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Baroda M-Connect plus Mobile Banking Do's and Don'ts


  • Download application through valid platforms like google play store, app store etc.
  • Register for mobile banking through your base branch/net banking/BOB ATM/UPI
  • Make sure you login and initiate mobile banking transaction in complete privacy 
  • After completing transaction, make sure you logged out of application successfully.
  • For every transaction, you will receive sms alert to your registered mobile number. If you find any unauthorized mobile banking transaction in your account, please take up with your branch immediately.
  • In case of any failed transactions, please take up with escalation matrix provided on website.
  • Change your mobile banking application password and mpin frequently. 
  • In case of unauthorised access of your mobile banking, please de register immediately through ATM / internet banking / base branch (or please contact our contact centre). 
  • In case your mobile phone is lost / stolen, please de register your mobile banking immediately through Base branch / Net banking / ATM / contact center. 
  • In case your mobile banking / mobile number is de registered / deactivated without your request or you get a call in this regard, somebody may be trying to get a duplicate SIM/ steal your credentials like mPIN / OTP (One time password), etc. In this case, please contact your base branch immediately.


  • Please do not share your passwords / do not store it in your Mobile handset.
  • Never let anyone see you entering your application password or mpin.
  • Never use application/ mpin that can be easily guessed Ex: 1111/2222/1234/ Birth year, mobile number/telephone number.
  • Don’t install and use mobile banking application in someone else device.
  • Bank of Baroda does not make calls, asking for your Mobile banking passwords. If any caller pretends to be from our Bank / Contact Centre, please do not entertain such requests as they are fraudulent entities.
  • Never carry your registered SIM card and debit card together, as there is a risk of losing both of them, which may enable anybody gaining access to your account.
  • Avoid using unsecured, unknown Wi-Fi networks. Never access Mobile Banking application on unsecured public Wi-Fi.

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