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By: Bank of Baroda
Wed Dec 16, 2020
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A gene is the basic physical and functional unit of heredity. Genes and DNA hold the key to the future applications of genetic testing for early detection and prevention of oncology and genetic diseases.

World Genetic Testing Market is projected to surpass USD 22 billion by 2024 according to a new research report by Global Market Insights. Entrepreneurs and start-ups are increasingly aware of the potential and revenues this market could create. Today, new consumer genomic start-ups are appearing all over the map – and they are aiming to expand far beyond health and ancestry.

Ever wonder about the origins of your family or the next bottle of wine that is perfect for your DNA sequence. Start-up Helix can provide those answers. Helix has moved onto this new wave of genomics aided by the reduction in costs and made the technology available to the general public at large. Helix’s goal is to move sequencing technologies from the laboratory into a digital marketplace that is based on DNA. This means using genomic testing to unlock individuals’ lifestylees and product preferences.

We spend hours in the gym and all kinds of fad diets starving ourselves to near death situations. But it just doesn’t seem to give the desired results. The answer lies in the genetic makeup of the individual.

Start-up DNAFit is interested in helping individuals develop a personalized fitness regime aided by information from an individual’s gene variant that reveal information about individual’s fitness, nutrition and overall wellbeing.

Genomics has arrived alongwith Blockchain to provide individuals an exciting new opportunity to store, transfer and utilize your DNA in an entirely new way. The desire to have genomic data recorded or tested was hindered by the lack of privacy. DNAtix is providing a blockchain based solution to safely and securely store the genomic sequence of an individual.

Human compatibility can be traced to the DNA. The question of why some people just “click” and how relationship bonds are formed has been a subject of interest in the world of psychology for decades. Instant Chemistry, a Toronto-based start-up is interested in this question as well and decided to take the science a step further. By applying DNA testing and a psychological assessment, Instant Chemistry now seeks to apply this data to relationships science. Examining biocompatibility among individuals, Instant Chemistry provides a hint towards future compatibility.

DNA and genomic sequence has the potential to unlock the cure for several diseases and ailments. The applications are endless and the benefits can surely improve future human health and behaviour.

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