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Home loans in Bangalore

Home loans in Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India and the hottest city in the country’s South, Bangalore or Bengaluru in Karnataka, as it was recently christened, is one of the finest cities in India to live in currently. The home of the country’s finest entrepreneurs and inventors, Bengaluru’s growth in the last decade has been extremely phenomenal. It is truly the city that has been imbibing the Prime Minister of India’s ‘Make in India’ call. From indigenous online retail stores to some of the most quirky, eccentric and ingenious start-ups; Bengaluru’s contribution to India’s GDP has been nothing short of extraordinary. It is no wonder, that the brains of the country are finding Bengaluru the ideal place to move to, to reside and raise a family in; after all the home loans in Bengaluru are super affordable.

The greatest advantage of living in a city like Bengaluru is that the real-estate prices are highly attractive, to say the least. You can build your own villa or bungalow in the same rate that you can purchase a mere 2 BHK in most other cities in India. From flats to customised homes, taking out a home loan in Bengaluru and becoming a home-owner has never been easier. Let Bank of Baroda help you become a home-owner in this metropolitan city of entrepreneurs.

No matter what part of Bengaluru you wish to build your home in Bank of Baroda can help you. Our wide network of branches in the city can make your loan application process easy and hassle-free with a quick turn-around time.

Here’s what happens when you take a Home loan in Bengaluru with Bank of Baroda

Loans for all

Bank of Baroda provides home loans to all kinds of aspiring home-owners; from salaried employees to self-employed individuals as well as businessmen.

Simple application Process

Visit any of nearby Bank of Baroda branch, fill up the Home loan application form, submit all the listed documents or you can apply online also by clicking the link provided for Home Loan on our Bank’s website www.bankofbaroda.com

Age group

Loans are offered to individuals between the age groups of 21 years to  70 years (at the end of the loan tenure).

Auxiliary home loans

The property you purchase on loan serves as the primary security and can be used as mortgage when you need other types of loans inBengaluru; be it a loan for renovation or reconstruction or Top-Up on existing home loan.

Second home purchase

You can use your existing property as security to take out a second home loan.

Special interest rates

You can get the best and lowest home loan interest rates in Bengaluru with Bank of Baroda. Home loan interest rates in the city begin at BRLLR of the Bank linked with Repo Rate based on the Bureau score.

High loan to value ratio

  Bank of Baroda offers the best home loans in Bengaluru with maximum finance on the actual rate of the property you intend to purchase. The Bank offers need based Principal loan amount.

High loan tenures

Unlike most lenders; whether it is banks or housing finance companies in Bengaluru which offer home loans with maximum tenures of 20 years; you can get Bank of Baroda home loans in Bengaluru with high loan tenures lasting up to 30 years.

Loan Processing fees and pre-closure charges

The bank levies 0.25% to 0.50% +GST loan processing fee on home loan amount, minimum ₹8500 and maximum ₹20,000 plus GST. Pre-closure Or Part-Payment penalties are waived throughout the Tenure of the Home Loan.-

Lowest EMIs

You can easily purchase a multiple bedroom flat or a villa in a few lakhs in Bengaluru with low interest rates and longer tenure of loan upto 30 years, the EMI you pay is considerably low.

Free credit card

When you take a home loan in Hyderabad, you get a free credit card on your home loan.

Additionally, you also qualify for a 0.25% concession in ROI on car loans taken with the bank.

Free accident insurance

Bank of Baroda offers free accident insurance when you take out a home loan.

Reasons to take out a home loan in Bengaluru

Here’s why you should make the Silicon Valley of India your permanent abode:

  • Bengaluru’s economic growth is faster than most other Indian cities.
  • You can purchase luxurious homes, including multi-room apartments in gated societies, villas and bungalows at the same price in which you can purchase a 1BHK or 2BHK in India’s other metros.
  • You can sell your apartment within a decade to earn a high return on investment.
  • Bengaluruhas a cosmopolitan crowd where people of all cultures and communities reside harmoniously.
  • Bengaluru is a great place to live your dream of going from a salaried employee to an entrepreneur or from an entrepreneur to a Big renowned Entrepreneur.
  • When it comes to salaries, Bengaluru is one of the highest paymasters in the country. The salary to lifestyle ratio is very attractive in Bangalore.

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