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Baroda SME Gold Card


  • All Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – as per regulatory definition and SMEs as per expanded definition viz;. entities with their annual sales turnover up to Rs. 250/- crores fulfilling following criteria:-

In case of existing accounts-

  • A/c in Standard Category for last 2 years
  • Obligor credit rating of “BOB-5” and above
  • Working capital limits of Rs. 25/- lacs and above.

In case of Take Over accounts:-

  • Obligor credit rating of “BOB-5” and above
  • No deviation allowed in Take over norms while taking over account
  • Working capital limits of Rs. 25/- lacs and above.
  • Eligible for the facility only after one year of takeover of the a/c

Notes :

  • Accounts having sole banking arrangement with our bank are only eligible for Baroda SME Gold Card under both the above cases.
  • There should not be any major inspection irregularities in the account.


  • To meet emergent requirements and tie up temporary mismatch in liquidity arising out of delayed payment by buyers, tax payment etc.

Nature of facility

  • Working Capital


  • 10% of the assessed MPBF


  • Charge on current assets, extension of charge on fixed assets if stipulated for CC.
  • Personal guarantee of Directors
  • Collateral security as available to other facilities.


  • 12 months – to be allowed on 4 occasions during the year for a maximum period of 2 months on each occasion. However, there should be a minimum gap of 15 days between two drawals.

Rate of interest

  • As per Credit Rating and as applicable to Cash Credit

Other conditions

  • As applicable to regular Cash Credit and other facilities

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