earlier redemption?

    There is no minimum period or lock-in unless you invest in tax-saving schemes. You have the option to withdraw your money at any time.
    Some products have loads (i.e. small charge) on premature exit.

  • Can I transfer my investments from Baroda m-invest to another broker?

    Yes. As your investments are held in your name with the mutual fund, you can request them to transfer your investments to the code of another broker. In that case of course, you can no longer see your money on our app thereafter.

  • How do I make a withdrawal from my account? Are there any charges on funds withdrawal?

    You can place a withdrawal request on the app itself. We do not charge any fee for withdrawal. So you can always make a withdrawal at any time.

  • How long does it take to get the money?

    It takes T+1 working day for liquid funds to credit & T+3 working days for Equity funds to credit. At time there are few funds which might credit the amount after T+5 or T+6 working days as well. It will depend on the turnaround time (TAT) for every fund.
    You will also get a statement from the fund house confirming the withdrawal and giving you the latest statement.

  • Can I get the credit in a different bank account?

    No, for security of your money, redemption are credited only to the same bank account you invested from. If you have closed that account, you can submit a request for a change in bank details. Please contact Baroda m-invest at +91 22 3014 7666 for this purpose. When that is approved, you can request the redemption.

  • Can I see all my investments here?

    Yes, you can view all your investments through Baroda m-invest in one place in the app. Values are updated every working day to reflect the latest balance. You can click on any of the items to drill down into specific goals and funds.

  • Can I see the report immediately after a transaction is done?

    Yes, you can – under the ‘pending’ tab of the report. This means the transaction is successful, but the allotment of fund units is pending.
    The fund units get allotted to you on the next working day after you have made the transaction. The feeds come 1-2 days after that, which is when you can start seeing it in the regular portfolio. Till then, it continues to show as pending.

  • Can I withdraw money?

    Yes, you can withdraw money at any time by tapping ‘withdraw’ in the navigation drawer. If there are any funds under lock-in (usually tax saving funds), they will not be available for withdrawal, though they will show in your reports.

  • Who can invest through Baroda m-invest?

    Any Indian national, NRI or person of Indian origin having an Indian PAN card can invest through Baroda m-invest. NRIs or PIOs staying in US and Canada cannot invest at this point of time.
    Baroda m-invest is not available for companies, partnership, trust, etc. – you can invest only in your personal capacity.

  • What is the process to get started?

    There are 2 simple steps to get started:

    • As per regulation, you need to complete a simple one-time process to begin investing. You just need to take pictures of your pan card, cheque leaf and an address proof.
    • We will intimate once the regulatory process is completed and you can start investing.

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