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Baroda Pre Approved Home Loan
Baroda Pre Approved Home Loan

Give Happiness
a whole new meaning
in your Own Home.

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Get home financing for your dream home with a home loan from Bank of Baroda. Apply for a home loan today.
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  • Baroda Pre Approved Home Loan provides in-principle approval for a Home Loan prior to identification of a specific house/flat/plot by a prospective applicant of Home Loan.
  • It gives the customer greater flexibility in negotiations with builders/sellers.
  • The customer is assured of eligible loan amount.
  • The in-principle sanction letter for Baroda Pre Approved Home Loan will give eligible loan amount calculated as per prevailing interest rates and other existing guidelines of Home Loan.
  • The loan eligibility will be assessed on the basis of income details of the customer as per existing guidelines of Home Loan scheme to Resident Individuals or NRI/PIO/OIC or Baroda Home Loan Advantage Scheme as the case may be.
  • Documents in support of income and repayment capacity (except property documents) to be submitted for issuing the Pre Approved Sanction letter.
  • The in-principle approval shall be valid for -4- months from the date of issue.
  • Processing Charges: Rs.7, 500/- + Service Tax (upfront and Non -refundable). Balance amount of unified processing charges as applicable to Home Loan only will be recovered after sanction of loan.
  • Property papers will be required to be submitted by the borrower within the validity of Baroda Pre Approved Home Loan, i.e, within -4- months from date of issue. If the borrower submits the property documents with in the validity period, balance amount of applicable unified processing charges only will be recovered from the borrower further on actual sanction of Home Loan.

Can I avail of Home Loan from Bank of Baroda?

  • Yes, you can avail a Home Loan from Bank of Baroda, if you plan to construct or purchase a house/flat or extend your existing house/flat and,you are
  • A minimum of 21 years
  • Employed or Self Employed with regular income.

Who can be co-applicant?

  • The proposed owners of the residential accommodation as per the Agreement for sale, in respect of which financial assistance is sought, must be co-applicants. Usually joint applications are from husband-wife, father-son or mother-son etc.

How much does Bank of Baroda lend?

  • Loan amount is determined on the basis of the repaying capacity of the applicant/s. Repaying capacity takes into consideration factors such as age, income, dependents, assets, liabilities, stability of occupation and continuity of income, savings etc.
  • The maximum loan would be Rs.10.00 Crore per unit to any individual applicant based on the area where property is proposed to be constructed/purchased. We will extend loan upto 90% (for fresh houses / flat) of the cost of property under our Housing Loan Scheme.

For how long a period can I get the loan?

  • We grant term upto a maximum of 30 years. The term for the loan will under no circumstances exceed the age of retirement or completion of 65 years of age, whichever is earlier.

But can I prepay the loan ahead of schedule?

  • Yes, you have the option to prepay the loan ahead of schedule either in part or in full from your own sources.

What is the mode of repayment?

  • Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) : It means a uniform lumpsum amount, which includes repayment of a part of the principal amount and payment of interest, calculated on daily products basis. Or
  • Fixing the monthly / quarterly instalments on graduated basis is permitted of EMI as requested by customers.

What is the security for the loan?

  • The security for the loan is equitable mortgage of the property to be financed. The security for the loan is equitable mortgage of the property to be financed.

Do you insist on LIC policy as additional collateral security?

  • No, it is not mandatory.

What are the supporting documents required while applying for the loan?

Common requirements for all applicants.

  • Application form duly filled in (with photograph of all the applicant).
  • Residence and Age verification, which may be established from the PAN card, Election ID, Passport, Drivers licence and Ration card etc.
  • Copy of approved plan and sanction letter from local civic authority.
  • Copy of NA permission.
  • One/two guarantor/s form/s and salary certificates. - If guarantor is in business, copies of I.T. returns or assessment orders for the last three years are required.
  • Bank Pass-book of statements for the last two years.
  • Latest salary slip/statement showing all deductions in case of employed applicants.
  • Certified copies of Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss accounts, IT acknowledgments, advance tax challans (for both company/firm and personal account) for the last three years in case of self employed applicants.
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association for companies, partnership deeds for firms and a brief profile of your company/firm in case of self employed applicants.
  • Residence and Age verification, which may be established from the PAN card, Election ID, Passport, Drivers license and Ration card etc.

Additional requirement.

In case of purchase from builder

  • Copy of Agreement for sale.
  • Copy of registration receipt.
  • Copy of sanctioned plan & sanction letter of the competent authorities.
  • Copy of NA permission/ULC order.
  • Copies of receipts of payments already made.
  • NOC from builders in our format.

In case of direct allotment in a Co-operative Housing Society

  • Allotment letter.
  • Share certificate.Society registration certificate.
  • Copy of sale/lease deed in favour of the society.
  • NOC from society in our format.
  • Possession letter in original.

In case of resale

  • Copy of all previous vendors agreements duly stamped and registered and the registration receipts. (original to be given before disbursement).
  • NOC from Society/Builder in our format.
  • Original Share Certificate.

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Rate of Interest

Rate of Interest
Loan amount upto Rs.75Lacs

ROI as applicable to regular Home Loan [i.e., Base Rate (9.60% at present)]

Loan amount above Rs.75Lacs

0.25% over the ROI as applicable to regular Home Loan [i.e., Base Rate+0.25% (9.85% at present)]

All other terms and conditions would be as applicable to regular Home Loan scheme.

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