Water Conservation with IoT

By: Bank of Baroda
Thu Dec 31, 2020
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We live in an era of connected world and the development of smart cities is imperative to improve the quality of city-dwellers.  IoT technology holds tremendous potential in water management systems in day to day lives. In smart water-management solutions, IoT is employed to facilitate the right passage of water to the right destination at the right duration. This simple data-driven shift is made possible by wireless IoT communication. 

JanaJal Water on Wheels (WOW), an IoT-based, three-wheeled electric vehicle developed by Noida-based JanaJal delivers safe drinking water to the doorsteps of households. JanaJal WOW is a completely tech-managed, GPS-monitored, battery-operated, secure three-wheeler with zero carbon emissions. It mitigates the need for increased accessibility and reach by creating a 'hub and spoke' delivery model deep inside communities.

Chennai-based water management startup WEGoT Utility Solutions uses its proprietary IoT device and software to help cut down the demand for water by more than 50 percent, by detecting drop leakages and water theft and informing the user in real time. The startup has developed a sensor-based device and software platform that can be connected to water inlet pipes. The device, when installed in an individual apartment, can track water usage and provide daily reports. The granular data collected from various installations are then analysed to provide insights. These insights are shared with the end customer through a mobile application.

Hyderabad-based Uravu Labs has developed a device that uses solar energy to source drinking water from air. The prototype collects water vapour using hygroscopic material, which readily attracts water in the night and then uses sunlight to heat it up during the day. A condenser then cools down the water and sends it to users through pipes. This process acts like a natural filter.

Many corporations, government agencies and residential establishments have already begun their water conservation journey by promoting several water management startups and other industries. By implementing the true potential of IoT, governments can improve services to its citizens, increase sustainability and make the existing cities a better and more livable place for all its citizens. Smart water management, therefore, has the possibility to create a revolution in urban development.

Credits : Akhil Handa

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