Water Conservation through Tech

By: Bank of Baroda
Tue Dec 22, 2020
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Water is a very important ingredient to sustain life. Most of the evolution theories state that life started with water. When we look at other planets far away from earth , we are always looking for water as a sign of life.

Water constitutes 70% of human body. It is vital for the functioning of the metabolic processes of the body. We can survive up to several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Further uses of water range from irrigation, power generation to industrial processes. Water conservation has gained importance and new age technologies are being leveraged to efficiently manage our water resources.

Aquarius Spectrum has developed AQS water pipe monitoring solution. The solution consist of acoustic sensors for correlation-based leak detection and leak location through noise logging and mapping. Software platform integrates data from sensors and provides information to the user when a leak is starting to develop along with its position thus avoiding large scale damage.

US based APANA provides sensors and cloud-based analytical platform for water leak detection. Deploying IoT-enabled sensors they capture flow data from water infrastructure and communicates to a cloud-hosted analytical engine. The analytical platform uses proprietary analytical codes to monitor flow pattern and identify equipment malfunction when abnormal flow behaviour is identified.

Flume is an intelligent leak detection and water management system. The Flume Water Sensor straps around the existing water meter and sends real-time water usage information to the FlumeBridge. Flume Bridge connects to the WiFi and sends water data up to the Flume Cloud, bridging the connection between the Flume water sensor and app. The Flume App then notifies of leaks across the entire property and provides a dashboard view to water usage from anywhere and anytime.

On similar lines Buoy Labs has developed a connected solution for water usage monitoring and leak detection in homes. The solution consists of a hardware device powered by rechargeable batteries which needs to be installed in the main water inlet pipe. The device picks up the water usage data & communicates through a wifi network to iOS & Android compatible application. The device consists of a machine learning algorithm.

Demand for potable water is forecasted to surge due to ever increasing population. Water conservation is more important than ever, and the world is looking for tips on saving water. Utilizing new age technology can help conserve this precious resource.

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