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About the Service


What is Unified Payment Interface?

UPI is a payment system that allows you to transfer money between any two parties. Now, these two parties can be two banks, one bank & some company (Uber, Ola etc) or between two companies.


Who started it/ who is behind it?

NPCI - National Payments Corporation of India.


What is NPCI?

NPCI is the National Payments Corporation of India. They run a lot of the payments infrastructure in India, including issuing RuPay Cards and making sure you can withdraw money from any ATM irrespective of the bank.


How can I identify Bank of Baroda UPI Application?

Bank of Baroda has launched UPI App which is called as Baroda MPAY. You can download Baroda MAPY from Google Play Store at free of cost.


Which phones are supported by Baroda MPAY?

Presently, application supports only Android Mobile phones.


Can I access Baroda MPAY from my computer?

No, Baroda MPAY is available only through mobile application and is not accessible from your computer.


Do I Need Mobile Internet for downloading and using the application?

Yes, you need a basic mobile internet/GPRS to download the Baroda MPAY. You will need to have an active mobile Internet service to be able to use the Baroda MPAY and its features.


How much does it cost to use Baroda MPAY?

Baroda MPAY can be downloaded for free. The Mobile App uses mobile internet data and messaging that will incur charges based on your telecom provider’s data and messaging plan.


Is it mandatory to have an Account with Bank of Baroda to use Baroda MPAY App?

No, A person who does not have an account with Bank of Baroda can also use this application. However, the user must have an account with a UPI enabled Bank.


Can I use the Baroda MPAY when I am travelling abroad?

Baroda MPAY has been enabled for use in India as well as aboard/overseas (roaming facility on same number will be enabled).


How UPI is beneficial over mobile banking?

All Banks have their own mobile banking App. When a user has accounts in multiple Banks, he/she has to download the Mobile Banking Application of all those banks. Whereas in UPI, any Bank Customer may download and use the UPI App of any Bank live with UPI. Hence, a user may transact from any Bank account on one platform that is UPI.

The service is instant and available 24X7, even on public/bank holidays. Also, there is no pre - registration required for the beneficiary.

Application Functions and Features


Who can register for Baroda MPAY?

Any Bank (who is live on UPI) Customer including Bank of Baroda whose mobile number is registered (mobile number active for SMS service) with their accounts and has the following account types

  • Savings Account having Mode of operation “self” and “either or survivor”
  • Current Account having Mode of operation “sole proprietorship”.
  • OD Accounts having scheme code OD002, OD003 and OD004.

How do I Sign up for an account?

Baroda MPAY is available to download from the Google Play Store and link for the same is provided on the Bank of Baroda website.
Download the Baroda MPAY from Google Play Store for your phone and proceed with registration.


Can I have more than one Baroda MPAY?

Baroda MPAY is linked with your registered mobile number. Hence, you can have only one Baroda MPAY. However, you may have another UPI App but of different Bank with same mobile number registered with respective bank accounts.


How can I register for Baroda MPAY?

After successful download of app, you can open the app and create profile by entering details like name, DOB, Virtual Payment Address, Login PIN, QnA etc. However, In order to transact, you have to Add a Bank Account with the Virtual Payment Address created while profile creation.


How to set Login PIN?

Any 6 digit number can be set as Login PIN. Along with Login PIN you have to set one security question and answer (QnA) which will be required in case you forgot the Login PIN.


How can I add a Bank Account?

Following are the steps for adding Bank Account

  • After successful creation of Profile, you will be redirected to Login Page, where you have to enter Login PIN.
  • In the next screen, home page will come, where you have to choose option “Add Bank Account”.
  • In the next screen, you have to select “Bank Name” from the drop down list.
  • After selecting Bank Name, you will get all eligible accounts linked to that particular mobile number in the next screen. You can select the account number which you wish to add.
  • After selecting Account No, you are required to set virtual payment address for the selected account. Here, you can either create new VPA or select the default.
  • After selecting VPA, the account will get added in the profile.

Please note : if you are not a Mobile Banking Customer (Mconnect Plus) then, Application will automatically prompt you to register for Mobile Banking to generate UPI PIN/MPIN.


How to do Mobile Registration?

It can be done via 4 ways

  • Baroda MPAY
    You have to select Mobile banking registration option in application. After that you have to enter last 6 six digit of debit card and expiry date along with OTP password which will be sent on registered mobile number from issuer bank.
  • ATM
  • Net Banking
  • Branch

What is UPI PIN/MPIN and how to generate it?

UPI PIN/MPIN is a second factor authentication i.e. transaction password which is require to authorize financial and non financial transactions. UPI PIN/MPIN will be the same which is already registered for your Mobile Banking for respective debit bank accounts selected by you. However, if you are not registered for Mobile Banking for the selected Bank Account first you need to do Mobile Registration and generate/set UPI PIN/MPIN of your choice through this application by entering last 6 six digits of debit card and expiry date along with OTP password which will be sent on your registered mobile number from issuer bank.


How many Bank Accounts can I add to my Profile?

