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Baroda Contractor-Mumbai

Scope of the Scheme

To meet the credit needs of contractors engaged in execution of civil engineering contract works awarded by BMC/Civic Agencies operating in Brihan Mumbai Metropolitan Region

Constitution Coverage

All categories of the applicants irrespective of their constitution, engaged in execution of civil engineering contracts.

Entry Level Norms

  • Registered contractors of BMC/Civic Agencies operating within the Greater Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
  • Registration of our Bank Accounts with BMC/Civic Agencies.


Cash Credit (H) Facility - Towards normal day-to-day WC needs.
Bank Guarantee - For issuance in favour of BMC / Civic Agencies Solvency Certificate – for participating in tenders.

Exposure Ceiling Norms

  • Scheme specific constitution-wise exposure ceiling norms in respect of applicants falling under the category of Proprietary Concerns & Partnership Firms, Trusts & Societies is stipulated uniformly at Rs.40.00 crores,
  • Mobilization Advance Guarantee shall generally be restricted to 20% of total BG facility in the normal course. Relaxations in sub ceiling can be considered with the specific approval the ED. 

Margin Standard

  1. Cash Credit Facility:
  • 25% of chargeable current assets
  1. Bank Guarantee:
  • Cash margin not lower than 10% (within the band width of 10% - 25%).
  •  Market value of properties not below 15% of BG facility.
  • 100% cash margin in case of guarantees covering disputes, court cases etc.

Rate of Interest

  • As per CMR & CR guild lines

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