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Baroda Advantage Fixed Deposits (Non-Callable)

  • Depositor gets differential rate of interest over Normal Fixed Deposit rate.
  • Minimum Rs 15.01 lacs and maximum below Rs. 2 crores. ( and further in multiple of Rs.1000/-)
  • Period Minimum – 12 months Maximum – 120 months
  • Deposit available under RIRD/MIP/QIP scheme.
  • Premature withdrawl of the deposit will not be allowed before maturity
  • An individual NRI/PIO in his own name.
  • Jointly by more than one individual (with Resident or NRI)
  • TDS will be deducted on interest payment on NRO Term Deposit but interest payment on NRE Term Deposit are exempted from TDS as per Income Tax rules.
  • Frequency of Interest payment in the account will be similar as applicable to Normal Term Deposit (callable) product.
  • Eligibility norms and all other instructions applicable to 'Fixed Deposit' will apply mutatis mutandis to these deposits.

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