You can add any number of accounts in your profile. You are required to choose the option Add Bank Account available on the home page in the Baroda MPAY.


What is Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?

“Virtual Payment Address” means a unique Payment Identifier issued by a PSP (Application provider) to a Payer or a Receiver that, among other things, can be used to identify, debit or credit a bank account. Virtual Payment Address contain PSP handler for example for Bank of Baroda it will be “sachin@barodampay”; for BHIM it will be “sachin@upi”. There is no need to share your account details to receive payments by using Virtual Payment Address.

Note : Every VPA created should be linked with at least one account number.


How many Virtual Payment Addresses can be created against one Bank Account?

ou can create multiple Virtual Payment Addresses for one Bank Account through the option Add Bank Account. However, this can be modified through the option Manage Accounts.


How many Bank Accounts can be linked with one Virtual Payment Address?

You can link multiple Bank Accounts with one Virtual Payment Address. However, you have to set one default Bank Account for that Virtual Payment Address. Default Account can be modified through the option Manage Accounts. You need to click dotted button changing default account for any VPA.


I have more than one account with Bank of Baroda, do I need separate virtual payment addresses for each of these accounts?

You can either link both accounts to a single VPA or you can assign a separate VPA for each account. In the former, please ensure you have appropriately chosen which account you would like to use as the default account to get credit.


What if I enter the UPI PIN/MPIN wrong for more than 3 attempts?

Account will be unblocked after 24 hours. In case, if you enter wrong UPI PIN/MPIN for more than 3 attempts again, the account will be permanently blocked.


If I forgot UPI PIN, what will be the procedure and details required for it?

You have to select generate UPI PIN through Baroda MPAY and require to put your last 6 six digits of debit card and expiry date along with OTP password which will be sent on registered mobile number from issuer bank.


If I forgot Login PIN, what will be the procedure and details required for it?

In this case, you have to select forgot Login PIN option available on login page, App will prompt to select your mobile number and a verification code will be sent to your registered email id. Then App will prompt to enter security question & answers (QnA) which is mentioned at the time of registration while creating profile.


If I forgot Question & Answers, what will be the procedure and details required for it?

In this case, you have to select forgot Question & Answers option available at login page. The Application will send one Email OTP to the registered email address (which is mentioned at the time of registration to create profile). Now, user can set new Question and Answers.


What is the difference between Login PIN and UPI PIN/MPIN?

6 digits 4 digits
It is used for logging into UPI App It is a 2nd factor authentication which is used for completing all financial and non-financial transactions.

How can I transfer funds to any Bank Account?

This can be done via IMPS with 5 options

  • Virtual ID
  • Account number + IFSC
  • Mobile number + MMID
  • Aadhar number
  • Aadhar number + IIN (Issuer Identification Number)

How can I receive/collect funds in my account from other account?

You can receive/collect payment through Virtual Payment Address only. No other option is available for making collect request.


How do I know if someone has sent collect request to me?

You will receive notification in the option “Approve Request” available on the home page. You can select one of the following two options once you receive the notification

  • Approve
  • Decline

I want to initiate a Collect request. Can I set an expiry time for the same?

Yes, you can set the expiry time. You can set an expiry time from 1 day to 45 days, from the date of initiation of the transaction.


What is MMID?

Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a seven digits random number issued by the bank upon registration. Remitter (customer who wants to send money) and Beneficiary (customer who wants to receive the money) should have this MMID for doing this interbank funds transfer.


What is Issuer Identification Number (IIN)?

Issuer Identification Number (IIN) is unique number allocated to every bank. For Bank of Baroda IIN number is 606985.


What are the limits for Fund transfer?

Max Amount per transaction Max Amount per Day
25,000/- 50,000/-

What are the limits for E-commerce (Utility payment, bill payment etc?

Max Amount per transaction Max Amount per Day
25,000/- 50,000/-

Is there are any charges for using any service of Baroda MPAY?

Currently, there are no charges for using services of Baroda MPAY for customers.


How long does it take for the remittance to get credited into the beneficiary account number?

As facility is based on IMPS the funds should be credited into the beneficiary account immediately.


How I will come to know that my account is debited and funds have been credited in the beneficiary's account?

The remitting bank sends a confirmation SMS of Success/Failure to customer about the transaction initiated by you.


How does a beneficiary come to know of funds being credited to his / her banks account?

The beneficiary bank sends a confirmation SMS of Success to the beneficiary customer informing him / her of the credit in the account.


When can I use the funds received through UPI?

You can use the funds immediately on receipt of credit in the account. The funds received through UPI are good funds and can be used immediately upon credit.


Can I transfer money abroad using UPI – Baroda MPAY?



Can I link my NRE/NRO Accounts in UPI – Baroda MPAY?

No, currently, you will not be able to link NRE/NRO Accounts under UPI.


Where can I see all my past transactions?

You can see your past transactions under 'Transaction History' available on the Home Page “MORE” option on your Baroda MPAY application.


How can I De-register from Baroda MPAY and If De-registered is there an option to Re-register?

