Mass Media With AI

By: Bank of Baroda
Thu Jan 7, 2021
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The last few years have witnessed a renaissance in media-focused startups. Powered by initiatives like Artificial Intelligence and blockchain, the new breed of companies have sought to answer some of the key issues that have dogged media and publishing companies for the past decade.

Pico is a solution for media companies who want to develop membership and subscription based systems. The three-year-old New York based startup has created what it calls an ARM (audience relationship management) platform. It is driven by two key conversion points – turning anonymous users into email signups and getting readers to pay. Its system integrates email signups, on-site analytics and payments., SF-based, addresses medium and smaller publishers, running ads on social platforms which can be a time consuming and fractious process. It essentially enables companies to monitor ads on multiple platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.) via a straightforward-to-use interface. The Pro version of the tool then harnesses AI to make suggestions as to how they can improve the performance of these ads.

Recording podcasts in quality audio invariably entails face to face interviews and this means that journalists spend more time away from their offices and produce fewer stories than they otherwise would. Zencastr provides a high end voiceover IP communication system which is optimised to enable the users to make high quality recordings. It archives each channel separately so they can either be edited later or spliced together using Zencastr’s basic editing functions.

For some publishing companies there is a requirement to mine third party data to help them to understand their audiences better, or maybe research new areas in which they might experiment. Attest is an online Consumer Growth Platform, where business can ask market research questions to audiences of over 100 million people across 80 markets. It is an intuitive web-based self service platform and provide fast and accurate results.

US company Hearken provides a new model for including the public in the process of reporting. The company’s proprietary technology platform is called the Engagement Management System. It helps newsrooms generate actionable insights from the public to create more relevant, representative and original content. Editorial staff can keep engagement processes organised, and Hearken also helps revenue-focused staff generate qualified email leads and connect to newsletters and CRMs.

Future new media will use computer programs to enable users to supplement real or virtual world environments with digital objects. In a broader sense virtual reality, intelligent systems and automation could slowly replace different aspects of industry, human interaction and progress of the human species at large.

Credits : Akhil Handa

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