You can go to the option De-registration in the App itself. However, once de-registered you can not register with same virtual ID. Yu need to proceed with fresh registration, if once de-registered.


Will Baroda MPay have a similar appearance on all phones?

The appearance of Baroda MPay may differ slightly on different phones, however, its functions and operations will remain the same, irrespective of the mobile handset being used.

Utility and Bill payments (E-commerce Transactions)


What services can be availed under Recharge and Bill payment?

  • Recharge
  • Mobile
  • DTH
  • Data Card
  • Bill Payment
  • Telephone
  • Electricity
  • Insurance
  • Gas

What are the limits for Bill Pay?

Max Amount per transaction Max Amount per Day
25,000/- 50,000/-

Can I do E-commerce (Utility, bill payment etc) services when I am on roaming?



What is Scan and Pay?

It is a type of payment facility you can use for paying your shopping/grocery/Auto/Taxi fare etc bill at the bill counter where QR code is displayed. You will have to scan QR Code through your Baroda MPAY after that all details of beneficiary will be displayed at mobile app and payment will be made once you click the Approve payment by entering UPI PIN/MPIN.

Note : Only QR Code which is generated through UPI Application can be scanned through Baroda MPAY.


What is the expiry for generated OTP?

OTP generate is valid for 3 mins.


What are the services available through Baroda MPAY, Mobile Banking Application?

Financial Services

  • Fund Transfer within Bank and outside Bank (IMPS)
  • Recharge (Mobile/Data card/DTH)
  • Bill payment
  • Scan and Pay
  • Collect Request

Non-Financial Services

  • Mobile Banking Registration*
  • Generate One Time Password ( OTP)
  • Set/Change PIN(Login Pin & Transaction Pin i.e UPI PIN/MPIN)
  • Check Transaction Status(Push, Pull and Utility Payments)

*Available only for those mobile numbers which are already registered with the bank for SMS alerts.


What are the key benefits of this service?

It helps customers to conduct 1click 2 factor authentication based secured transactions available 24x7 at his/her convenience from any place just by the use of a mobile phone.


Are there any charges for Baroda MPAY?

No, it is free of cost.


Is Baroda MPAY safe to use?

Yes, we have implemented latest security standards with 1click 2 factor authentication and in- corporate with dedicated NPCI secured library.



What if the Fund transfer transaction gets failed or transfer is made to incorrect account?

You need to recheck all the beneficiary details while making any transaction. In case, if any such error occurs, you can raise complaint from the Application itself through the option Complaints. Also, please read terms and conditions section of the application.

In case of failed transaction, amount will be refunded to the account within 7 working days.


What if the Recharge or Bill payment transaction gets failed or recharge is made to incorrect mobile?

You need to recheck all the beneficiary details while making any transaction.

In case of failed transactions of Recharge money will be refunded to account on T+1 basis (T is date of transaction) and for Bill payment T+5 basis (T is date of transaction). Please read terms and conditions section of the application.


If the transaction is not completed will I get the money back? When?

Yes, In case for any reason, technical or business, the UPI transaction is not completed the reversal of the remitter’s funds will happen immediately. In case if such a transaction becomes a subject to reconciliation wherein the fate of transaction is not determined immediately, the reversal of funds will happen in 3 working days.


What if the status of transaction shows “Deemed” on the UPI application?

Deemed refers to time out transaction. Which means it will be either credited to beneficiary customer on “t+1(transaction date + 1) working day basis” or will be reversed to your account on “t+2 (transaction date + 2) working days basis”.


How to log a complaint on Baroda MPAY?

You can go to the option Transaction History and can log a complaint for any transaction from the App itself. Once you have raised a complaint, you can check the status of your complaint with the option My Complaints.

Security Features


How can I protect my Baroda MPAY?

Baroda MPAY is equipped with security features (Login Pin & UPI PIN/MPIN) which allows you to protect your app from misuse. Also, please ensure you select a PIN that is strong enough which is known only to you and do not note down or share your passwords. It is also good practice to change your passwords periodically. We also suggest you to keep your Login Pin and UPI PIN/MPIN different to minimize misuse of you Baroda MPAY. Further, please make sure you have successfully logged out your application after using it to minimize unauthorized access.


How secure is my personal information?

Nothing is stored on the mobile phone. We encrypt personal information using industry-leading encryption technology.


What if I want to use my Baroda MPAY on different mobile handset?

You can download the application on your new handset and login with the same credentials. A Device Verification process will be done at backend and you will be able to use the application with the new device and Baroda MPAY installed on the old device automatically gets de-registered.


How safe is doing transactions with UPI App?

Unified Payment Interface is highly secured as it works on two factor authentication (2FA), one being registered Mobile Number and second being UPI PIN/MPIN.

Customer Support


Any Helpdesk or Customer Support number where I can get more information about the Baroda MPAY?

For more information on Baroda MPAY, please visit www.bankofbaroda.co.in. You can also contact the customer information centre at 1800 102 4455/1800 223 344 or write to upi.bcc@bankofbaroda.com for any information regarding the Baroda MPAY services.

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